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We just purchased a home 3 months ago and each month our bill has been around $300.00 for a 1600 sq. ft. home.

I had an all electric home in Ohio never ever did I have a $300.00 bill for one month.

Every time I call them they can't give me any answers, they just tell me how to conserve electric. I had our air unit checked and it is running perfect, we have no lights on in the house during the day, one tv for toddler and at night maybe 2 tv's and one light over kitchen sink, so how in the world can my bill be so high when the kids aren't allowed to turn anything on and we live like we're Amish.

They also suggested doing a breaker test, not sure about anyone else but if your not used to dealing with electricity and your not an electrician then it's kind of risky. I told them if I could afford to pay a $300.00 a month bill, then I could afford to hire an electrician to come out and check it.

I went as far as calling the North Carolina Public Utilities Commision to enlist their help with this problem.

All they can do is have progress energy check the meter which is better than nothing just incase the meter is bad.

Ughhhh. It's just so frustrating.


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      Sep 21, 2009

    Hi did you get any help from progress energy coz our bill is also very high and we dont know what to do coz our appliances are running fine.

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      Jan 27, 2010

    They told me my meter was fine too, have a $800 bill told me my usage more than tripled from dec14 to jan11 absolute bs...customer service manager refused to give his name or connect me to accounting dept. Now Im told im SOL and have to pay. Did the breaker test and found out that in order to use that much power Id have to run everything in my house 12 hrs per day, does that even sound possible to them?

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      Feb 25, 2015

    I am so disappointed in Progress Dad is legally blind and doesn't change anything in the house (thermostat). His house is less than 1200sqft and his bill is $300.00 for Jan and over $400.00 for Feb. He is on a fixed income and can't afford the electric bill-it is more than his freaking mortgage. I have asked that someone from Progress come out an check to see what is causing his bill to be so high. They told me that they don't come out to check-but they come and check the damn meter. I am a very frustrated daughter. I asked if we could get a payment plan for this bill and they offered the monthly payment plan but your balance has to be zero...Wow! The rep told me to check with Social Services or the Salvation Army...that is a damn shame how our seniors are treated..

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