Quiktripmultiple problems with credit card reader on the pumps


QuikTrip Location: 2451 Sublett Rd, Arlington, TX
QuikTrip #00986
Date: 10/23/2017
Time: 1:40pm
Gas Pump: #9
Amount of Sale: $11.21

Before pumping gas at this pump number, I tried another pump but after multiple attempts to get the card reader to read my credit card (and multiple messages stating re-insert or re-try) I moved to another pump.

At pump #9, my card was read with no problem. However, after having encountered a problem at the other pump, I was sure to ask for a receipt before making a finalizing my chose of gas. At the end of the transaction, no receipt printed. So, I proceed to go inside to request a receipt. I stood there forever - it was my understanding they were going to receipt me a receipt. But, after one clerk said "I'm going to do something else" rather than continue to provide me with a receipt. Then another employee explained they couldn't provide me with a receipt because something happened to there system. Then another employee ask me how much was the transaction - I responded I do not know anymore. So, he proceeded to run out to the pump and later ran back in and said I guess we will have to give you a manual receipt - as if this was never done.

I'm submitting this complaint because this was handled entirely wrong. Not to mention, the situation was handled as if I had done something to cause this problem to happen. Your employees did not handle this situation properly - when they continued to help everyone else that entered the store without trying to resolve the issue at hand.

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