RaceTracstore manager behavior towards other employees

C Aug 07, 2018

I was waiting in line at 6486 south Florida location. Fairly new store very nice place to stop actually has became one of my favorite places to get all my gas station needs.
As I waiting it was the typical afternoon rush, the store was packed but its worth the wait. I notice the new second shift manager is just coming into her shift. I only know this because I go here daily and have become accustomed to the employees there. You can quickly see that she is instantly discouraged by her store I inch closer to the register I hear the conversation. The store manager is attacking the second shift manager about her personal life... asking where she bought her car and knows that she could afford it on her own that her bf or mother bought it for her. The second manager then gets quiet and red in the face is now very down in actions.
The Happy peppy employee that just bust thru the door is now sitting there with her head hung low not talkive at all.
The store manager continued to attack her about her personal life asking what her bf does for a living.
Quietly she responds not loud enough for me to hear, but not for the store manger which proceeds to tell her how her before did a horrible job in Puerto Rico( assuming he works as a lineman or such in the recent hurricanes that have pledged the islands.

If this is how your manager treat their employees especially other managers this is not the way to conduct business in front of a long line of customers I'm not the on one that heard this not openly spoke about it.
I honelsy felt bad for the girl and thought she deserves a better treatment as seeing she was so happy when she walked into work vs 5 mins later
Now I would have brushed it under the rug then moved on but I return the next day to see a similar situation same two people
I don't think this is all by chance might notice other employees cower around this certain manager so I'm betting she does this to all her employees not just managers and probably attacks the new employees more than others
This managers name is Damaris and she is the current general manager of that store she has a bad attitude toward her employees
It upsets me because I don't want to stop going there because of one employee
What she did is a violation and should be reported to human resource
I will continue to go into the racetrac since it's by my home but I reguse to keep going is Darmaris attitude towards her employees improve
Thank you a concerned and value customer

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