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I've recently started the process of buying a Pulte Home. I paid my deposit and I was hounded by Pulte Mortgage right away. I needed to provide my life history right away. I understand why they are doing this in this market to protect themselves but it seemed odd because I may or may not have chosen to use Pulte Mortgage.

I guess they knew I would consider they are offering incentives to help out with closing and points.

Be careful when dealing with the mortgage team in Denver. They are the most unprofessional group of people I've ever worked with. They will play a shell game with you to try to recoup their incentives they offered in a form of a fee or higher interest rate. This is an aggressive bunch and the culture there is to be pushy and intimidate you. Most people don't like conflict so this technique works well for them. You can definitely get a better rate from another bank but the illusion of an incentive keeps people from jumping. I was going to switch but I already locked into a rate and the rate was much higher by the time I figured things out.

I would recommend that you get a good faith estimate before you give them your deposit money. Actually, I've learned my lesson and will not go down this road in the future. I'm done with Pulte and Pulte Mortgage!!!


  • Bi
    bighunterbob Oct 19, 2008

    The same thing happened to us. I had already been ok'd for a loan at 5.75%.
    Pulte started at 8.75%. After a couple of weeks of of pesty calls, I told them
    to kiss my butt. I was not going to pay over 6%. I got ok'd for another home
    and actually were getting ready to sign the papers. Pulte Builders actually
    bought a 1/2% to get it down to 6% so we bought the home. I read about Pulte
    and the way that they build houses and we thought it was a good deal. This
    house is really a POS. It is amazing to me what we have found in the last couple
    of years living here.

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  • Tu
    tucso85 Nov 12, 2008

    I experienced the exact same thing. They refused to let me talk to Pulte Mortgage company to get a good faith estimate. I went down the street to another housing development. They said that if I wanted to find out the interest rate I could go to their lender. They were on the up and up. Pulte was offering huge incentives for going with their mortgage company so I figured I could just take the incentives and finance somewhere else.

    They gave me the same line as you. To qualify you have to sign for a low doc loan with a higher interest rate. I provided full documentation of all of my income. I requested a 5 year ARM. Instead when I went into closing they gave me a no interest ARM to get the loan to qualify. And here is the kicker. The ARM is based was based on the 1 year treasury rate and Pulte Homes doesn't guarantee what the interest rate will be at the time of closing. The reason is that they don't know what the 1 year treasury will be at closing. This is true, but in the good faith estimate they tell you the premium over Treasuries that the loan will be issued at. When I went to lock the $400, 000 loan at closing they quoted me an interest rate a full 1% over the good faith estimate. I called them on it and the loan agent came back with an interest rate 1/8th of a point over the good faith estimate. They nailed me for only an 1/8th of a point because I knew how the process worked, but I shutter to think about how many people got scammed that didn't know what was going on like you.

    Had I accepted the full percentage point over the good faith estimate it would have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am very happy with the builder and the home but I truly think that their should be a class action law suit against Pulte for the scam they perpetrated on the unsuspecting.

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  • Yv
    Yvonne Bradley Feb 13, 2009

    If you are getting ready to buy from Pulte - stop now and dont buy I am posting to this website and others - my shingles are falling off the roof - I hired a roof contractor to look at the shingles and the shingles only have one nail in them - do not buy from them - I have called them and they say that it is only warrented for "workmanship" for one year - I told them what if there is no "workmanship" to begin with?

    I am going to have to hire somebody to nail down the shingles or replace the roof - do yourself a favor and have somebody inspect the roof if you have not yet gone to settlement. If you have not bought a house yet but are contemplating - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR - DON'T BUY THE HOUSE FROM PULTE

    My Pulte POS is in Cornelius, NC and I am going to contact as many people as I can to tell them not to buy a home from Pulte.

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  • Jo
    johnkoshy Oct 03, 2009

    Pulte Home sale associate In orlando given me Misleading information and asked me to sign a contract, before signning I asked him if I withdraw from the contract" Will you be able to return the advance money"? He said YES, I signed : the next day itself I found some problems in the house and I told him, I am going to withdraw from the contract, please give my money back. He refused and still he is holding that amount. It is a totally cheating business.


