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I purchased a brand new 2016 Porsche Cayenne from Rusnak Westlake Porsche on August 22, 2015. From the moment I purchased it, I detected a loud clicking and grinding noise outside the car. I thought that the sound was coming from the transmission. After continuously complaining about the car via email and text message to my sales rep, he finally offered to let me bring the car in.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, they agreed something was certainly wrong with the car and they spent several days replacing the transfer case. Upon receiving the car back, initially, for the drive home, the sound seemed to be largely GONE and I was quite happy. However, as I was pulling into my garage, I realized that the sound was back... or rather, it had never really left.

I reached out to the dealership again and they basically told me the car is performing according to Porsche standards (and that's without them EVER seeing the car again!!). Oddly, the car is making the exact same sound it made prior to the transfer case replacement. If there was nothing wrong with my car, why did they replace the transfer case, free of charge, over the course of a multi-day installation? I was without my Porsche for a week. Why would they perform several days worth of work on a car that had nothing wrong with it? It defies human comprehension.

Then, they told me that they were done working on the car and that nothing was wrong with it. Of course, that's kind of misleading. Yes, the car runs. It runs great. But, it makes this awful sounds and everyone I show it to asks me what is wrong with my car. Valet parking guys want to know what is wrong with my car. My nine year old niece wants to know what is wrong with my car. I appealed to my sales rep, then Rusnak, then to Porsche North America. They sent me a letter saying the car is just fine, and they're SO sorry they could not meet my expectations.

The fact is, they simply do not care. They keep telling me that the vehicle is "performing according to manufacturer specifications." They keep telling me how important I am, and yet, they have no interest in fixing this car. I have no ulterior motive. I'm not asking for my money back. I am not asking to return the car. I am just asking for it to not sound like it is on the verge of breaking down. I am asking for my car to not sound embarrassing. I am asking for my Porsche to sound like a Porsche.

It's incredible to have a company with the amazing reputation that I THOUGHT Porsche had... act as if they don't care. Actually, I don't believe they are acting. I believe they really do not care. Until they fix my car, I plan on alerting as many people as possible so that other people are not scammed into buying a car that sounds like it is dying from a company that couldn't care less. If this is NORMAL, it would have ben nice had they pointed this out, PRE-purchase.

I am shocked that this is their attitude. My payments are good. The car should also be good. I couldn't be more disappointed by my first and last Porsche... and even more so by their poor attitudes. You can bet if this was THEIR car, they would be quite upset. But, since it's mine, yeah, no one cares.



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