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I must warn anyone who plans on having a vehicle serviced or planning on a purchase - Stay away from this owners 11 stores. Search for "Plattner Ripoff" with your Fav. search engine. Everything from selling cars with damage, bent frames included to wrong diagnosis for vehicle repairs. Doug Plattner treats his employees like dirt and this trickles down to you, the consumer. Wrong as it may sound... it is a fact. You, the consumer, did nothing wrong so why go thru the frustration of dealing with this man and his poor business operations.


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      Jul 09, 2009

    Went there for service once. Free oil change. I asked if 5w20 (what my vehicle calls for) is used, the mechanic told me "no, we use one type, bulk 5w30". So I left and went to Ferman just down the road, had my oil changed again. Used 5w20 and even honored my "free" oil change from what once was Tarpon Springs Dodge or Plattner whatever. I would not go there if an oil change can't be completed properly

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