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  • Ja
    James Ponzi Jan 21, 2010

    I have a leaking roof problem with my Pulte Home which is only a few years old, and they have refused to address it. I am a Realtor in the Denver area and have sold a couple of Pulte Homes over the past several years. Every Pulte home I have sold has had roof leakage problems. Do not let this happen to you; if you are in the process of purchasing a Pulte Home, I urge you to reconsider; it's just not worth it. The product is inferior and they hide behind their warranty and pick and choose what they will cover. They are HORRIBLE! Watch out!

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  • Ro
    RobCam Mar 12, 2010

    What is going on here??? My brand new 400k Pulte home has leaked 5 times in the first 3 years of ownership (the first happening within the first month of living there). With the most recent leak they are unwilling to cover it becuase they are saying it is caused by a lack of "general upkeep"!!! What? Upkeep on a roof that you have had to fix 5 times with the first time being 3 weeks after I moved in.

    I have been working with the local people at Pulte Tucson, Az with little results. What other options have worked for anyone????

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  • Mr
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Padden Oct 23, 2013

    The Attorney General's Office in Arizona has already settled a 1.1million dollar lawsuit against Pulte. You may still be able to get some information from them. I am fighting a case against Pulte for their unlawful practice of retaining the earnest deposit money in South Florida. Don't give up! Keep posting comments and contact every news media you can.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Ri Jun 26, 2016

    Anyone considering purchasing a Pulte Home...run! I purchased a townhouse from them in 2006 and the stucco has literally fallen off the exterior. They hire the cheapest contractors and they do shotty work. My entire experience with Pulte has been terrible. The community that I live in decided to pursue legal action against them and finally settled with them for 1.3 million. I would never consider purchasing anything with their name attached. They put small Heat/air units in that are not sufficient for the square footage. I pulled up my carpet to replace with wood floors and found empty cigarette cartons and butts under my padding. Terrible builder!

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  • Wi
    William Schnell Jul 13, 2016

    On both the north and south sides of my home here in the Edgewater community in Elgin, IL, I notice that there is mold on the exterior siding.
    What might be the cause of this and what do I need to do to eliminate this happening?

    Wm. Schnell

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  • Nb
    NB girl Nov 29, 2016

    I had my home inspected before the 1 yr mark as a few other homes had to have new roofs. Amongst the other findings the roof was one. Pulte sent some guys that started ripping off parts of my roof and that was the last I have heard from pulte. I have no idea what they did to my roof! Also not honoring their 11 month drywall fix and several other items. This company should be sued in a class action case

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  • Ir
    IreneWam Nov 27, 2017

    The bathroom smells like a sewer with the worst smell coming from under one sink in the master bedroom. Pulte sent their plumber since we had only been here 10 months and the visit ended without resolution. The plumber told us that there may be a dead animal in the pipes and when I asked why the smell is not there consistently and the plumber stated the wind may be changing direction. Basically what he was saying did not make sense. I disconnected the pipe under the sink to see if any debris was in the trap and there was nothing. I poured the cooking oil the plumber suggested we put down the drain in the laundry room drain but that has not resolved the issue. The smell can be unbearable that we sometimes have to open the bedroom window at night in order to sleep. I have now called the Naperville district to see if they can assist. An aside note, only use Pulte mortgage as your last resort. They were extremely unprofessional and aggressive bordering on bullying one through the application process.

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  • Ro
    Ron Dilling Mar 09, 2018

    Purchased a Pulte home in 2014. Fit and finish was poor. Doors were not installed properly. They used level C sub-contractors and just stood back to see how much they could get away with. Kitchen Granite was low quality and they have refused to acknowledge. I could go on and on so do yourself a favor and don't buy Pulte.

