PODSpods customer service

R Sep 10, 2018

The short answer to any question you ask PODS is if the contract says something that is it, there is no room for life happening. The PODS are NOT the size they say they are, maybe external, but internal you lose ~8" across and ~1' in length, so keep that in mind. Called in to state the "ETA" provided would not work, got lectured about what ETA stood for, and no changes to the same day, if it doesn't work, then you are REQUIRED to change your date, need to be out by the last day of the month, I would not schedule for that to be your pick-up date! The easiest summary is, they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE on the phone! If you have another option like U-Pack or even U-Haul I would say really consider it, and lastly if you do go with PODS have a good idea of what you will purge, because chances are it will not all fit. We were excited with what the agent on the phone said to get us to sign, but once the PODS showed up, everything changed! You call in and it is no longer how can we help you, it was now the contract says this, if that doesn't work for you, too bad.

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