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D Nov 15, 2017

Initially brought my 05, 911 in for inspection upon entering the shop the service Manager Bill Bologna greets me admiring the pristine condition of my car and low mileage. All goes well I gave them great review thru Porsche survey. On my second visit 7/17/2017 for an error message, same process as first visit pictures are taken prior to any work started on the car as usual. The service adviser recognizes me and my car we go over details although my car was clean I requested and Chris noted on service ticket in my presence in large letters "DO NOT WASH" all is well so far. About 2 hours later I receive a call from Chris with Tech findings, I agree to repair but was informed part would need to be ordered will arrive next day, repair will be complete my 911 would be ready for pick up. I reminded Chris of my request not to clean my car and do not leave outdoors as my car is garage kept which is demonstrated by its condition. Following day no call from Chris or Porsche of Larchmont. so around 12pm I call and was informed Chris is on another line and would call me back, this happened on three attempts. Next day Saturday 7/18 same story unable to contact Chris I was either told he would return my call or transferred to his voice mail. Monday am comes I'm in limbo, finally reached Bill Bologna who tells me Chris was let go Friday for not following up with customers (which afterwards I realized Bill is guilty of the same crime) So my obvious question was why was I continually told Chris would call back or transferred to his voice mail. Response was because they are attempting to catch up... Fine, Bill informs me the parts did arrive but not installed. I asked where has my car been stored since it poured rain over the weekend, he replies in a low tone outdoors. Of course I lost it mentioning my request and how Chris documented in my presence. 100 excuses//apologies later he promised to have it completed first thing in the am and he would personally call to confirm. I replied I can only imagine the condition of my car but DO NOT WASH THE CAR! To my surprise next day no call from the service manager at this point I'm very worried left work early headed straight to Porsche of Larchmont. I find my car in the front lot. I go in to speak with Bill for an explanation but of course he was gone for the day. After paying for service I inspected my car and found mud and dirt was everywhere this was a car that was never out in the rain. As I continue to look I found scratched, hood chips, mud inside the front cabin and damage to front spoiler. I immediately go back in and find Peter, (Chris's replacement) I pointed out the damages and he didn't know what to do so he got Vinny Greco involved (Service adviser) his jaw practically drops and starts apologizing and mentions "I recall your car and don't blame you for being upset I'm the same way with my car" He instructs Peter to take pictures of all damages, signs my service ticket "saw scratches on vehicle that were not there on drop off" said he would make/forward report to good O'l Bill B. which would call me in the am. Guess what, no call from Bill. After a combine 15 calls to Bill, Peter, Vinny I finally involve Porsche headquarters providing before and after pictures and mentioned all that needs to be done is look at before service pictures taken when I initially arrive at Larchmont the first and second time for comparison and zoom in to the damage areas. A week later Bill calls upset that I involved Porsche said he would be willing to rectify only two scratches and requested an estimate just to put an end to the situation I emailed him an estimate 2 days later. A week an multiple unanswered calls later I reach out to the COO of Pepe Auto Group Joe Pepe but would only get his secretary Helen who took my information and complaint. next day Bob Pepe (Porsche of Larchmont GM) calls me agreeing to cover cost. I make arrangements with body shop but no one from Porsche returned calls to confirm payment so I'm back to square one. Again unsuccessful calls. Pepe Auto Group shady from top down.

  • Updated by Dave Niev · Nov 15, 2017

    As of today no one from either Porsche of Larchmont or Pepe Auto Group has had the decency to return any of my calls or emails.
    My hopes are that Porsche recognizes this as what it truly is and steps forward to rectifies this situation. I have plenty of pictures of my car prior to and after my last visit to Porsche of Larchmont. In addition so does the service department.

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