Prasa / Passenger Rail Agency of South Africabad service

C Sep 27, 2019

Johannesburg parkstation has so many entrances only two are working, why must we run to the other entrance? The train is at platform 6 instead of me going around to the far entrance when I get to platform 6 the train is gone. Please do something this is not on seriously. Daveyton is going now from Johannesburg to Daveyton thank you.

0360, 0315 is being early since their stated renovations at Germiston, we were told its from the 02-22 September we still facing the same challenge now the train are running beyond schedule. Why are we not told about the time changes? Yet the is so many stop and check for tickets, when computers retaliate is a problem. Do us rite Prasa we really tired or change management finish.

Naledi trains are also rubbish, we sick of the rubbish service and un professional staff they dont have way of speaking talk about customer care (bato pele) they need training.

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