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Quicken Loansunauthorized billing!

I had decided not to go ahead with a loan and tried to contact avi waldman with quicken and loans the very next day. He wouldn't take my call and when I contacted customer relations his coworker talked to me so my recording would not be on his phone... Two days later $300 dollars was taken off my checking account. I had told them not to withdraw The money from my account more once on that call. I told them that was the the main reason for the call.

After contacting customer relations he had to answer my call. He was a poor excuse for a representative of this company. He was very insulting and told me I still had to pay for the credit reports. I am still waiting for a refund.

They advertise free consultations and the last time I looked You have three days to cancel a loan.


  • Le
    Leslie Pate May 20, 2007
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    Did a cash out refinance with Quicken Loans. My closing costs were also higher than expected, but I proceeded due to being in a hurry and already paying the $300 appraisal fee. Broker convinced me to take out a home equity line of credit in case of future need due to it being free at this time. Agreed, but was very clear we did not want a draw at this time. Signed closing documents immediately, but broker agreed to change the cash out amount (plus old mortgage payoff) to 80 % of the appraisal value as soon as that appraisal came in. Thought that happened when we got a higher amount of cash at closing. Just now found out (when I got a bill in the mail), that he did not adjust the amount on the mortgage at 5.9 %, instead he gave us a draw on the equity line at 10.375 %! I don't want the money at this rate, but don't want to pay closing costs to refinance again. What a scam! They will do anything to raise their commissions. They do not care about their customers. Avoid doing business with Quicken Loans!

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    monkeyshine Aug 29, 2007
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    You wrote that you were in a hurry. Isn't that the true reason your loan was incorrect? This is your money and your responsibility to see what you are signing is as you wish, not as you hope. Next time read everything, even have an attorney review it, so you don't get "screwed" by being in a rush.

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  • Ta
    tatyana Sep 24, 2008
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    I have purchased the house in 2017 . i just looked at my file with quicken loans and I found out that my loan application was made on lies and we are about to lose our home because we cant afford it at 1300 a month payment.At the time i apply for a loan i was making 11.00 an hour working part time and i got approved for 150.000 loan how? i thought that was my credit score that got me approved i guess not that was the lies that loan officer made.I dont know who i can talk to about my situation but something has to be out there who can help me to keep my home.

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  • Valerie Nov 27, 2008

    I worked for Quicken Loans over three years ago back when they were on the very top of the mortgage game. I worked as a processor and it was such a stressful job. I would have never taken that job if I would have known that I was going to be lying to people all day long. The bankers would become angry if you tried to remove all of the ridiculous fee's that they had tacked on to the loans to make more money for the company. They took advantage of people who were in financial crisis and who were uneducated when it came to refinancing loans. It was the most draining experience in my life and eventually I just couldn't take it anymore. I am not surprised at all of the things I have heard lately about the company and the fraud and lawsuits. I do not know how most of the management of that place even slept at night. For anyone thinking of getting a mortgage with Quicken Loans then please don't do it and look elsewhere. If you are thinking about taking a job with this company then don't bother with that either. I worked over 50+ hours a week and almost ruined my marriage for this company.

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  • Di
    Diane Mar 28, 2009

    Got approve then when I saw the settlement statement I was shock to see 2141.37 for disount fee I was never told about. Appraisl was low $130000 but only owe $87736.25, so I had the 20% down payment. Was told they give me that back in cash but I see no paper showing that. I know they got my $500 which they make some excuse to keep. Should I back off or sign in few days and see if I get that back? This is getting shady by the minute. They said I get that back but contract was already done is why they giving cash back.

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  • Di
    Diane Apr 13, 2009

    I just sign a form from quick loan and they are refunding my $500 because they receive a letter from BBB and with the miss understanding from the start they going to make it right..So as soon as I get the check and only then will I retract my comment about them since they did come thu and make things right..but it was a very good lesson I learn never to put up front fee even if you told a different story..

