Primus.cacustomer service

M Aug 17, 2018

I have been a customer for over 5 years, we have never had any issues, always had good internet service, and always highly recommended Primus to others.

For a short time in a matter of 2 and half months I was behind on my bill, but still paying the minimum of the balance. without notice, no phone call or email was ever given to notify me of the cancellation of service without first suspending the account to verify the situation at hand, as a result my service was disconnected on August 13th, 2018 (over night) and by the morning of the 14th I paid in full via visa and contacted the office immediately to confirm payment (before 5pm), I was repeadily hung up on by the automated line, while on hold and by customer service representitives. after finally getting through the line the representative was very kind and helpful she defused the situation and forwarded me to a rep that could better assist me, (which was no help) as she lied and made several contradicting statements to me she made no effort to report about reconnection or dates that would have been helpful, as I found out later no work orders or reports were ever made. yet she was not the only rep. that did this, 2 others a male and 2 females who work for PRIMUS did the same thing...three (3) days of calls and HOURS of being on "hold" only to be hung up on several times and by August 17th, 2018 at 12:30 pm I finally got through the line with virtually no wait time and a set up date with a modem delivery request set up & without incident or any wait time. in a matter of 15 minutes the issue was resolved, it was very simple.

This 15 minute call which resolved by two (2) client care rep. was something that several PRIMUS employees could not do in 3 days and hours on hold over the phone. I was told many times that in 24 hours I will get a call and 7 days a Tech will be calling to set up a date ( they had an email and call back number on hand as he called me back once on the 14th @ 6:30pm he also gave me a number to call in the morning which was not any recognizable number by PRIMUS other then a fax dial tone #) no call was made, they said a work order was put through, as I found out on the 17th no record of this work order was ever made and they did not have my number or email on file, in-fact this was a deliberate act disrespect me.

I don't know what kind of people you have working at PRIMUS but the experience I had this week was very disappointing, this should have and could have been resolved fast, quick and easily, your workers should not be insulting clients they should not be rude and lying to clients, and should be treating others with respect and dignity, this service needs a lot of improvement and some of your workers within the 416 area code need extensive training to do their jobs correctly as well as much needed customer service training.

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