Puget Sound Energy [PSE]transaction that puget sound energy processed on june 26, 2019 was approved via mastercard

There was a shut-off notice on the door of my apartment when I returned from vacation on August 4, 2019. I was very upset because I knew that I had called Puget Sound Energy and paid my bill before taking my trip.

There was mold maggots in my freezer! I gagged when I opened up my refrigerator door because of the stinky smell that took hours to air out of my apartment! I was unable to take a hot shower after a long flight...what was happening seemed like a nightmare.

I want to be compensated for all the groceries that I had to replace due to my power being cut off. I was inconvenienced because I couldn't take a shower, or cook anything to eat.

When I attempted to talk to customer service to let them know that I paid the bill, they cut me off, and management wasn't any better. When I explained that I did pay my bill, the response was, "you haven't paid your bill since..."

Now, I opened my mail, and I have found that I am being billed $251.51 again this month! This is the SAME amount I just paid last month! I arranged automatic pay with a supervisor over the phone, but it seems that he didn't follow through with the plan.

Puget Sound Energy has threatened to refer me to a collection agency or credit reporting agency! Puget Sound Energy is supposed to be a well-organized, reputable company, but it's making a lot of serious mistakes that are causing problems for me, the consumer. I am requesting that a supervisor call me at [protected], to discuss a resolution to this issue.

Thank you for your time.


Sonia Rose

Sep 30, 2019

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