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  • Vi
    Vincent J Jun 17, 2018

    Sun City, TX
    Pulte Home Air Conditioning issue: 6/8/2018 My new air conditioner runs continually when the temperature outside reaches 95 degrees f. A/C technician visited our home as a result of my request for a system check (about 10 days after taking possession 6/1/2018) and confirmed that the system had not cycled during the 1 hour he was examining the system (about 4pm on a 95 degree day). According to his written report (which I send to the Pulte warranty department) the system was running within all normal specifications EXCEPT it was not cycling on and off (a classic example of an undersized system). He stated the system should have cycled 3 or 4 times over the 1 hour time period he was examining the A/C. Also, Pulte says their engineering shows that the system should be adequate. However, I know of one important flaw in their implementation of these simulations (US. department of energy) that drastically bend the results of their simulations (empirical data is after all the ultimate benchmark). Predictions in models are always lacking in base facts and can only produce good results when all factors are incorporated into the model.

    If you have purchased a Pulte home in Sun City within the last 12 months – e.g. before your 1 year warranty expires, and your system is running continually when the temp reaches 95+, you may have an undersized system and notice should be given with proper documentation (technician's report) prior to the end of your warranty. We will see if anything can be accomplished with public exposure of what appears to be a flawed implementation of HVAC engineering. Other avenues may also be pursued .

    FYI: my new home is an estate series home with approximately 2800 sq ft of living area and has a 3.5 ton air conditioning system installed. I also own a second home in Sun City, TX. This home was built in 2009 and has 1850 sq ft of living area and it also has a 3.5 ton air conditioning system installed. That system runs satisfactorily.

    There is a lot more to this story that will be forthcoming as time permits and as the story unfolds.

    BTW: I own a small real estate company that rents real estate, renovates residences, flips them, and performs all types of maintenance of these residences. I have had a CO real estate license, ran/run the above business for 30 years, and can fix and/or install just about anything in houses (with help from talented people).

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  • Ju
    Julie Y May 15, 2019

    My apologies to those trying to make an informed decision with all this negative information and the length of this comment.

    Is anyone currently considering filing a lawsuit for construction defects and poor performance? We just purchased the Pulte/Centex Oasis model home on 2/14/19 and it's been a series of shoulder shrugging and ridiculous excuses from day one. We are having some major drainage issues and with landscaping; poor quality sod (it's actually 80% weeds not actual "sod"), improper grading and installation and flooding after lawn irrigation and rains. Elvin Fisher actually had the condescending audacity to tell me he has seen lots of poor lawns. Right then I knew what kind of person I was talking to. My response to him? "I don't give a crap about other people's lawns I care about mine! We just shelled out almost $300K for a new home AND LAWN and that's his response? Now the A/C Compressor is making an unusual noise, that started 2 nights ago. I took a time/date stamped video with sound and sent it to them.

    All the subcontractors are definitely C grade or below. The painters were the worst I've ever come across. They carelessly slapped paint on everything, door hinges, drops on cabinetry, floors and the baseboards weren't washed before painting so construction dust is now under the paint and looks awful. They will need to be sanded in order to be repainted without defects. All the granite truly is very poorly processed. There are pits everywhere in all these surfaces. This is our 5th home that we have owned and we have had granite in other homes that were as smooth as glass. Pulte/Centex needs to stop rewarding their vendors' poor performance and hold all of them accountable or just fire them.

    We put in warranty tickets for a hazardous microwave installation. The appliance installers drilled the holes so large in the upper cabinet and they knew they screwed up when I saw two washers "trying to cover the holes" and support the microwave and failing miserably. When the microwave falls it will land on the smooth top stove. We requested a new cabinet instead of even bigger washers on the bolts. The service ticket was sent to the appliance technician who called at the ungodly hour of 7:00 am wanting to come and fix the microwave. I told him there is nothing wrong with the microwave. The cabinet needs to be replaced. He was confused and said he had to contact his dispatch. That was three days ago and no further response.

    Another warranty ticket was for the under cabinet lighting one of the lights just stopped working. So the electrician shows up at the door (two days ago) and reports he is at the house to fix an electrical issue in the laundry room. I told him I don't have an electrical issue in my laundry room! These people are clueless and Pulte/Centex wants me to let them into our home to "fix" things that shouldn't be broken to begin with? Nope. Send people who know why they are there and with an actual work order in hand and we're good to go.

