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rigged/fixed software

Warning to all Hold them poker players: This site is is using fixed software to determine outcome of poker...


Pokerstars is the most biased organization I have ever experienced. Their staff members (especially their moderators) target players and discriminate against them at will. They violate their own company policies and make up policies as they wish. They are truly the most unprofessional, incompetent, and inconsiderate organization on the web today. If you express yourself openly and communicate your dislikes or concerns about their site and poker games, then consider yourself targeted. I won't even bother to go into details about their rediculous hands and constant bad beats because anyone who has played on their website already knows. This organization takes the fun out of poker and completely turns it into a joke! I would highly recommend seeking out other poker websites and avoid the frustration you will absolutely experience from this ghetto site. Thanks

  • Ev
    Evenoix Jul 29, 2010

    I respect your opinion, but I feel that you are wrong in saying that their staff discriminates against other players. To My knowledge their moderators only enforce simple rules such as ... English only... There are other pokerstar sites for non English players... No discrimination... Also, they Moderators deal with issues such as abusive language, slurs, threats, stalking, harassment, vulgarity...So if trying to keep the chat clean and fun for everyone on the tables is wrong... then please find another site! Also, unless you are sending out complaints like F U I want this ... then they will listen to you, do their best to assist you in what ever way they can!
    I know this because I have had issues on the tables where players harass and I have had to use the Call Mod button... And I have had issues cashing out, due to new guidelines set by the US government, against sites like pokerstars... and they have been more than happy to help my account, by not only reimbursing me the check, but by paying me fee's charged to my account as well! If you are looking for a site that has good customer service, good game play, and a safe and fun environment, pokerstars is the site for you.
    If you have issues with them, you should contact support, and talk to a person directly from there. The key is just to stay calm...
    Good luck in what ever you are doing!

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  • Sf
    SfGiants2009 Dec 14, 2010

    I believe everything he said above, i had a real good 2009 poker season and then after i got wind of something corrupt going on and questioned poker stars about it they all of a sudden deal me monsters which there r no way to fold and they allow people from 3rd world countries to catch flush and straights when there is no way someone is calling off there whole stack with 100 people left to go with hands like 5 7 off and 2 3 suited it just doesnt happen, which makes me to believe that poker stars has control over atleast 1 account in each tourney to where they pick through people they dont want to win and people they do, . everytime i try to talk to support they give me the same links to look up and ive reviewed them numerous times and i try to tell them that someone cannot lose being ahead 98 percent of the time, because that is the case with me after reviewing my recent hands and the hands i lost to with a group of avid poker players we all came to the conclusion that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to run as bad as me and IMPOSSIBLE for that many players to call off there stacks with junk hands as which i described earlier without knowing what is coming on the flop, so the responder enanoix u r only happy cuz they havent started bending u over yet to pay off there european players, because for all im concerned this is a prejudous against american players and there is not much that can make me change my aspect until there is a full investigation to poker stars that everyone can talk straight to one of the investigators with proof that its just not a stars employee posing as an agent of some kind!

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  • Ho
    Honest to God Jan 15, 2011

    pokers is just evil, stay clear of this site because once you complain, any chance of having a profitable year is completely over. You will immediately be targeted to loose. I believe some of these so called sunday million final table finishes are in fact pokerstar employees, keeping some of the winning home. Far to many river bad beats. Absolutely no outside agency to monitor how business is conducted. STAY AWAY...

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  • Ju
    justanotherplayer Mar 01, 2013

    I began playing poker on PokerStars, early 2006, prior to the Moderator program. Back then, emailing support was the only way to request that a player behave themselves. Once the Moderator program began, April2006, we were instructed page a Moderator to come to the table, review the chat and remind players about the Terms Of Service and Card Room Rules. Moderators don't address support issues, like multiple accounts, card calling, cheating issues. Support handles that. Moderators do try to remind players to just follow the rules, to which everyone who downloaded the program had to agree. Abusive players are welcome to find another place to play. Cards is is probably the world's best practical joke, especially on those who think they have won before all the cards have been or anywhere.

