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I just got the revised letter for the special assesment from RVC at the end of November. In the cover letter, there is mention of a Member Advisory Committee. Does anyone know where a list of these members might be located or how they were chosen - or if there truly is a committee? I was told I cannot access the RVC "members only" section because I have a B-share ownership. Is there a way to contact this "members committee"? I have a few comments/suggestions!
Also, B-Share members rules and regs section 1.2.3 has no wording indicating that special assesments may be charged. The wording doesn't even include the term "maintenance fee". It just says fees for use/upkeep of units.
I have never had problems with reservations or being "lied to" like a lot of the other postings. My vacations have always been great, but being charged a double maintenace fee in one year is a real hardship. The extra charge is what I would spend in airfare. It takes the amount I spend for a one week vacation well over the cost of an all inclusive package - in some cases 2 packages to the same resort towns!
If you pay the regular maintenance fee but not the special assesment, what are the consequences?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  •   Dec 03, 2009

    I am helping Raintree connect with members. The members of the committee have chosen not to release their names or contact information because some members have made threats. They volunteered to make sure the voice of the Members was heard as the organization considered its options related to a special assessment. They are not a representative body and are advisory only.

    This is from the Raintree Listens website (as a B-share member, you should have access to the Raintree Listens website if you've provided your e-mail information):

    Raintree Announces Member Advisory Committee

    As promised this summer, Raintree Vacation Club has established a Member Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of nine Members from various backgrounds and locations, with a range of membership history and use of various resorts.

    The purpose of the Member Advisory Committee is to give voice to the varied opinions of the Members and to advise Raintree leadership on matters related to the special assessment and thereafter on matters affecting Raintree Vacation Club. From the many Members who contacted the organization with concerns about the Special Assessment issued last summer, Raintree invited Members with financial, real estate management, communications and related backgrounds to join the committee. None of the management of Raintree knew any of these Members prior to hearing from these individuals in connection with the previously withdrawn special assessment.

    The committee has held two conference calls and plans three more before Raintree issues a Special Assessment, expected to be by the end of October, as previously announced, for payment during 2010.

    Following are the members of the Member Advisory Committee with brief information about their backgrounds. The committee members are identified by first name and state only at their request.

    John - New York
    John and his wife have been Raintree Vacation Club members since 2003 and have visited nine of the Raintree Vacation Club resorts. John retired in 2007 after 25 years as a managing director of large international law firm. John is also owner of a retail business.

    Richard - Utah
    Richard and his wife have been members of Raintree Vacation Club since 1995 and have visited four Raintree Vacation club resorts and have exchanged through RCI to travel to other resort destinations. Richard is a CPA and has his own accounting firm, advising clients in real estate and timeshare transactions. Richard also owns and manages multiple real estate ventures including multi-unit locations.

    John - Minnesota
    John and his wife have been Raintree Vacation Club Members since 1996 and have visited four of the Raintree Vacation Club resorts. John has a management consulting practice that provides counsel in areas of marketing, sales, operations and technology.

    Javier - Mexico
    Javier and his wife have been Raintree Vacation Club Members since 2002 and have visited six of the Raintree Vacation Club resorts. Javier works as a Quality Manager in the automobile industry. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a masters degree in Manufacturing Administration. His wife is an Odontologist, but Orthodoncy is her specialty.

    Tommy - Texas
    Tommy and his wife have been members since 2004 and have generally used their membership in Los Cabos. Tommy is an architect and leads the project management group for the South Region of a major commercial real estate services firm. His wife is a commercial interior designer.

    Kathleen - Michigan
    Kathleen and her husband first acquired their Membership at one of the Club Reginas in the early 1990s. They have visited six of the Raintree Vacation Club resorts and exchanged with RCI to five other destinations. They are both veterinarians.

    Kevin - Texas
    Kevin and his wife have been Raintree members since 2003. Kevin has had a long career in the radio/TV business and is now a partner in a multimedia automotive marketing business with operations in two states.

    Brian - Texas
    Brian and his wife have been members since 2005. Brian is engaged in the energy consulting business, with a financial background.

    Kathleen - Ohio
    Kathleen has been a Raintree Vacation Club member since 1996 and has visited six Raintree resorts with family and friends. She is an Associate Provost at a major university in Ohio and has served in various roles on Townhouse Associations.

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      Feb 08, 2010

    As a member of Raintree Vacation Club since 2001 I am also surprised and appalled by this "special assessment" and also the new "Blue" membership. These are both ploys to separate us from our money. How foolish does the sales & marketing department think we members really are? We are love to come to Cancun's Club Regina and other resorts. But at Regina the dishwashers are actually falling out of their mountings and the stoves don't work, but we do have a nice new $18 coffee maker and all this for over $900 in annual maintenance fees.

    I will say that the hotel staff are wonderful and the sand/beach is great but that is why I joined in the first place. Why a ruin such a wonderful place and vacation concept with these ploys to get more of our hard earned money?

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      Feb 22, 2010

    Raintree has been using maintenance fees for over 10 years to buy other properties, evidently, and have done nothing as far as upkeep on their current timeshare properties. They (along with Starwood) are about to lose a lawsuit for defrauding buyers of Raintree's Grand Regina properties In Cabo San Lucas, MX., and are facing another major one concerning lack of institutional control and fraud of several hundred other members.
    I would advise anyone to stay away from this Houston based company. Google Raintree and you'll find hundreds of complaints concerning them and their management team.

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      Mar 02, 2010

    I cannot believe that they had the nerve to send another request for special assessement. I really hope that people do not respond. I contacted a lawyer and they said there is no where in the contract that says they can require us to pay a special assessement. We have been lied to so much. From the minute we sat down to the table to listen to their spill. We have been a member since 2006, we have only been able to use 3 days, and that is because we ended up going to Park City in Sept, no one goes to Park City in Sept there is nothing to do then. We have tried so many times to book vacations, but to no avail. And now they want more money, its is such a scam.

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      Mar 18, 2010

    Hello All,

    My husband and I foolishly bought into the Club Regina Puerto Vallarta in 2006. Cost us $10, 000 for a "gold" level in the every other year rights. Maintenance fees are $900 every other year and then there is some sort of annual fee of about $150. We have only been there a total of 2 weeks since then, costing us about $12, 000. We have not been able to afford to return.

    This special assessment fee is unacceptable and I would agree it may be fraudulent. I will only be happy if they will by back "this wonderful vacation package for a lifetime" for the original purchase price.

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