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I am currently an employee at Quiznos in Mooresville NC. I have a list with at least 12 names and numbers of people who have worked there in the last three months. None of the following people have recieved their last checks from this particular Quiznos. Recently one of my checks (as well as all of the other employees) have bounced after I deposited it in my bank account. After that happened I did recieve a refund, but the check I recieved after that was a hand written check (not a company check) so I did not get my pay stub. I do not know how much was taken out of my check, or if it was even correct. I was also shorted 21 hours on one of my checks. I had proof of it and gave it to my manager who supposedly "lost" them, so I had to look for more proof. I eventually found proof that he owed me at least 13 hours out of that 21, and instead of giving it to him I had him make a copy. I still have not seen that 13 hours.

On top of this, the owner of the Quiznos clocks his employees out BEFORE we're done working. Which I know for a fact is illegal. I make sure the manager writes down the hours and then signs it, but since the hours were not recorded by the computer the money does not show up on our checks regardless ... If there is anything anyone can do about all of thsi ... please contact someone and let them know about this issue.


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    Scott Johnson Feb 19, 2008

    How about contacting corporate Quizno's office? That sounds terrible & I can't believe your manager would do such a thing!


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  • Pe
    perk Mar 05, 2008

    I was also a employ and was done wrong also with hrs of pay and off clock work. I also trying to contact corporate, but cant get manager give me the info. I will keep trying and may result in uding Don Griffian off channel 9 news, I am tired of the little people getting kicked around.

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  • Nm
    N.Mitchell Mar 13, 2008

    I am so upset at a store! I had been coming almost everyday just for the wonderful Flat bread salads. A new owner took over recently and things began to change. Now I go there enough to know the changes are significant. 1st, the salad dressing got smaller and we had to ask for more and get charged for it!! Then another time I got my Chicken Caesar Flatbread salad, the chicken was left off and no silverware or napkins were placed in the bag. This has been going on now, something here something there and YES, I have complained once or twice before. This last time tops though, at least before, I still enjoyed the taste of the salad, but this salad I received today around 6pm was the nastiest thing I'd ever tasted. It tastes as if the Caesar dressing has been changed, which sucks because it made the salad and the lettuce tasted like dirt and soap all at the same time. It was wilted and just plain nasty. I was so disgusted, I threw it out and wouldn't let my 5 year old eat his, because I was actually getting a foul stomach just after trying to figure out the taste. So $16+ down the drain again and I will no longer be eating at this specific establishment again. I used to rave about and send all my friends from the ER, we'd go there before the store closed at 9, because our cafeteria was closed. Don't expect us or any of our friends back as long as things continue to change for the worst. I call it the chicken caesar flatbread, soap and dirt salad with diluted 'sweat' dressing on the side. NASTY!!! I would not be surprised if I wasn't the only one complaining. Cut cost and cut customers. Good motto for this store.

    Sorry, but I needed to vent. A copy of this letter will be sent to corporate.

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  • Pi
    pissed off Mar 22, 2008

    I was recently fired for confronting my manager about cutting hours off the payroll (he was missing an entire day on the pay roll, asside from shaving off hours on the other days). I come in today to get my check, and I was informed the owner refused to pay me until I got a police escort in there. I went to the local PD and they called him up about the issue, and he said he sent the information to corporate where they'd print out my check and mail it to me in a few weeks. I really needed that check (which should've been ready yesterday) for car insurance. Also the owner told me (after complaining about a combination of poor tips/lack of deliveries/pay) to overcharge customers ordering delivery, if via credit card ring them up a few extra bucks, or if cash on delivery to tell them the price is more than it was.

    This fraudelent and deceptive practice to pay the employees proper wages is not only unethical, but also criminal. I refused to comply and when I argued to get my hours on this week's payroll, he eventually got aggressive, started to threaten me with comments like, "You want to fight? I'll kick your ### you ###, " which is completely unfit of a Quizno's franchise owner. I will never reccomend business to be done there ever again.

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  • Am
    Amanda Nov 07, 2008

    The same is happening to me too. I started in late June of 2008 and each check has been AT LEAST 2 weeks late!!! I have not been paid in 6 weeks as of now!!!

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  • Su
    sunyata Jun 09, 2009

    I just got fired from quiznos in camel mountain, san diego and am being refused my last check. What can I do?

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  • Su
    sunyata Jun 09, 2009

    I was just fired from quiznos in camel mountain, san diego and am being denied my last check, I was paid under the table. Is there anything I can do?

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  • Ru
    ruthpurd Jun 09, 2009

    you can go back to india/mexico

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  • Su
    sunyata Jun 10, 2009

    ok, that's an odd thing to say to an Irish-american...

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  • Us
    userptn1 Jan 25, 2011

    If the store is cheating you out of hours, you can go on the US Department of Labor website and lodge a complaint. They will look into it. There is a list of cases that they have closed and employees getting back pay. Don't even deal with the company, its wrong for them not to pay you and the laws are specific. In addition, your complaint will be annonomys.

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  • Ni
    Nia Sims Feb 21, 2017

    I work at a quiznos 29 Marietta street atlanta Ga. The managers pocket the tips from the tip jar and catering orders. Sometimes the orders are $20-$50. They will black out the tip amount with a sharpie marker so that we cant see it. Also I confronted my employer about clocking me in 5 mins after I got to work and she said dont b/c I use the restroom for to long.

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