Qantas Airwaysdenial of flight credit points on qf7 on 28/8/2018_booking ref: vntmqn`

D Sep 13, 2018

On 28 th August 2018 I took the aeroplane, details are above, from Sydney International Airport to Fort Worth Airport, Dallas. Halfway through the trip the
Captain announced that we have to return back to Sydney because of a mechanical
problem that could well jeopardize safety. After waiting for more than 2 hours
at Qantas lounge we were advised that the repair process was more complicated than expected and, therefore, we have to wait till the following day to continue the journey.
I ended up at Travel Lodge at Sydney Airport .As it happened, we missed the shuttle bus as that left before 9 AM so that I had to take a taxi to the Airport to catch the flight to Fort Worth, Dallas, on 29th August and allowing for a reasonable (3 hours )"breathing space" .
As a result of more than one delay during the way, I reached La Guardi Airport, NY,
late ad my suitcase was not found .I reached Sheraton hotel, Times Square, NY
at 1 AM on 30th August 2018 paying extra money for the unexpected delay of booking on 28th August .
I do not intend to claim for the extra expenditure which I endured .But, in view of the fact that this whole saga was not my fault and that I was physically at the aeroplane when it took off on 28th August, I strongly feel that I should be compensated by Flight Credit points (for the 28th August flight). I feel that my request is reasonable especially considering the associated physical and psychological trauma associated with the delays and leaving us till 10 PM in the cold and wendy weather waiting for a transport.

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