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On my Experian credit report, they are listing this entry twice. It is 12 years old and should be removed from my report. One one listing, it says Open, Current. On the second listing it says Closed, Paid satisfactorily. Please advise.


  • Sj
    SJ2011 Feb 20, 2014

    Porsche financial is a bunch of monkeys working it. This is the biggest joke of an organization. They operate like they are back in 1994. They don't have automated telephone system giving customers access 24/7. They don't even have an online account system! Wtf?! And then they take forever to post your payments and always blame it on your bank(online bill pay) after several times of paying late fees and a hit to my credit.Which they have been promising to take off for a year now- (not happened still) I realized it wasn't me or my bank- it was their effed up system. Needless to say when my lease is up I'm saying good it to these idiots. Sad bc I love Porsche.

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