Racetrac / poor customer service, lack of competence to utilize discretion.

United States

My total was $1.10 I asked the cashier if I could run out and grab $.10 out of my car. It was parked on the side right outside of the side door I just always park there. I guess because that's the driveway i always use. Anyway so at night time I get it they locked the side door and I unlocked it to go reached out of my car and this little cashier runs over there and locks the door behind me and runs back to the cash register and if he was going to do all that running he could've at least said hey you can just hand it to me in a lock this door back or something like that. But he did it quietly and sneaky and made me walk all the way back around instead of just getting it from me at the door. There was nobody there but me and him and I thought he was being ridiculous and when he tells me after I get back inside with my $.10 that that door cannot be unlocked. I was like are you kidding me dude. And I just thought there were so many better ways he could've handled that if there was some kind of crazy stuff going down in the parking lot I would've never done such but him and I were literally the only people there and it's in a good part of town I didn't recall the door actually getting locked until he started working there. He just wasn't behaving about the situation late normal if there was a bunch of gangs outside fighting his behavior would've made sense but there wasn't there never has been any kind of violence in that area it's a great part of town. I'm super annoyed with this guy while he's always on the phone with his earbuds in his ears while he's working or hanging out in the bathroom talking on the phone. I just know that this is not the kind of employee you guys generally have on board. And I thought I would say something about it since it affected me so greatly tonight.
Not really affect me but just got on my nerves for some reason more so than normal. Thanks for listening have a great day

Jun 13, 2019

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