Pure Nutrients Complaints & Reviews

Pure Nutrients / I can't say this is a real scam but from other complaints I have read - it qualifies

Jul 07, 2011

I can't say this is a real scam but from other complaints I have read - it qualifies. I took advantage of what the company called a "FreeTrial" I didn't even open it when it arrived. My credit card company called and asked me if I knew that I have a 93.00 charge to my account. It...

Pure Nutrients / use celebrity names to steal

Jul 06, 2011

Three billing names so far, Bait and Switch, bottom line they are robbing the public with deceptive practices. Use Dr. Oz, Oprah. Natures Cleanse By far the best and most comprehensive colon cleanse product that we tested. It was highly recommended by Dr Perricone on Fox News during hi...

Scam!!! / Imm Interactive / Pure Nutrients / SCAM!!! / IMM Interactive / Pure Nutrients

Jun 21, 2011

Natures Cleanse, by Pure Nutrients is a total scam and rip off. I saw a few months ago these products being sold on I started to investigate, and months later I found out who was behind this scam. The name of the company is Intermark Media, now IMM Interactive ...

Pure Nutrients / Colo Detox / customer service number always busy


I have tried the product for several months, and decided I do not want to get any more shipments. I have tried to call their customer service number for the past 3 days, and all I ever get is a busy signal. They did not include any website or email contacts with the shipment paperwork .

Pure Nutrients / colodetox xr


I had ordered the free trial of this product which was only going to cost me $2.49. I didn't receive the product until almost two weeks later, which didn't give me much time to try the product out. The on 10/21/09 my vista was charged $89.89. I called to have this product...

Pure Nutrients. Inc. / Colodetox XR / continued to ship & charge after concelling


I ordered a 14 day free trial of thier prodeuct that was from the Rachel Ray show ( she has removed this product from her site). The product gave me a skin reaction. I called then to cancell 3 days after it arrived.<br /> That was in Oct / 09 and an other shipment arrived on Nov. 13th...

Pure Nutrients, Inc. / Colo Detox RX / terms and conditions misleadsing


On 9/25/09 I ordered a free trial of the ColoDetox XR from Pure Nutrients via the web. I was supposed to have 14 days to try the product and then cancel before incurring the cost of the next month’s supply. On 11/14/09 I received my first delivery of the product. It contained a bill...

Pure Nutrients Inc, ColoDetox XR / charged after cancellation


I ordered a 14 day trial of ColoDetox XR. The shipping charge of $2.49 hit my bank on 9/29/09. I cancelled the order on 10/01/09. On 10/14/09 my account was charged $89.00 for the product. When I originally called I was told the product had not been shipped yet and the account wa...

Pure Nutrients / fraudulent practices


Please don't let my horrible experience be yours. I ordered a "free" sample and paid shipping. THEN I learned the trick is that there is a 14 day trial period. NEVER knew of any 14 day trial- never authorized any further payments, but they did. About 30 days after I ordered my free...

Pure Nutrients Cleanse / stealing my money


I ordered a sample of Pure Nutrients Cleanse and not until I had entered my account infromation did it say anything about automatically charging me $88 each month. I called the very next day and cancelled but they state that I made not such call. When the sample arrived I refused it and...

Pure Nutrients: Nature Cleanse / scam!!!


I placed an order for Nature Cleanse for the 13 day free trial. On the 13th day after ordering I tried to call the number to Customer Service and cancel the order, I was put on hold and left there for about 3 hours. I never got to talk to anyone. On the 14th day of the free trial I called...

Pure Essentials (Pure Nutrients) Bright Teeth Pro / cannot cancel order


I tried the product and when I wanted to cancel the order, I called the above number and was on the phone for approximately 45 min waiting for someone to answer. Then an animated voice told me to go to the website. The voice said the above web address first and then said it wa...

Pure Nutrients Natures Cleanse / scam


Hi By now you have probably heard of Pure Nutrients sending out a cleansing product try a free sample and pay shipping only. Of course there is some fine print that I agreed to and apparently (I didn't read it) it states if you do not return the item in a certain amount of days you...

Pure Nutrients / misrepretation of product sales


I ordered on 6/7/09 Nature Cleanse & Acal Advanced and was charged $5.95 for each on 6/8/09. UPS delivered the product on 6/15/09. I had 14 days trial as advertised and was billed $88.00 on my VISA 6/24/09. This was not the advertised trial of 14 was only 10 days. I canceled...

Pure Nutrients / overdrawn bank acct.