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  • Di
    Diane Apr 21, 2009

    Got my check for the $500 so I am happy but should not been like this..At least I learn a good lesson...Even big companies are not what they say they much in the news about companies asking for upfront fees and then changing the amount later...thank god I got a good deal with old lender and no upfront untill all fees was in writing and as they said no changes that is why we do checking before we ask for the fee to do closing...maybe they scare government might actually be looking into these practice of taking upfront fees then changing the amount after they get your money to the degree that is is just out of the ball park that you not going to go thu it and knowing that chalk one up for another money idiot.

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  • Ma
    mad Apr 25, 2009

    they did same to me, took $500.00 for it to be locked in then email says its not locked in, then the appraisal they had done on my house the diagram has my master bedroom as a enclosed patio and my back patio is not even showing, after the phone call i realized that it must have been done on purpose becuse he ask me to see if all info is right and he would have his team look it over to see if they need to get a second appraisal, i just wnet through this with new source lending in cali, so i called the appraisor and ask him to send me a copy of the appraisal and havent heard back from them yet lol go figure, so if they took my money and he turned in the apraisal as certified with false info they better hope i cant find an attorney who whil look into it.
    EMC mortgage has been by far the best pple i have dealt with, and trying to get it taken care of by them next month

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  • Fi
    fizzlenatorefiel Jun 07, 2009

    I contacted Quicken Loans over 2 months ago to see if i could get approved for a loan. They approved me for a loan in the amount of $200, 000.00 and emailed me a "pre approval letter" stating that i was now approved and to begin searching for my new house. for 1 month i searched for homes and found one that i really liked. I put $3000.00 down to the title company to hold the house and then started the loan process. Quicken loans told me that i needed to pay them a $400.00 deposit to get the loan process started. They told me the deposit was needed to show good faith that i was going to use them for the loan and not any other company, i agreed and payed the deposit.1 week goes by and i didnt hear any word back about the loan, i called them and asked them how it was going and they assured me that it was getting done and they were working on it. Week 2 goes by and they called and said they still needed more information for the loan documents, i agreed to send them everything they asked. week 3 goes by and still the loan was not completed and i called them and they said they needed more information from me to complete the loan process, i agreed and sent the information. Week 4 and the loan was still being processed and i was becoming very close to losing my $3000.00 deposit i gave to the title company, because it was in the contract that it will close by june 5th. I called them and asked to speak with someone in charge. I was later contacted by the regional vice president that assured me that it was going to close the next day and there was nothing to worry about. He promosed to call the next day and i heard nothing back from him. The next day i called one more time and spoke with him and he assured me it was going to close the next day. I heard from him the next day and he told me that he needed more information to complete the loan, i agreed and faxed in what he needed. The next day he called me and told me that it was looking good and it will close the next day. Yesterday (the day before i lose my deposit) he called me and told me that he was unable to approve me for the loan and there is nothing he can do. Today i lost my $3000.00 and also the 400.00 they made me give them as a good faith deposit. Why does Quicken loans take your ss# and proof of income and then pre approve you and ensure you that you are approved for the loan and to go find a house...if later (after you have payed $3400.00) tell you that they are unable to approve you for the loan? Why didnt they tell me after the first 2 weeks of dragging their feet that they can not approve me? Why did they wait until the day before i lose my deposit that they can not do anything for me? Why did they LIE to me 9 different times? I work hard for my money and losing $3400.00 is not an easy loss to accept. DO NOT ever even think about using Quicken loans!!! They are a group of scam artist looking to make an easy $400.00 off you with no intent of being honest or even completing the loan as they promise. If they were an honest company they would have told me the truth after the first week that they were unable to appove me...i would have had time to find a different loan company and not lose my $3000.00. My email address is [protected] Anyone that wants to share an experience they had with Quicken Loans or want to ask me more questions about their shady business practice, feel free to write me. Quicken loans, you can feel free to email me and explain how you sleep at night taking money from hard working Americans...Class action law suit? P.S. I'm going to post this letter on 10 blogs sites every day for at least a year. I will also email this to everyone on my contact list and ask all my contacts to do the same. P.P.S I forgot, I also lost $400.00 for the appraisal John Fresno, California