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Cheaters - can they see my hand???
Recently I joined 25-50 cent tbl it was my turn for big blind everyone folded except one player who called.
The flop came I had nothing so checked
The other player checked
The turn I checked (Still nothing)
The other player checked
Then the river card came a jack so I raised (Bluffing) 1euro
The other player called with q / 7 but didn't even have a pair and wins queen high lol lol lol lol lol
Cheaters cheaters cheaters they can see your hand.

P. S you can have multi accounts entre one tournament just create a new account for yourself

I did this with had accounts like
I had around ten accounts with them entering them all into a tourny they would show on the top so everyone that joined would see zzz... Zzz x 10 times lol but my ip is now blocked. But still works with pokerstars. now want me to send a copy bill and passport so my acc ount can be opened again haha what a joke.

fixed hands

keep gettin beat on last card called river.very ovious they fix my cards simply because i called them crooks because they denied me wins for ties w other players. thx edward gallant ...[protected]'

atomated software

i wish to bring to your attention the self claimed largest poker site online.pokerstars can some one from your company please observe the goings on during sit and go tournaments. 90 % of the time towards the mid to end of the tournament no matter what whole cards you have the player with the highest chip count wins. i have no doubt that this is purely to finish the tournament within a certain time frame to free up players to spend more money in other tournaments. i have made 3 complaints to the company concerned an have been fobbed off with our shuffle has had this and that test and is deamed to be fair. i have no doubt that these test have been done and have in fact veiwed these documents, however i have been playing and watch this consistantly happen to myself and other players. please as a consumer just have someone with more knowledge and ability to see this for themself. i am not the greatest poker player in the world and play for fun, i don, t mind losing or having a bad beat now and again but at this level it is nothing short of ripping off the very customers that pay thier salary. thank you.

  • Po
    PokerStarsSuks Feb 13, 2011

    All of the sites that claim to be poker have software that is designed to get you in and out of tourney fast. On Poker Stars, the card clietn is a piece of chit. The board pairs 80% of the time, an ace hits the board 60% of the time. Those are the only two odds that apply. And than there's the cheating groups. There are a ton of em on Stars. Their advertising is false, the site is fradulent. You are NOT playing poker. You are simply playing the patterns. Certain seats will win no matter what and others will lose no matter what. If you want to play poker, play live. Otherwise, learn to play your seat on line which isn;t poker at all. Shame on the Pro's for helping to rip people off!!! Places like poker stars have totally destroyed the game of poker.

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  • Ho
    Hoosier255 Jun 03, 2014

    I was playing yesterday my name is Hoosier255 I had the winning hand and it pushed the chips to another player I had jacks and the other play hand pocket 9"s Will you go back and look at the hand? It was June 2, 2014 around 8 pm last night

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unrealistic hands

I would like to complain about the unrealistic hands that continue to come up on more than frequent occasion...

what s happening with my refund

I played an online poker tournement and won $9700 I got $1300 paid into my account and was told to get airline tickets and visas for moscow I did this and the compertiton moved to kiev. I could not get a flight to kiev sent a copy of the air ticket to moscow and still havent recieved the $1300 I spent and now they dont answer so I only got $8400 dollers and a flight ticket and visa that are no use to me thank you poker stars. I will keep you all informed

  • Me
    Melissa L Aug 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Would you rather have the $8400 or the $1300? Honestly you should be glad that you got the higher number! If you have a ticket, already paid and everything then use it! Don't let it go to waste, that's just stupid!

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stole money from my bank account - refuse to refund

8-8-2009 I am writing this to warn people about using Earlier this week I tried making a...

no free play

Well, I signed up for Pokerstars using the ' free' start bonus from Pokerstrategy. I added USD 100...