PODS Enterprisesstorage and moving cost and customer service

I get that I sounded irritated when I called about charges to my account, because none of them matched what I was told, but the lady's job is to explain the and clear up the confusion that I have about the charges. I was told that the charge for picking up and dropping off the container was 100 something but now it's 300 something that's a 200 dollar difference and I'm not keeping the POD for an extra 30 days and I was just wondering why I was being charged for another 30 days because y'all couldn't deliver it on the days I wanted which would of been before my next payment and it's only 10 days not a full 30 after my next payment so why do I have to pay for a full month. I'm getting frustrated because I didn't understand and I don't have all this extra money it's costing me versus what I was told when I agreed to have y'all move it. So I muttered Jesus [censored]ing Christ under my breath because it's stressful being charged more than you're expecting. That gave her no right to call me a [censored]. That's poor customer service. This company is a rip off and not worth what they charge.

Oct 06, 2019

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