Race Tracgas station, food store


12025 Gandy Blvd, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
Phone [protected]

My girlfriend were recreational bicycle. On Gandy bicycle and pedestrian trail near Gandy Bridge. My girlfriend was hungry and overheated from bike ride. I went in get her food and drink at Race Trac, a cubin sandwich and 2 cans of soft drinks. Came to $6.32

While food and drinks, a young male clerk said his manger sent him see what we were doing. We eating a Cuban sandwich and drinking soft drinks. We were overheated and found a place along the side of Gas and store, a shade place. We had not been there more than 5 minutes. He said he wanted to know what we doing because where we sitting. I said if they don't want people not be where we at they should post a no treaspass sign. I said to him you are harassing us. We got and started to leave prior to him making any comments. We were half way from there door to pedestrians / bike trail. I told him I will not come back to there store again. He said leave now, in angry tone.
I not hobo, I live on Gandy Blvd near the store, I had not been to that store in years. I was harassed because I was on bicycle. There is lot of people that going be on bicycle or walking. The store should provide a outdoor picnic table with shade for its customers that utilize the pedestrian and bike trail. There employees should not be quick to assuming that someone is a hobo. I was harassing any other customers in any way.

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