Progressive Casualty Insurance Companydamage made to truck during inspection!

A Nov 19, 2018

My wife (Anita Kline) was involved in a vehicle accident with a Progressive Auto Insurance customer. The other driver was at fault. We took our damaged truck to Lincoln Auto Shop in Plymouth, Indiana for its appraisal. The condition of the truck was a smashed door on the passenger side. The door would not open, however, the truck was still very drive-able. It was obvious by looking at it that the door was not going to open. The inspector had the shop force the door open. This broke the piece which allows the door to stay shut. The adjuster told me that no damage was made to the truck during the inspection, so I agreed to but back the truck. When I went to pick up the truck, the shop mechanic made the comment "oh, they are buying it back, I didn't know." This made me think that he may have gone a different route than break the door. Before the inspection, we had told Jordyn, the adjuster, that we wanted to keep the truck. We were basing this on the condition of the truck before the inspection. When I went to pick up the truck I was shocked of the condition. I immediately called the adjuster to complain. She said that she would talk to her supervisor and see if the amount we had to pay to buy back the truck could be reduced. The next day I talked to the adjuster and was told that there would be no change in the price. We were not happy with the amount. There is under carriage damage and the cab was moved over 2 inches. I do not think the inspector noted this damage. This truck was in mint condition with only less than 37000 miles on it. I feel that the inspector based his price on the year of the truck. Yes, it is a 2006, but it looked brand new before the accident with no rust and low miles. When he left me a message he stated that it was too bad it got damaged because it was a gem off a truck with the low miles. I received the payment in the mail, but am not cashing it. I feel that we are owed more compensation and should pay less for buying back the truck. Currently the doors have to be tied shut, but this does not keep the doors closed. Before the inspection I could drive the truck without the doors opening. The picture attached is immediately after the accident. The door was closed.

damage made to truck during inspection!

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