Plumbforce Direct Complaints & Reviews

Plumbforce Direct / complaint

May 08, 2019

Terrible service full of tricks and psychological hoops and loops to get you to pay as much as possible - conduct work that you dont need doing, taking cash in hand, trying to push you in to a decision quickly to close money on you. I smelled a fish from the second the guy started to ask...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing

Oct 26, 2018

I had a leaking shower and called Plumbforce Direct. They said an incompetent "engineer / plumber" who failed to fix the problem but charged £600. I have asked for my money back which at first they agreed to but never did. Despite countless attempts to get my money back they never paid - the...

Plumbforce Direct / heating repair

Oct 16, 2018

They told me its 70+vat for the plumber to come and analyse the issue and that the repair could be done typically in the visit. The plumber came to analyse the issue. He told me 2 things were not working and need replacing. The company quoted me 630 gbp for the repair!! I got British engineer...

Plumbforce Direct / replacement bathroom sink waste pipe (external)

Jul 19, 2018

Invoice [removed] 17th July 2018 Beware. They quoted a cheap price on phone for replacing a plastic waste pipe . I gave full details explaining that the pipe had sheared off and that a part of the pipe was still inside the collar. They then trebled the price on arrival telling me the job...

Plumbforce Direct / boiler replacement and heating repairs - not completed and huge amount of my time wasted

Jul 10, 2018

The service offered by this company is shockingly bad. It is sometimes hard to tell if they are crooks or just incredibly incompetent - but either way STEER CLEAR. The fact that for some of the fake positive reviews they have posted online they have forgotten to log out of their account so...

Plumbforce Direct / drain issue

Jun 18, 2018

I saw the entry on the internet for Plumbforcedirect and called them up. The person I spoke to their employee (Sylvie) who said that they would come for £85 plus Vat to unblock one kitchen drain. I insisted specifically that it was not a plunger job but that we needed the machine used to unblock...

Plumbforce Direct / new bathroom

Apr 10, 2018

I was quoted six days work, fixed price. Twenty-two working days later, I was desperate to just get them out. The work was slow, shoddy, untidy, permanently dusty. Then they asked for more money because the job had taken longer than estimated! Does it really take a day for a competent...

Plumb Force Direct / boiler repairs

Apr 05, 2018

Never use Plumb Force Direct. Everything I have read online about them-and wished I had before I called them out-was true. We had a boiler that stopped working and they said it was irreparable and quoted £2K +VAT. Said the heat exchange had gone, had dripped onto the PCB and all of this had...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing

Mar 12, 2018

Please be aware that should you take them to court, even with the court instructing they pay you, they do not. Complain to Gas Safe Register and quote Plumbeforce Register Number 211205. Gas Safe are online and are a trading body for plumbing companies. Someone posted the fact the...

Plumbforce Direct / came to fix boiler pressure and left a leaking boiler - they have multiple outstanding ccjs - how are they allowed to trade?

Mar 10, 2018

Have MULTIPLE oustanding CCJ, s, just in the last few months. £11, 500 approx owed, as at today. They quote fixed price repairs from £70. Came and quoted approx £360. Boiler pressure kept dropping. They came and left the boiler with a leak, which it didn't have before. Engineers either failed...

Plumbforce Direct otherwise trading as Plumbingforce Direct / consumer boiler care

Feb 20, 2018

When I booked an engineer to attend my boiler Scot Hall and Deborah took my card details and assured me n9 money would be taken until they had found the problem and quoted for it. The engineer cam out and shut down my boiler saying they had to order parts. Another engineer appointment wa...

Plumbforce Direct / theft, credit card fraud - contact visa for chargeback for help

Feb 09, 2018

We agreed to have a new boiler installed, etc for £680.We paid the first half, £340. The engineer texted 2 hours after he was due to say that he couldn't make it for another 2 hours (so, 4 hours late). We said no, and rescheduled for 4 days hence. The next day, Plumbforce took the second half of...

Plumbforce Direct / avoid like the plague - their out to make a quick buck!!!

