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shirts, dresses, entire order

The shirts and dresses I ordered are not even close to being true to size. I ordered smalls and Xsmall and I am swimming in them. Not only are they too large, they are thin and made out of paper like material. The quality is terrible. There aren't even tags on the clothes that say the brand. SO SHADY.

I understand these things happen but now I want to return them and I cannot find ANY information anywhere on how to do it. I did not receive an email confirm after my order, there is no slip or order form in the package I received, and no return name on the label sent to me. Just a bunch of numbers and letters. The only way I found this is by googling the name that came up on my UPS tracker. I simply want to return my items for a refund. Please let me know how to do this.

I never received the item I ordered and paid for.

Payment details For your purchase on November 4, 2018 Details Pomiss Sexy Sequined Decorative Multicolor Blending One-piece Rompers - XL / Purple $32.24 USD Discount -$4.83...

return labels

I am trying to return my order, but I have not received the label to return the package. It has been 24 hours since I sent the email for the other name that they use which is Shyfull. When the products come. It has this name, but no full address. And I am trying to get a full refund. The clothes are still in the packages. The material is very thin, the jeans that I thought were jeans is nothing but a thin layer of material. The shirts are small, not large like the stickers says. I open the package and pulled out the jeans and shirts to see that I would not be able to get in any of the clothes that I ordered.

return labels
return labels
return labels


Ordered a dress from poppoly for $21+, it finally arrived and it was stained, when we contacted the company they said they would give us 20% off our next order, what?! So we replied that was unacceptable and they offered a $3 refund and 20% off our next order if we shipped the dress back to china! This company is a joke, do not buy from them! They rip you off and do not stand by their products!!

they will not give me a refund

610319 I ordered 2 shirts and a pair of jeans for them. Once they arrived I could quickly see the poor quality of the material and one of the shirts had no tag or way of telling you what...

fraud!! broken product and wrong size no refund!

I bought two shirts from this company. They sent me one that was small instead of the large I had ordered and the other one was stained and ripped. After many e-mails to ask for a refund, they suggested that I give the items to a friend (?!) When I wrote back to ask again for a full refund because I didn't get what I paid for, they offered me a 3$ refund (!!). If I wanted to send back the items for them to evaluate my request, I had to pay for shipment. They reminded me that it was very expensive and that if anything went wrong with customs, I would be responsible...

So long story short, this company is a fraud. They send you any item, wrong size, broken, not at all looking like the one on the picture, but who cares, they've got your money and there's nothing you can do about it. Basically, they steal your money sending you rubbish! AVOID!!!

did not receive a shirt I ordered and wanted to return full order for refund

This company has not dealt with the fact that i did not receive a shirt I paid for and will not refund the shirt to me. After looking at my clothes that i ordered I realized they...


My name is Debbie Lacoste. I had ordered from this company and the clothes were so cheap and they sent me two of almost everything. When the package arrive there was no...

it is companies like poppoly that will ruin online shopping for other chinese companies with integrity

Like others should have read reviews. Comes over on slow boat from China (6wks) then goods arrived damaged and they won't refund unless u ship back at your cost. Called visa and these scammers seem to know the ceiling of tolerance for claims as they refunded me but write off. Visa did say after so many complaints that changes.. so complain. Sad that foreign trades allows this type of behaviour.

huge mistake - do not use this website

Shame on me for not doing my due diligence on reviewing this company! Saw a sweater on Instagram, read some reviews and all were positive. Apparently the reviews were self created and the pictures must have been stock photos. There is absolutely no way, the sweater I finally received weeks after purchasing was the same one in the picture. The arms and back of the sweater fit my 5 year old granddaughter! There are no tags on the sweater indicating washing instructions. The package did not contain a packing slip or receipt on how to return, so unfortunately this was a costly lesson. I am telling everyone I know not to use this website.

do not order anything from this company!! horrible quality of products and equally horrible customer service! the return policy is a joke!

I ordered 3 sweaters identical to each other in different colors.
The quality was terrible!
I could pick up the same fabric from a craft store for pennies.
I have emailed requesting an address to return the items to they keep giving me the run around.
Asking for more information.
Then asking for pictures.
Their website states "Easy Returns"
They are located in China and think they can make things so difficult that you will give up and keep the garbage you pay for to avoid the headache of dealing with them! They try to scam people with photos and descriptions of merchandise that is completely inaccurate of what you pay for.

do not order anything from this company!! horrible quality of products and equally horrible customer service! the return policy is a joke!

little lamb hooded cardigan

610319 Do not buy from this company. This is not a sweater but appears to be a mini fleece bath robe. Sellers delete honest reviews and comments from social media as well as block the...