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  • Kr
    Kris Yates Jun 08, 2009

    It is not unusual for a company to take a deposit for a loan, DiTech I believe still does it. I am dumb funded at why they would do this to you, though. Some of the unreliable companies actually don't do this but they switch and bait or raise the junk fees. So what they should of done is let you know in advance that you may not have a chance, will lose your $400, and based their success on stated requirements. It sounds like this department my have some "cowboys" working for them, trying to bring any business they can as a number game.
    With out putting salt in your wound, you should of gone to several companies for a quote. On our web page we have a STEP program and a list of question that can help you.
    What do you do now! I would fight like hell. Check out lenders and see if you can get a loan, especially a FHA loan whereby you can put down 3.5% deposit and get a $8, 000 immediate credit. If you qulify for a loan, and your credit is very good. Try going back to that house, explain what happen. Even if you have to loose the $3, 000, you can see if they will work with you. They and the Realtor wants to sell the home. If you must put a deposit down, ask for $500 or $1, 000 only. Again, only if you qualify for that loan with out paying anything further (lenders deposit). And can prove it. The interest have moved up, but the rates for most lenders should be the same if you follow our STEP program.
    And keep telling your story. If we can help by the info on our site, let other people know as well. By the way I was almost taken for $9, 000 before I fought back. That is one reason us Mortgage Geeks got together to give info about how to do the loan the right way.
    If I can help further, let us know.

    Kris Yates

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  • Re
    Reevez Aug 15, 2009

    My experience with Quicken Loans - Rock Financial is just more of the same complaints already posted here. Based on the postings here it sounds like the Quicken Loans business model has remained the same since 2017: they promise you satisfaction. Get your $500 good faith payment. Pitch a good program and lock your rate, which will expire after 45 days. Provide appraisers that value your home well below market value. Tell you they have to change your program based on the low appraisal. Try to get you to agree to a less attractive program with higher rate, more points, and more cash at closing. And to top it off they deny you a refund when you finally get fed up with dealing with them and their antics.

    I even had the last loan manager I was working with tell me it was my fault because I should have known my appraisal value before I started the process. I worked with the first loan manager (who claimed to be an Eagle scout when he found out I was involved with Scouting) to pull comparisons online to verify my estimates we're realistic. My appraisal came in about 20% lower, or $100k. Not even close to the local comparisons. Beware - Do business with Quicken Loans at your own risk. I, nor my friends and family will make that mistake again.

    Investors beware - Short sighted business model that results in eroded customer loyatly and eventual failure.

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  • Wh
    whogavethemabusinesslicense Oct 19, 2009

    I was transferred to a talking head at quicken since chase isnt doing business in my state. I was connected to a cheerleader who pulled our credit without asking. It's an fair credit reporting act violation... I called to complain, they backed her up all the way. We went with a real bank for our refi and are very happy. I hope no one ever even thinks of using quicken loans. They make the loan and then sell it to a real bank to service; they keep their capital floating.. I'd just as soon stick a sparkler in my eye before ever having to deal with them again..

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  • Da
    DanD12 Dec 10, 2009

    I been unemployed for the last 6 months me and my husband and I are been looking to lower the payments in the house to make it a little easy on us till I get a job, since I am not getting unemployment either. We checked with a couple of local banks and they told us after they review the information they can not give us one because we owe more than the house is worth. At the begining of this month my husband decided to get on line and check, he found the web for Quicken Loans and submited our information.

    That same day we received a call from one of the representatives from Quicken and explained to him the situation and he told me they could not do anything either. But the next day I received a call in the morning from Jeremy saying that he was from Quicken and wanted to help me with the loan, I asked him how he was able to help me when the other representative said they couldn't, he said he has more experience, than they work with the FHA and he will be able to help me (I explained to him that the loan was declined before due to the value of the house is less than what we owe according to the other banks).

