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someone ordered a subscription in my name and had it sent to another address as a gift from me

Someone perpetrated fraud by signing my name to an order form to provide a gift to someone else. First of all...

Playboy Magazine

never recieved magazine ordered or money back and can't reach anyone

I ordered Playboy for my husband for Christmas. I oredered it 8/19/2010 it cost me $57.00 and still haven't recieved it. I've reach a person twice and they said it was on its way. But of course that wasn't true. Now every time I call I get a recording, when I try to leave a message it clicks off and the phone goes dead. I'm very disappointed and will never order anything from a kid or adult at my door ever again. Never try and help anyone but yourself I guess. If I don't get some kind of closure soon I will turn it into the Better Business Bureau.

  • Am
    Amilove Jan 07, 2011

    I'm sorry if you think I'm stupid but I was trying to help a kid out. Also my husband really wanted it. Thank you very much!!!

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  • De
    deepakkumar070 Jan 07, 2011

    U r a dumbest wife anyone cud ever have !!! U r ruining u r own marriage if u r buying playboy for u r husband.. What makes u think that the models are better than U ? Come on get a life and prove to u r self that u r the best ... U r husband didnt get married to u for u r body ...

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getting less magazines than you paid for on subsriptions

This complaint is about magazines ripping off their customers by short changing them on issues.

For example, Playboy now has 2 "double issues" a year now but these so called double issues only have about 20% more pages than their regular issues. Thye do have two centerfolds but only 4 other pages on each girl compared to the the 6 to 8 pages on the playmate that normally have.

Reader's Digest is even worse. They don't even say that they are a double issue they just put in December/January or June/July in small type on the contents page and hope that nobody notices that that they are sending out only 10 issues instead 12.

I called Reader's Digest to complain and they did extend my subscription to 14 months so that I would get 12 issues but I doubt if most people would do that.

If 2 disparate magazines such as Playboy and Reader's Digest are doing this than I would guess that other magazines are also giving customers less issues than they expect from a "monthly magazine".

This is obviously a rip off.

  • Me
    melissa goodwin Dec 13, 2007

    Same problem. I ordered a magazine in december 2017. Month after month I was told that the magazine was on back order (Huh?). Finally in october 2017 I was told that they do not contract with that publisher anymore-only to look on the mag4cheap website and they were still taking orders. I however did get a refund of $10 for a $26 order. I hate this company!!


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  • Jo
    joe stritenberger May 23, 2008

    my complaint is i ordered playboy i finally got my mag and my free gift playboy"s NUDE celebrities the complaint is the CD is broken in 3 places it is unusable. i would like it replaced
    Joe Stritenberger
    PO box 5 Oakley ID


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  • Bi
    billy jo elder Jun 21, 2008

    I got a magazine and subscriped to it for a year and u get a free gift. I have not got any thing not the free gift or the magazine, and I have got one bill. It said they have sent me two others and i have not got them .I would like to know I'm getting the magazine before I pay because like a year and a half ago my husband subscribed to u and he payed and we only got 3 magazines then they stopped coming so plz let me know whats goin on with it

    Billy Jo Elder
    1202 E 5th St
    Sterling, IL 61081

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  • Dr
    Drake Colson Aug 20, 2008

    First of all I should of looked this up before I sent in for it. lol
    I sent payment of some time in the beginng of last month and to my seprise there is nothing in the mail at all. and its the middle of the month. they need to be visited in Harlan, IA 51593
    wait until the mail runs there and have a talking to whom ever picks up the mail from that box. dumb a$$ Scammer someone should take a cop with them and scare th $h*t out the person doing this.

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  • Al
    allen dorn Feb 20, 2009

    garry ridlet sent 16.00 for a dvd and never recieved it along with 11 magizines

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  • Al
    allen dorn Feb 20, 2009

    leroy demueles sent money order of $16.00 for a dvd and never recieved it along with 11 magizines

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  • Th
    The Champ Jan 06, 2012

    Yeah I live in massachusetts, I got an offer out of the Maxim magazine for 12months for a dollar an issue. i sent in the dollar... i then recieved a bill for 16$ and change. i sent in a money order and recieved 1 magazine and havent seen another magazine. what do I do? sincerely, Nick Hewett

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renewal without permission/notification

I ordered this magazine for an xmas gift for the bf. I intended for the subscription to expire when my other magazines had run out...I discovered a 18 dollar charge on my credit acct. I assumed it was an auto renewal. I wasnt too concerned, what has concerned me is that I like others who've posted...I had to find their number on my credit card statement- I havent called yet. I will be though. I had selected just one year when i purchased the magazine and thats what i had expected. It was $2 off from overdrafting (paydays!!) I will not be ordering through playboy again.

