Im Francesco Mincarini [protected]
I was trying to booking a flight since yesterday, starting from yuor app on my iPhone, but as im not that good using internet, i wrote to you an email to book a flight Sydney manila on 23/10/19 and return on 15/01/19.
I received an answer that is no possible booking through email, and I received other way to book .
So next day I called 131313 waitinng 8 hours recall and still waiting, when was an hour waiting on the voice recorded, in the mean time i been 4 hour chatting by messaging on sms service qantas also with no results and been treated totally unfair shutting the chat from Bea after 4 hours trying book a flight.
Im an invalid walking by crutches that I don't know use yuor app properly.
I been ask help for two days to book this flight.
Its became a nightmare, its to complicated for me deal with qantas, its too stressful.
Its so easy booking with the others company so i will.
So after i lost 2 days time talking, writing and chatting by qantas people with no results. Im asking a refund of 20000 points that I spent money for and i will book a flight with a different company.
In 45 years travelling around the world, never ever had so bad experience just for book a flight . So please refund me that money as yuor unprofessional people they dont know how to book a simple flight .
Kind regards

Inviato da iPhone

Oct 08, 2019

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