Jan 31, 2018

Hi we contacted Plumbforce Direct as we have 4 blocked toilets. As we are a business we could not afford to wait too long. They said they could get an engineer to us between 3 - 5. Quoted £80 + VAT for call out which included the 1st hour while they plunged away. We were informed if machinery...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing

Jan 27, 2018

After calling Plumbforce Direct to unblock my WC I was talked into parting with £354 to do the job. I am a single lady and was in dire need of a fixed WC and so I agreed. The plumber said the job was guaranteed for 5 days which I thought was a bit strange. After 7 days it was blocked again...

Plumbforce Direct / boiler repair

Jan 26, 2018

I had a problem with my Worcester boiler Greenstar 24i Junior. A few years ago I called a technician from Plumbing Force and I had a very good experience with them. However while googling them another company appeared in the search called Plumb Force Direct...

Plumbforce Direct / job booked for a new boiler

Jan 19, 2018

Good afternoon, I booked a job with your company for a new boiler, They quoted me £2400 for an unvented boiler which I paid a deposit for and the work was booked in for today 19.1.18 at 9.30am. I had spoken to the service Manager Scott who confirmed the engineer who would be carrying out the...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing - dangerous installation

Jan 10, 2018

This company is exceptionally dangerous and should be avoided for boiler installation. The company installed a new Keston boiler however we had constant banging noises in our pipe system and no heating on the top level of our house. Suspecting faulty installation we asked an alternative plumbing...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing service and customer service

Jan 03, 2018

Service was simply changing toilet syphon and seal. Ieven sent scott a picture of the syphon so that a like for like replacement could be done. The first plumber didn't show up for the 8 am to 10 am slot. The office manager, Scott, kept promising to call me back in a few minutes and then not...

Plumbforce Direct / dangerous plumbers that hires terrorist.

Apr 24, 2017

This company is dangerous and hires Terrorist! My boiler was not working properly, I have called PlumbForceDirect to fix the issue. On site the technician recommended to change it. I agreed and paid for a new boiler 2100 pound. A few days later the water in the kitchen was not cold and I...

Plumbforce Direct / unethical behaviour

Apr 20, 2017

I called this company on 19 Apr 2017 to unblock my drains and I explained exactly what was the problem. The same issue I had few times in the past. I dealt with various companies in the past and so far the cost was always under £100. Plumbforce Direct gave me the quote of £105 + VAT. They...

Plumb Force Direct / boiler diagnosis

Apr 16, 2017

Having had some difficulty with my boiler one week I was keen to identify the problem and have it fixed so I could have hot water in my property again. I looked online and thought that Plumb Force Direct would have the capability and expertise to support me with my issue. Sadly I was very...

Plumbforce Direct / liars, poor quality work, zero communication, much more expensive than anyone else

Jan 28, 2017

Awful company, please steer clear. Ripped me off with some blocked drainage work they carried out. Failed to fix the problem despite charging over £450 for a couple of hours work. When I tried to get them back to fix it again they were nice in the phone and said someone was coming to have a...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing

Jan 10, 2017

your technician had a difficult situation in solving my dilemma with sinks that were backed up with foul smelling water & dirty gunk, however, with his expertise he unclogged the main line by removing 2 caps & using a wire snake to open up the main line pipe & used a plunger in the laundry...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing

Dec 29, 2016

If there were 10 stars, Plumbforce Direct would get them all! I called this morning after comparing many reviews, and we are so pleased. Plumbforce Direct sent Jim out to repair a toilet that wouldn't fill with water. He not only fixed that, but a stopped another nagging issue I had been...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbing

Dec 27, 2016

Highly recommended I was recommended to Plumbforce by a friend that had used them for quite a few bathroom installations for his new properties and had used the plumber to install a vanity, bathtub, shower head etc. My water heater just broke i called this plumber and arranged with him to...

Plumbforce Direct / flooded my flat and didn't return

Nov 28, 2016

I booked Plumbforce Direct to remove radiators for damp works. They promised 12-2.00, came at 6.30 after I had called 5-6 times, then doubled the price quoted on the phone. I agreed when they said that included replacing the radiators. they didn't cap the pipes so the rooms were flooded...

