Prasa / Passenger Rail Agency of South Africawannabe cops at stellenbosch station


I travel by train from Goodwood to Stellenbosch every day. I work at Distell Bergkelder site.
There is a bridge at the end of the platform that leads to the gate at the Bergkelder premises. There has been a longstanding agreement between Bergkelder and Metrorail/Spoornet that allows Bergkelder employees to walk off the end of the platform to cross the lines to the gate, The alternative is a 2 km walk around.
Every day I use the shortcut and on a few occasions I have been asked for my ticket, which I then produced.
Today I was stopped by 2 gents in Prasa uniforms refusing to let me pass to the crossover. I showed my ticket, but was told that "they were not ticket checkers". I explained nicely that I work at Bergkelder and even showed them office which is visible from the platform. They still refused to let me pass. While this conversation was taking place, people were crossing the lines back and forth behind them. When I pointed that out to them, they said that it was none of their concern.
I then went in search of the person in charge of the station and was pointed to a very nice lady by the name of Griffen. I explained the problem and she told me to tell the guys that she gave me permission to pass.
I went back and told the guys what she said. Their response was that she must come to them and tell them herself. I then asked their names, which they refused to give.
At this point another Bergkelder employee arrived and quietly told me in Afrikaans to follow him. The two so-called security guys could not understand Afrikaans.
My colleague then lead me out of the station to a break in the fence where we then crossed the lines in full view of the 2 guards.
These guys were firstly racist and secondly had no insight in what they were supposed to do. Also were they very unprofessional. They were at east obliged to give me their names when I requested it.
I am a professional nurse and we always have to wear our name badges. Do they not have to do the same?

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