  • Go
    Gotchya Dec 16, 2009

    Why do you think Hugh Heffner is a millionaire . . . it's not from having a bunch of people who have a 1 year membership. Anyway, whats wrong with letting your bf look at another years worth of snatch?

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they owe me a thousand bucks after i got them signups. i was waiting for the check but it never came. then now then cancelled my account. i was trying to contact their support but nobody's there. people, dont sell their site, its a scam.

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did not receive magazine

I paid for a subscription to Playboy back in August 2009. My husband has not received yet, it's November 2009. Very disappointed. We keep getting notices to renew. My check was cashed in August. I believe that is called stealing. That's a real slap in the face since my husband has been subscribing to the magazine for a very long time.

false advertisment

12 Issues for $12.00 was mailing offer. Then billed at $15.96. That is a 33% increase over the advertised price. Would like to know what agency to contact to report this fraud. The ad came through postal deliver.

  • Da
    Dan in NJ Jul 10, 2013

    Playboy did the same thing to me too. Flyer said $12 for 12 issues. Mail in the bottom part with a sticker to start. Bill came in for $15.96. I stil have a copy of the flyer showing the $12 rate. I called customer service 800-999-4438 to complain. Customer service told me that in small print on the part that was mailed in they disclose an additional $0.33 delivery charge per issue. I mentioned that I still had the top part of my flyer that clearly says $12 for 12 issues with no mention anywhere of the additonal charge. She mentioned that they do get lots of complaints about this. She was pleasant enough to cancel the subscription.

    Keep in mind that the rate is for 12 issues - not one year. If they have a magazine that counts as a "double issue" (not sure how they get away with that) or any special issues, your subscription will end before 12 months.

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false subscription notice

I have received several of these past due notices over the past couple of months. As I was previous subsciber of the magazine, I was concern as I had never renewed my subscription and thus I shouldn't have a past due notice. I checked online and saw that this was a scam, but it was only originally back 2006. This is still going on in 2009. Time to shut this crook down again.

playboy subscription charge

So I have a subscription to Playboy which is good until November. 7/7/09 is when Playboy sent me the automatic renewal notice. I received it after that date and today on the 22nd of July I called to cancel the renewal. On the letter it said "We will be charging the credit card that you provided us if you do not cancel by 08/04/09." The girl tells me that it can be cancelled but it appears my card was charged on the 22nd. Oh what do you know, that's today!! How come they give me until the 8th but they are charging me 2 weeks early? So now I have to wait for the money to be refunded. I will never subscribe to a magazine again! They renew you and half of them don't even give you a number!!

  • La
    lavgrl Jul 30, 2009

    I had the exact same thing happen to me!!! Thank god for your comment because the Playboy website gives you no phone number to call to cancel nor do they have a link that allows you to cancel online. Because of your complaint I looked into my credit card recent transactions and sure enough there was the $16.98 charge!! The phone number next to the charge 515-243-1200 is for subscriber services (option 5 for magazine subscription customer service.) The representative I spoke with canceled my account and said my card would be credited back by the next billing cycle. I can't believe that I spent an hour searching their website for a cancelation link but had to get the info from another dissatisfied customer on a comment webpage. The one link that does say "Unsubscribe" on the Playboy website actually brings you to another page where they want you to buy something else!! Unbelievable! The people who used to run Playboy would have NEVER have operated like this! I canceled my previous account a few years ago when it was under the old management and it was quick and easy. Hef must be devastated at how these people are ruining his magazine (which is now horrible) and his companies reputation.

