Public Storagetheft

L Aug 01, 2018

I am angry that I get robbed by the tenant next to me . I looked over the wall there sits my stuff. Never done anything out side of storage. I called the cops . Yet I can't in there to do list of what's missing . Yesitshotsi will worried bout . Manger on site says we sit to long. Or what well I have too I have medical issues . We have only bicycles. So yes we do work them . Are hurting anyone . She is trying to keep track of how many people y times we come and go how long we will be there in we can't do nothing right. Now she let's the tenant back in her unit knowing my stuff is in there that she took. What the hell is that all about ? A thief is athief . So I paid my unit for the month. Why so the tenant next to me can steal again . No way . I want something done about this manger and tenant . I have done what I can do I am road block now so yes I'm pissed

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