    Here's our assessment so far: Cheap + sub-standard job performance = Pulte/Centex. Very frustrating. We've given them 2 weeks to properly address all our concerns or we are hiring an attorney. Our neighbors have decided to join in our landscaping battle. We are now documenting everything with emails and time/date stamped videos. No more friendly chats on the phone or in person that becomes a case of he said/she said in a court of law. Just saying.

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  • Ma
    Mantis Queen Jun 23, 2019

    We just went through the exact same thing. I wished we saw this earlier. We had to play over two months worth of He said/She said with the Mortgage, builder, sales, and title. The title company prepared us for official closings twice. Only to be told, day of, by the Colorado Mortgage company they need a whole list of other information from us. We had to scramble and rearrange our lives twice last minute.

    They would then say, "One more week!" "Two more weeks" "Definitely will be done next Friday." "We're waiting on the builder." Then we'd call the builder because he's a friend, he'd say "The house is ready." We called the title company and they'd say, "Ask the mortgage." We'd ask the mortgage and blame the builder or title company. The sales team had absolutely no idea what was going on.

    They're keeping our earnest money due to our "approval." Though we were never officially approved. It's just a time consuming waste. If you were unfortunate enough to work with Pulte. You'll need that lawyer.

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  • Ma
    Matt's Mom Jul 23, 2019

    I agree with all of the above. I made a $260, 000 mistake.

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  • Mo
    Monica2013 Jul 28, 2019

    I think we all should file a lawsuit against Pulte. Class action so we can put them out of business to stop this from happening to any one else

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  • No
    NoMorePulteCAK Aug 11, 2019

    Do not buy Pulte. I am a retired attorney with some experience in construction litigation and I have never in my 35 years of practice seen anything like what I have endured. Purchased a new home from Pulte and the defects were too numerous to list, but I had to close because I had to move out of the temporary rental I was in. Pulte was already months past due on the closing date, having sold my house in reliance on the closing date provided by Pulte. Two years later, as defects continue to be found, including electrical that blew out the day after closing and the roof that leaked taking out the garage ceiling and electrical, repairs of holes in the walls, paint everywhere like a 5 year old had done the job, crooked walls, severely defect, damaged granite, I gave up possession of my house to Pulte to replace 1500 sf of tile that delaminated. The job was to be 4 weeks. It is now 4 months, and the second new floor was so bad it had to be replaced with a third. Now Pulte is refusing to repair all of the damage caused by its floor repair, and will not seal the grout that I had previously sealed. Pulte is also refusing to repair the roof which a sub said needs to be partially torn off and cleaned up to stop leaks and to replace the transom glass door that its subs chipped. The door cost about $10, 000. So, here I am without even possession of my house while Pulte thumbs its nose at me. I have hundreds of photos, but they do not do justice to the two years of suffering and waiting for subs and the poor work they did and do on dozens, perhaps hundreds of items that need repair. I will never be able to sell this house given its horrible repair history and Pulte's nose picking and thumbing.

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  • Ch
    chirel27 Aug 18, 2019

    @NoMorePulteCAK Hello I am having the same issues along with about 20 other neighbors in GA. I 'd like to connect with others. This is happening throughout the country regarding Pulte and nothing is been done. Please email me at [email protected] we need to start a work together

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  • No
    NoMorePulteCAK Oct 19, 2019

    @chirel27 Sorry. I did not check back on my posting. And now see you have requested to connect. Delighted to do so, but your address is protected, so I am not sure how we can get together. I have been talking to various lawyers, and prepared to spend money to fight Pulte and its incompetent subs at every level--licensing with the contractors' board, arbitration and lawsuit. By the way, the third floor it installed was a disaster with gaps between tiles that vary from 1/8" to 1/4", two tone grout that makes it look dirty, gaps in the grout and serious lippage problems throughout. Its an eyesore to say the least.

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  • Ss
    ss warren Aug 27, 2019

    Buyers beware of Pulte Homes in the north Texas area. They poured my foundation and it is full of cracks running everywhere. I want my $10, 000 deposit back since this is Pulte's fault. The home is in Del Webb Frisco Lakes. Also, the wood for the framing they used looked like seconds or worse. I did my due diligence, i.e. sold my home in less than 90 days, etc. I would NEVER encourage anyone to buy a Pulte home. I have pictures and will be glad to share them.

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