Quiktriprude customer service of a so called manager

J Nov 15, 2017

The customer before me received rude service and then myself following. Vivian is her name she told me her name when she answered the phone at Qtrip on 31st S Seneca in Wichita, Ks it is my neighborhood qtrip well I asked her how many points I had on my card and wanted to use them she responded very rudely as to the customer before I did tell her she did not have to talk to me as she was loudly and bothered and she responds that that's the way she is. My wife was on the phone listening through my headset and called immediately to that location and asked for a manager it was her who answered she claimed she was not big my wife told her she heard everything. I go to this quik trip daily just about at least 6 days out the week and this was actually the first time I received such rude service. If she don't like her job why is she in this business she needs to be corrected manager or not that's not a good example of how that job is done.

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