Plumbforce Direct / service

Nov 19, 2016

Half finished job replacing boiler (in the middle of winter) which was supposed to be finished the following day. Left without heating or gas for cooking for (currently) 24 hours and still awaiting.The office was suppose to come back to me on two occasions to provide a replacement plumber...

Plumbforce Direct / plumbforce direct drainage service

Oct 29, 2016

Published 2 minutes ago Disgusting Company The worst experience I have ever had from a service provider, the office consists of Scott, Deborah and Sylvia, however it is Scott who is in charge. After finding them on google, I spoke to Slyvia, explained the issue and she quoted me a fixed cost...

Plumbforce Direct / callout service

Oct 01, 2016

I contacted this company to get a quote and booked an engineer diagnostic visit, the price quoted was £70 plus vat. I was told that the engineer would try to fix the problem if the could or can arrange for a part if needed and come back to install it which would not incur another callout fee...

Plumbforce Direct / misleading sales pitch for boiler

May 24, 2016

On May 9, 2016 Engineer from Plumbforce Direct came to inspect my boiler as hot water wasn't working. He said I needed a new one, called his controller talked about how I would receive/have installed a bosh worrester boiler, with a 7-year warranty (this part was mentioned several time...

Plumbforce Direct / fraud and cheating

May 05, 2016

I on 28 of april tried to find a good plumber to my property in barking and I searched the net to find one, my bad luck lead me to plumbforce direct a lady on the phone called sylvie gave me a very nice talk and there are no commitment what so ever and as the web site says No hidden cost...

Plumbforce Direct / boiler issue

Jan 22, 2016

if anyone is considering using this company for anything. DON'T! i had someone come over to have a look at my boiler as the heating was not working. he arrived late, with no tools and asked if i had tools he could use?? he then asked for my card details and called his boss reading out...

Plumbforce Direct / misleading diagnosis

Oct 12, 2015

I called out this company on 14th August because I didnt know how to set my new boiler, which kept losing pressure. Two men came, had a cursory look and insisted it would be a major job, as there had to be a leak under my (brand new) wood flooring, meaning a 1K plus bill. For this opinion...

Plumbforce Direct / useless

Jul 01, 2015

Unaware of the reputation of this company I rang them to send me a plumber to help me fix a new shower. Their website looked very professionaI. I just need it someone to help me to fit it as I was having problems doing it myself. They quoted me 75 pounds plus vat. I agreed. On the day they...

Plumbforcedirect / did not fix fault, offered a refund, took card details and then changed their mind!!

Feb 28, 2015

Beware of this company! Worst company I have ever dealt with. I called this company on a Thursday afternoon about a blocked waste pipe. We agreed a fixed price to solve the problem. They said they'd send someone out for 8-9am the next day. Nobody arrived. I called them and they said they...

Plumb Force Direct / cowboys! do not use!

Feb 18, 2015

This company is an awful unscrupulous company with shocking morals. They may do the job but I guarantee they will rip you off and make a big mess. Here is my experience... The first thing they charge you is a fixed call out fee approx £106. They give the impression your issue will...

Plumbforcedirect / no show

Nov 05, 2014

No plumber, no explanation! Plumforcedirect apparently booked a plumber to come to me between 12 and 2 today. No-one showed up. I called and spoke to Scott who said he'd call the plumber and then call me right back. Forty minutes later I called again as I'd heard nothing. I was told...

Plumbforce Direct / 5 star service

Apr 11, 2014

I am the md of a large property company in london and just wanted to say i have been using plumbforce direct for property repairs for my company over the last 10 years and have always been very impressed with the service they have provided. They have great values and care about there...

Plumbforce Direct Ltd / violent cowboys

Jul 15, 2013

Used plum force direct to connect a new gas cooker. An Eastern European looking guy turned up (engineer number 313) and as soon as he got in he asked me to sign an invoice for £45 plus vat per half hour and put in my address, silly me I signed straight away without checking the time...

Plumbforce Direct / misleading diagnosis

Feb 15, 2011

This company provide misleading diagnosis for my boiler. They told me that my boiler to old and that this boiler can't work without new PCB (they charge me for diagnostic 78GBP), wanted to charge 1 x PCB = £389+VAT), also that no warranty that it works with new PCB - buy new boiler...