Prestige Financial / Kia SouthAuto thiefs


Prestige Financial Services are thieves and liars. I financed a car through them from The Kia South of Georgia and they ripped me off to the sold me a 2008 HHR as a new car they told me it was only used as a test driver at a chevy dealer, they got it special for me, because they contacted me after my bankruptcy to try and sale me a kia and I told them att the time I was not interested, so they asked what type of car I wanted I told them a new HHr the woman told me not to go anywhere else she would see if she could get one. She called me back a few days later told me she had that one, she drove it out to my home with all the paper work, no money down and all. She hand me the key no keyless entry told me she left it on her desk at the dealer. I called her days later she told me she sent it in the mail never got it, took the car to a chevy dealer to get one programed they ran a report on the car and said the car had been wreaked it was not a new car. It was from a rental place and had been wreaked. I called them could not get anyone, called Prestige spoke to a very rude man who told me to just pay on the car and shut up. Now I have female thatI never speak to I have paid on this car for 4 years, two years in while I still had Mr Rude I saw where they had me signed paper that had 9, + dollars but had other paper work showing 23, 000 dollars that I owe much more than I sign for. I have felt like a prisoner paying on this car over four years now and my balance is 7, 4 54 dollars I called to see what my pay off was and she quoted 7, 594.oo dollars, I wished that I had never bought the car from Prestige or Kia and i will never do business with them again or refer anyone to them hey are crooks and most auto dealer and auto finance companies in the south are. May be all over.

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