Never order from them unless you like to risk your money. Silly me, I was the same and wanted to get clothes for a cheap price. I got what I wanted. But the clothes were made of a...

poor customer service, shoddy clothing, no responses from them to return items

Ihave had a HORRIBLE experience with this company! The items that took weeks to get here are like rags, unsewn seams, ratty skirt that looks like it was torn from a big piece of fabric, shoddy material. THEN they give 30 days to return the items with no return forms, no return address and have not responded to my 15 emails in a week as to how to return the defective items. They are a scam!! This happened October 15, 2017, with NO resolution

return service

I ordered a couple of items from the site Before ordering the items I checked thier return policy to make sure I could return items. They had a 30 day from purchase guarantee so I made my purchase. They items looked nothing like the pictures online. They were both made from cheap fabric with flaws and mistakes all over. The pockets where made out of a cheap paper thin liner and the sweater was so small it would fit my five year old. It was a one size fits all sweater. I contacted the returns and let them k ow, they asked for pictures so I sent them. They gave me a response that thier warehouse is aware of the problem and they would give me a 15% off coupon. I replied that that was not what I wanted and I wanted a full refund that thier site said they offered. It's been three weeks and no one has responded back to me. I have written back multiple times to no response. I have written reviews on all thier websites and they have gone thru and deleted all of them. I have been watching the site and every time anyone complains about anything beyond size issues they take down the comment so people can't see the issues. I just want my money back

just awful

I didn't like the items I received from them, so I made a decision to return them.
Their customer service gave me a hard time trying to do anything to convince me not to send items back. At first, they requested proofs that there was something wrong with the items. Photos or video. I did.
They gave me one more runaround before I got a return address.
Their warehouse is too far away from the US, it's in China, which means that sending it back to them will cost me a lot. Of course, shipping back will be at my expense.
Oh yes, they definitely made me change my opinion regarding shipping this garbage back. I would spend a lot more than on my purchase. I will just throw this crap away and will forget about this situation like a nightmare.

  • Sa
    Sasha Araiza Oct 03, 2017

    I've had similar experiences! Now I'm just trying to get the word out and hopefully save others from getting scammed like I did.
    This company should not be allowed to sell clothes! I buy clothes online all the time and have never had such a bad and unacceptable experience. I want to share my emails from this company and experiences to hopefully prevent this from happening to you. First off I spent a little over 100 dollars and everything came either damaged or stained. The clothes were completely unwearable. Literally falling apart and felt like the cheapest fabrics imaginable. Definitely not what the description said it was. I asked the company to ship me a pre-paid shipping label since everything was damaged. I didn't feel that I should have to pay for this shipment and they refused to help even after sending them photos like they asked me too. Here are there responses.

    really sorry for that.Next item we will do better.We will refund USD12 and give you 15% discount for your next order.Could you please keep them or resell to other?

    Have a nice day.

    we can refund USD12 to your account you used to pay if you keep them.Is it ok?

    Have a nice day.

    Dear customer,
    We can refund you 15USD as compensation at most, is it ok?
    Or you can return to us, but you need to pay for the freight, which do you prefer?

    Have a nice day!
    Best regards,

    I finally gave in to pay the freight with the hopes that I would get my money back. I'm still really sketched out that I will not get my money back. I'm still waiting for the directions on how to ship the product back. This was my last email from them.

    Dear customers,
    It is National Day holiday (from Oct. 1st to Oct. 8th) here is in China, the reply maybe delay, please kindly understand and wait patiently, thank you for cooperation.
    Have a wonderful day

    I never told them that I wanted to keep the clothes. Why would a professional company ask me to keep damaged clothes and even worse ask me to try and sell them? It took over 2-3 days to even get a response for each email and have gotten nowhere. I would not recommend buying from this company. I have never been this disappointed and upset with a company. Buyer beware! I'm telling you this site is a scam!! They make clothes for a dollar and then steal your money. You do not get the same clothes that are pictured on there website. Everything on there website looks professional, but this company and there clothes are a joke!

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