Quicken Loansloan agent pulled my credit without my permission

K Aug 04, 2018 Review updated:

I only spoke to a Senior Power Banker about what services were available. At know time did I state I wanted to pursue financing with their company. Today, I received a letter stating why they were unable to finance a home loan for me. This seems to be a shady way of communicating with potential clients, who state they are not interested in the service being offered.

Very concerned citizen

Kim L


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    wthwt Aug 16, 2018

    Waiting to become a first time home buyer after finding my "So called Dream property". I received an email from Quicken Loan, not my first by the way. I applied for my loan, and having had to file bankruptcy years prior my score was still low. I was told by an employee Devon that he would only make soft hits. My experian score was at that time high to get the loan, however, they wanted to get it a bit higher. I agreed to the "SOFT HITS" I have ID protection you can't believe. I checked my score to stay on top of things. In less than one week my score had dropped 96 full points. Typically a HARD HIT will only drop the score 2 0r 3 points. Let us select the 3 point drop. That would mean in that time there were were approximately 32 hard hits made on me for no reason. I understand lenders make zero money without approving a loan. It should also be obvious what that many hits would do to a score, that is in attempts to raise. Money be damned, now they can't grant my loan because my score it way too low. That is akin to slamming your finger in a car door to find out if it hurts by doing so. Where can I file a class action on these people, or where do I go to add my name to one that very likely already exists. Not a happy camper here. Do what you will try on me, leave my money out of ity!!!

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