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complaint ignored

I have enjoyed the Playboy Cyber Club as a yearly member since a couple of years ago. I renewed my membership last December. Besides that for the Playboy Cyber Club membership, however, I was surprised to find another charge on the credit card bill. Opening the Playboy Account Information page for checking my subscription information, I found myself registered as a Pbvideo member. I have never subscribed for it.

I wrote an email to the Playboy Cyber Club Customer Service to solve the problem on February 1, 2009 (Japan time). On February 3, I received emails from the Playboy Cyber Club Customer Service and the Pbvideo Member Services. They said that they were issuing me a refund, and that the credit had already been processed. I felt relieved to find that the problem had been solved. However, there is another story.

In the same February 3 email, Ms. X of the Playboy Cyber Club Customer Service told me to provide a new email address to login to protect my account from any other unauthorized changes. I provided her a new email address by email on February 4. But since then I cannot receive her response, and I cannot login to the Playboy Cyber Club with either username. Nor can I obtain a password. I asked her and the customer service, by email, what I should do, on February 5 and 6. Even now, I can receive no reply from her or the customer service.

Does anyone have an idea on what I can do from a Far Eastern country Japan?

subscription offer

Received an offer for a subscription. We don't allow this trash into our home! No phone number included...

billed for magazines we never received threatening to turn us over to collections.

I have received another bill in the mail, from Charles Martin for Playboy. Stating there going to turn us over to collections, if we don't pay the balance of $15.96 on Magazines, we never have received. There is no telephone number on this bill, so your not able to contact anyone, to stop collections. We are not paying for a Magazine we did not receive or Subscribe to. I guess my next step, is to hire an Attorney to these fraudulent acts, against these people who are trying to scam us out of our hard earned moneys. Sincerely W. Siebenlist

scam to get credit card charged

I was on a site Tagged, similar to a My Space, when someone wanted to be friends. Once we were friends he got me to chat on yahoo, showed me naked webcam, turned it off and asked if I would help vote for him on Playboy model. I was directed to this page and the he told me the credit card was just for age verification. Upon further reading, I discovered that my card would be charged after 3 days for access to Best Porn Library, XXX Video Vault ("BPL" and "XXXVV"), or both. It said I authorized my information to be shared. Very scary...I am glad something inside said don't do this.

customer service

Good day. my name is steven horvath i am 59, and have been purchasing Playboy since 1969. and i feel that you...

my name on their mailing list & soliciting subscription

The above company: Playboy, PO Box 5333; Harlan, IA [protected] (First Class Mail Permit No.47, Harlan...

missed magazines

Sent an e-mail yesterday (7/31) saying have not rec'd last three issues of magazine. Said I was a long time subscriber, yet magazine suddenly stopped. Was told I'd get a response within two days. I HAVE NOT heard anything. Please respond to my concern since I cannot call a number to speak with a real person. (better yet - call my home - # below)
Andy Case [protected]

12 issues for $12 ad sent to my 14 year old son!

My 14 year old son received a subscription card in the mail for 12 issues of Playboy for $12.00 along with a...

unsolicited magazine subscription!

MAIL FRAUD, please submit a complaint of mail fraud to the USPS if you have received unsolicited bills from...

false subscription, harassment!

I started to receive notices stating that my husband owe Playboy magazine $15.96 for a 1 yr subscription that was never ordered. We are being harassed via the mail and be threated with collections. We have sent numerous letter stating this with no response. I have seen the scam notices posted on the internet. Why isn't playboy doing something to stop this...

  • Ro
    ronny5858 Feb 08, 2008

    THIS IS MAIL FRAUD! To submit a complaint, and please do if you have been a victim.

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  • To
    toso777 Oct 16, 2008

    call 1-800-999-4438 . tell them you want to be removed from their mailing list. I tried writing 2 letters never worked. I called today. Hopefully it will stop..

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broken heel

I bought a pair of shoes & after wearing them 6 times the heel snapped. I couldn't find the receipt & the shop said nothing could be done without this. I e.mailed playboy sending them a picture of the shoes complete with the box they came in. The reply was that they could do absolutely nothing and suggested that I try to get them repaired. This was not the answer I expected from a company the size of Playboy. There was not even an apology. I certainly will not be buying any more of their products.

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