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Complaints & Reviews

auto protection plans

I took my car to a shop for repairs not worried about coverage because I have protective asset protection. Recieve call from shop and told asset protection will not cover the repairs that their not covered. So I go on line and get a copy of the plan and whats covered an email it to asset protection and their response was that plan was out dated they had a answer for everything to keep from paying for the repairs. Not good business at all. So sad. Total ripe off, they talk you into getting all this so called coverage, what a bad joke. They were not even willing to bend a little. Pitiful


Terrible customer service. Terrible follow-up. We purchased two used cars from a dealership on the same day. They gave us "Lifetime Powertrain" warranties on both vehicles. When I called Protective due to an issue, my car was not on the policy. It took 12 days to get my car activated. The car had been purchased over a year prior. My car had been smoking that entire 12 days. Then we took it in, they told the mechanic to replace a part (not under warranty) and we did at a cost of $300 to us. This did not fix the car. We then took it to a Nissan dealership who told them that we need a new motor. Protective is refusing to cover it because it is not a "mechanical breakdown." We are being told it is going to cost us $5000 for a USED motor. This insurance is a joke. Don't waste your time with them. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau!

fulfilment of customers warranty

I reluctantly took on a job for a customer who had an overheated durango only to have to jump through many hoops to confirm what 35 years of automotive repair experience told me in 15 minutes. P.A.P. Required me to remove both heads (at the customers expense) and when they were told of the extensive damage to the block and heads, authorized me to proceed with an engine replacement. After over three hours we came to an agreement of the charges (which had been previously approved). Hours later they call me back to make the payment only to reneg on over $2500 of the repair. Nobody at this company can seem to find any of the correspondence (of which we have copies of emails) and seem to be unable to give a rats ass about the customers they scam out of the warranty money. These people are the whole reason i will never work with another warranty company and will do my level best to deter people from ever using this company.

2014 cadillac cts “rear differential”

I bought a 2014 cadillac cts in october 2018 from patty peck honda in mississippi that came with the dealership warranty a lifetime powertrain warranty with protective asset...

extended warranty

ok so i bought abrand new car wanted everything for it, I never make a mistake of what i hear this way i have no regret. I went to Bill Jacobs Mazda In Joliet . The car is good but the Dealer Shady, the owner died the wife sold the buisness and all the people that worked there gone. Now when i i bought the Extended Warranty and this is how i was charged for it and asked if i wanted it not a service protection plan i paid 1933.00 dollars for it only to find out it doesnt exisist. . So heres what i learned Dont buy the 3rd party warranty because it dosent exsist and i will say it to their face . Its all changed once you leave the dealership .The Dealership they dont care they sold the car. #3 this company goes buy several different names and the BBB well their not going to help . So keep your money .


We bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox from Toyota Direct in Feb. By March we were having issues with it losing Oil. We took it to our mechanic who informed us that there had been a...

xtraride extended warranty

Purchsed an RV in June 2016 with an XtraRide extended warranty from Protective
Asset Protection. Sold unit in April 2018 and paid off loan. I wrote them a letter in April, 2018 requesting refund of unused premium.

Contract clearly says that it can be cancelled and a pro-rated refund will be made. When called to see if they had gotten my letter saying we had sold the unit, they said and it would take 6-8 weeks to get the refund. Over 2 months later and we've heard nothing. Poor customer service.

extended boat engine warranty

i bought the extended warranty for my Regal 2500 for peace of mind. i recently had a fuel pump and pulley go out and PAP said they would replace the pump but not the pulley. the pump will not work without the pulley. so after talking with them several times they decided to pay for the pulley. now my raw water pump and pulley went out. PAP says the warranty is part specific and the raw water pump is not covered and definitely not the pulley. said they made a mistake before by paying for the pulley on the fuel pump. these are all items that routinely go out on a boat engine. it is beyond me how a raw water pump would not be covered on warranty, other than they know what parts go out and will not cover them. my advice is save your money. PAP will not pay for the items you will need to be replaced.

hassel warranty service hassel bad

Nov 2016 after buying 2003 ford expedition 72, 000mile and protection plan Had the head heads strip out and blew the spark plug out Was in a small town and they could repair...

gap insurance

We had a total loss GAP claim on Dec 25, 2015 and they shorted the amount by nearly $500 and they refuse to explain or give documentation HOW they came up with the numbers. first they tried to say we were 2 months behind which was not true, then they said its an 'internal document' here we are 4.5 months later and the bank has it on our credit reports and I have all the documents sent to Protective and have contacted the bank and no one can tell me where they numbers come from. This place is a fraud, they had all the documents they needed and took months to get a payment out, I want them to pay the full amount of the claim as was given to them from the back with the payoff amount of $3, 697.87 submitted by our credit union on jan 13 2016.

extended vehicle warranty

On 12/18/2013 we purchased a 2008 Buick with 59, 9xx miles. At that time we purchased an extended service contract through the above company for $1998.00. The contract term was 36...

gap claim

My daughter purchased a car in 2009 of which I co-signed with her. She purchased a 2006 Nissan Sentra. On 4/2014 she had an accident that totaled the car. After insurance came...

service contract failure

The products that Protective Asset Protection sell is a complete scam. I purchased a service contract for a vehicle that had 50, 000 miles on the clock and the motor went out. I had references from 5 Certified Ford expert mechanics who said the motor had failed internally. I had submitted this to Protective Asset Protection and they refused to put a new engine in my truck. They are only out to collect the money we all willingly give to them. This company is nothing but a scam when it comes down to the people who purchase their products need it. My problem comes to the sum of $8, 000 in a new engine that they refuse to replace.

  • As
    a_smithy Aug 19, 2014

    Hi there...I am wondering, did they offer to replace with a used engine and you wanted new? Or they refused replacement altogether...I am wondering because I am closing on a loan for a car in a few days and they are trying to sell me this service, and want to know what I'm getting into...I am considering not buying now.

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Protective Asset Protection Division — terrible service

Service contracts -- sometimes called extended warranties -- are just one of a dizzying number of options presented to consumers during the frenzy of buying a new boat. Such...