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L Aug 02, 2018

This was my reservation from June, my vehicle broke down on I-70 on the way to this reservation and would like a reimbursement, I have spoken to you twice about this matter with no results or even a credit to my account.
Lora Wellborn

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Important Information
Refund and Cancellation Policy Remember, your Priceline hotel reservation is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable.
Checking-in policy When you check-in, please present the confirmation number(s) printed above (one for each room) and your photo ID at the Front Desk. In addition, the hotel will require a major credit card to guarantee incidental charges (phone calls, room service, parking, resort fees, energy charges, etc.) that you may incur while staying at the hotel. Should you have a special request, please contact your hotel directly at the number listed above to coordinate your arrangements.
Bedding policy All rooms will accommodate 2 people. Bed type requests (King, Queen, 2 Doubles, etc.) or other special requests such as a non-smoking or smoking room should be requested through your confirmed hotel, can not be guaranteed and are based on availability.

Summary of Charges / Receipt
Total charged: $186.98
Purchase date: Jun 8, 2018
Payment method: Visa (8238)
Billing name: Lora Wellborn
Room price: $80.00 avg./night
Number of rooms: 1 room
Number of nights: 2 nights
Room subtotal: $160.00
Taxes & fees: $26.98
Total charged today: $186.98
Total charged: $186.98
Savings: You saved 23%*
Prices are in USD.
This itinerary including Summary of Charges is your official receipt.

Are you still there?

Lora at 12:04, Aug 2:
My bank credit back the money to you fort his reservation which I was unable to make for my vehicle that broke down on I-70 on June 11th, I will use this reservation for August 24th and 25th
Stephanie at 12:06, Aug 2:
I am sorry about that. This reservation was for June 8 and unfortunately, we are unable to change the dates.
Lora at 12:07, Aug 2:
Then you need to refund the money or provide the service
Lora at 12:08, Aug 2:
or credit my account please
Stephanie at 12:09, Aug 2:
I am sorry. This reservation is non changeable and non cancelable. Unfortunately, there is no other resolution.
Lora at 12:11, Aug 2:
Yes there if one I will file a complaint with the DORA and Utilities commission against Priceline for services not rendered

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