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Today I found out that my delivery date of June 12th could not be honored due to a processing error within Pods logistics process. I had called in on May 28 to reserve the June 12th delivery date, and was told that they would get back about the 3hr window, and would focus on closer to 11am could be more exact.

Today June 10th I call to validate the delivery arrangements and was told I'm not on the scheduled delivery for the 12th, and the day was full. My simple-reply was you have a full schedule plus one.

In short I was on the phone today for 1 hr and 49 mins talking to an agent, then sr agent, then supervisor. The good faith tone change at supervisor, who gave me an alternative that was not acceptable of June 13th delivery date. As i progress through the agents my message was clear, I had business travel planned the next day for a week and it had to the 12th, as agreed.

I provided evidence that indeed the 12th was requested, but unknown to me a failure in processing created the issue.

I ended the hour and 49 mins call with the same expectations of delivery of June 12th, or expected inconvenience compensations. I was told to look at my lease agreement.

I am expecting PODs to keep the comment, or appropriate reimbursement for the inconvenience they have created.

Final note. I DO NOT want to be contacted by the supervisor I spent the last 20 mins with. She was "process for process sake" and argumentative, and non responsive to customer service, and does not mean service. I had requested someone else to speak to but was told this supervisor was the end of my escalation.

At the end of the call the supervisor noticed a process error for a $14.00 transaction, and said that was the reason the delivery was not schedule. This would be outside your SOP, as I was told process for delivery payment is the day before delivery.

I I am free to discuss at 305.790.6326

Jun 10, 2019

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