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Today I looked at my mobile banking app and all of a sudden my account has been charged £53.39 on the 17th of August 2018. Now I ordered and received a small pendant from your company at the charge of £7.66 but that was two weeks ago and since then I have not ordered anything from your company. Judging by other complaints made on this website, I am most certainly assured that you are a scam despite the fact that I received the necklace I ordered and can assure you that I did not click "YES" on anything else when I ordered the necklace so there is no reason for you to query me on that. Now I would appreciate being refunded the exact amount that I did not pay willingly because I don't have much money and I am certainly not stupid enough to pay £53.39 for any one single item. I will be going to my bank at some point in the next month to discuss the payment, so I suggest you do the refund quickly before I manage to do something about it.

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    Update on my issue: I just received an email which has informed me that my money will be refunded within 7-10 business days. Apparently, the bad quality piece of cardboard of a sign was my way of subscribing to the premium membership.


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    Gloria Gooding Dec 01, 2019

    While Visiting the USA in May of this year.I visited this site to find out what is was all about. Since then my Debit card has been debited each month for $137:41 Barbados.That is from May to November. I'm requesting that this money of over $800 B'dos be refunded to my account.
    Gloria Gooding, Wilcox Hill BB17111

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