[Resolved] Porsche DealershipCar Fraud


I bought a used CERTIFIED 2006 Porsche from this dealership and recently I found out that this car was in an accident twice, reported to CARFAX and AUTO CHECK, at the time the dealership guaranteed that this car was never been into an accident, I believe this is a fraud and misleading to any buyers since the car has a CERTIFIED sticker, which means the car is in an excellent condition or never been in an accident.

I contacted the dealership and stop by to discuss this with them but they're giving me the run around, asked me to take the car to a body shop and have them figure it out, I called around to several shops near by San Jose and Fremont, all of the shops informed me that CARFAX and AUTOCHECK are my proofs and they do not have that service where they inspect the car and see if it was ever in an accident.

I don't have the money hiring a lawyer and the dealership is not cooperating, what should I do at this point? I just want them to refund our money.

Thank you
John Nguyen

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