[Resolved] Porschecaymen gts 2015

W Apr 14, 2019

Dear porsche customer service,,

I'm very happy to have a porsche car because its the best choice ever in my life, until I had a problem on november 2018,
We had a hard rainy day on that month in kuwait and my car was full of water while it was parked in front of my house and I was sleeping,

later, I bring the car to porsche in kuwait on 11 of November 2018, they said most of the wires are damaged because of the water and need to be changed and they need like 1 month for the items to be arrived on December, I gave them the approvment to order and fix the car,

my car is porsche caymen gts 2015, its still under the warranty until june 2019,
they said what happened is not under the warranty so I have to pay for this and also not possible to give me a replacement car!
I agreed to pay something around 5000 kuwaiti dinar!..

After 1 month they told me that I have to wait more longer until February because there is an item is not available anywhere even in Germany and they have to create a new one so wait until february!!

With all of this they didn't give me a replacement car from 11 of November 2018 until February 2019 I was waiting and I rented a car by myself for 3 months and I paid alot for the rented car!

Not finally, they called me on the first week of February to tell me that all the items are arrived and they need one week to work on the car, I was happy to hear that after 3 months of waiting.

But the big problem now is after few days of that call they called me again to say that the important item is not the right piece and there is a missing wires!
So they have to order and create another one for the second time!!
and wait until March 17 2019!!!
In that moment I was very upset!!!
And finally they gave me a replacement car after 4 months of waiting on march 2019.

Today is 15 of april 2019 I'm calling them to ask what happened since march 17 the items didn't arrive!! Thats what they told me last time and its the second time to order the same piece!!
They said no date is showing right now about when they will arrive!!!

(Now my car since 11 of November 2018 until 11 of April 2019 it completed more than 5 months!!!)

The other problem is that now my car didn't be touched for 5 months and with all of that, until now no news about when the wires will be arrived!!

And even whenever I received my car of course I have to change some pieces like tires and do a liquidation because no one touched or drive it for 5 months!

Please help me because im very upset right now I dont feel I want my car anymore what happened is too hard on me I can't handle it any more!

And thank you for your time

Written by:
Walaa mousa alsarraf
Mobile number : 00965 [protected]

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