    Later in the conversation he told me to get started he needed for me to give him $500 and if the loan didn't get approve I will get the money minus the appraisal fee. At that moment I asked him again what happen if the house is worth less than what we owe, and he told me we have options (plural) which I assume that they can loan you more than the house is worth due to good credit since my credit is over 700 or something similar (because he was aware at that point than we didn't have any extra money due to my work situation).

    Taking in consideration what he told me that he was going to help me to get the loan even in the house value is less I accepted, and taking money than I really can afford to give I gave him the $500.

    About 3 or 4 days later we received and e-mail saying that the loan was approve but last Monday December 7 I received a call from Jeremy saying that was not approve and the only way to do it is for me to come up with 8 or 9 thousand dollars (he knows better we don't have that kind of money).

    When he called me I was in the doctors office and when I called him later and asked about the options he promised me, he said coming up with the money was the only option and he will send me the appraisal information.

    Since I was obset I decided to wait till yesterday to call him back, I told him I wanted to have my $500 back because I was lie from the begining, he said he can not give me back my money. Later I sent him an e-mail telling him that I he didn't give me back my money I was going to do a complaint in the internet.

    He called back and told my husband he listened to one of the calls and he said he told me for the loan to be approve the house needs to be worth $73, 000. At that point I sent him another e-mail asking for the recordings to be send to me because if he mentioned something like that I will never give the money because I know for a fact the house with the market drop doesn't worth that much. And if he mentioned after I gave the money I trusted in his word than he had other options for us.

    He called me back and offered to return to me $175 and sent me the appraisal, he told me too that he listen to the first conversation with the other rep when I told him what the other banks said but he is saying that I never told him directly to him than the other banks said that house was worth less than the loan amount.

    I am requesting to have the full amount send back to me due to his lies and deceiving ways. I requested to get the tapes of the conversations and he is not giving them to me because he knows he did something wrong.If they refusing to do anything I will send a letter to the FHA or whoever I need to and then the public will know what kind of company they are.

    And I requested him to send me something in writting saying I am getting back the $175 and he is not doing it either.

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  • Sh
    Sher's Jan 20, 2010

    I was told that they could do everything I needed to get credit cards paid off and cobine all in one loan .This was before christmas so they assured me everything was go and they charged mycredit card 500 and got a over limit charge and now they wont show there good faith and return it. Icalled the company after I was told something was wrong with the tittle work from my other loan place This was a bareface lie cause I call the other loan company and tittle work was fine. Also when went to call back again phone # was changed .They told me that I couldnt get any money for credit cards and only thing could do was loan amount I have with anouther loan at same interest but this is not what I was told up til jan 18th.Also there apprasier, did really low apprasial so low house 20, 000 less than before and I had painted added new well new painted shutters and put new metal roof on it after the other app. Which means it app. for probally 35, 000 less than 11 mos ago and home prices have been going up last 4 months .Go figure. They need procecuted

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  • Hi - I'm Kelly with Quicken Loans. I'm unaware of the details of your loan, but I'd like to look into it for you. Please get in touch with me directly: [protected]


    Quicken Loans

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  • Fm
    Fmorris76 Aug 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I started the process off with Quicken loans through an inquiry through a website. I got calls from four companies and chose to start with Quicken Loans because I remeber them from TV. Long story short, they charged 500 dollars to get an estimate for me which ended up being .25% higher in rate and several thousand more expensive than what was talked about over the phone. When I tried to cancel with them for being switched I was told that I could not get a refund for the money. I am in process of battling that out now. Since then I have started the process with another Broker who told me to NEVER pay any fees up-front for an estimate or a rate lock. I recieved paperwork from this broker and a confirmation that my rate is locked at the agreed upon rate and cost. Do NOT go through this lender for any reason.

    If you want a real quote and no charge to find out what you really qualify for, the Broker that I used is First Integrity out of California. I have been working with Jason West there and have been very happy with his professionalism and honesty through the process. Thier website is His phone number is [protected]. Do NOT use quicken for any reason! They are a major rip-off.

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  • Co
    corporateadvocates Feb 02, 2011

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