UPS or whoever delivered this bottle of Nature cleanse, delivered it to my neighbor (left it on porch). Wondering why I haven't received this product, and before the cancellation date, I found out by my Doctor that I can't take this product because of my medical condition...

Nature Cleanse Pure Nutrients / should not have charged to credit card


Company claims i did not send product within 14 day period, which is false . I sent it back the same day i recieved it . I refused it . When i placed this order, I called the company back, the same day, to verify what I was going to be charged, and the customer service agent told me...

Pure Nutrients / return policy


Make sure you read the very fine print, very very small I sell retail and if a customer is not happy they can return anytime Good Customer Service!!! It is not really free to try!! After 14 day you buy that bottle plue they send you another one and $181 dollars later you are toast My Dr...

Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleanse / no refund on unauthorized credit card charge


I agreed to a free trial of Nature Cleanse, where I was only asked to pay $5.95 shipping by credit card, and within 14 days, at exactly midnight, my credit card was charged $88.00. I called company and they said they would not refund my $88.00 that was unathorized and was charged on my...

Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleanse / misleading on the 14 day trial date


I want to tell everyone thinking about this product, don't fall for it like I did. I saw the ad on the internet and ordered it. The information given is very misleading. I odered it on the 29th of may, I recieved it on june 8th and my credit card was billed june 12. I tryed calling as soon a...

Pure Nutrients / charges to credit card


Received Nature Cleanse product promo two weeks ago...have been calling for the past week to cancel order...hanging on the line for 10 minutes at a human picks up to answer call. Called my credit card company to reverse the $88.00 charge and they actually got me on the line with...

Pure Nutrients Products / natural cleanse - scam


My husband ordered the trial and when I saw they had billed me $88.00 I called on the same day. They said they would cancel it but when I checked again it was processed so I called again and told that they can't refund but to email the claims dept to see if they would refund my money...

Pure Nutrients / nature cleanse refund


Ordered free 14 day trial of nature cleanse. Did not do any thing. Said to cancell within 14 days of order date. Invoice said order date was 5-13-09. Cancelled on 5-27-09 and was still billed 88.00. Called and they told me that it was a miss print on the invoice. I want my money back now!

Pure Nutrients / charged for product that I didn't get


My name is Linda Miller. I ordered, online, a trial sample of Pure Nutrients cleanser capsules. My order was placed on 5/21/09 and did not receive the product until June 1. I was charged $88.00 and did not get a chance to use the 14-day trial offer. On June 2nd I returned the merchandise...

Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleanse / false advertisement


This product made me very sick to my stomach within one hour of taking it. On the company web site it states that there are no know side affects. Don't you believe it. When I called to cancel my free trial offer I could never get through. Finally I pressed the number for placing an...

Pure Nutrients Inc / nature cleanse


I am Julia Oswald 1421 Roper Mtn Rd #357 Greenville, SC 29615 (864) 230-0294. e-mail is [email protected] I ordered Nature Cleanse for 14 day trial. Ordered on 5/11/09 and received it on 5/16/09. I was billed on 5/27/09 which gave me only 11 days before being charged $88.00 on top of...

Pure Nutrients / won't refund


I received this product. Tried it for 2 days and cancelled because if I didn't they would charge my account 88.00. Much to my surprize I had checked my account and they had taken the 88.00 out of my account the day after I had cancelled. I have been trying for several days now to get...

Colon Cleanse Pure Nutrients / lied and stole money


Ad states 14 day trial period to see if I like product..Order ship date was 11th I waited till after memorial day holiday to cancel, because phone number was not working and call could not go through..I asked to speak to supervisor and was given an idiot with 0 I.Q. that said trial period...

Pure Nutrients Products, Colon Cleansing / I cancelled my order and they said they would not charge me shipping and handling charges and they charged me any way


I ordered this product on line. Withing 10 minutes of ordering it I cancelled the product. They told me that they were going to charge me the shipping and handling anyway. I argued with them that I just ordered it and they didn't ship it yet. They told me that it was in there term...

Pure Nutrients / Nature Cleanse / false advertising


Beware:this company should not be in business. Consumers do not buy their products!!! I, too, had a very unpleasant experience with pure nutrients, nature cleasne product. I ordered the product online on 5/8, however the invoice indicated the order date was 5/11/09. I received the shipment on...

Pure Nutrients / terms & conditions beware


Pure Nutrients claims they risk free 14 day money back guarantee. I received the trial and paid 5.95 for shipping and handling. The order date on the slip I received was 5/8/09 but when I called to cancel on 5/22/09 i was informed that my 'real' order date was 5/7/09. They...