Rainbow Shopspoor management


On the afternoon of Wed. October 17 2017 approximately 2:40pm. I stood at rhe register in aw becuase there was no one to cash me out for the items i purchased... I asked a sales person if this meant the items were free.of which she responded that the cashier went on a break and that she was the only person who was trained on the register...Really.??

The young lady was apologetic. And said that she had to relieve herself because she had been there since 10 am... Really?? 10 am to 2:40 pm. 5 hrs on a register is that legal..even if those hours are slow for buisness .SOMEONE SHOULD ALWAYS COVER THE REGISTER!!!.. Although i thought what i needed to get would take less than 5 min. Had i known i would not have gambled my time to make it home to get my kids off the school bus...i dint want to leave the items becuase i dont live in that area but what i wanted i had to get in the 20 min window that i had.. Poor management!!!

Sincerely Busy Mom
Store # 01919

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