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Nov 14, 2008

PictureME Photography - costs of pictures & package sizes

I have always used Walmart Photo studio to have my children photographed. I usually purchase the advertised package and the smallest package of extra pictures available. I can't see the point in...

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Nov 11, 2008

PictureME Photography - getting greedy

I visited the PictureMe Portrait Studio today to get my daughter's picture taken. As I waited for the photographer to get done with the customer she was with, I asked to see the backgrounds they had...

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Nov 04, 2008

PictureME Photography - employee

This location has an emloyee that is a active client of the METHADONE DRUG CLINIC ! Who wants this person taking photos of their child? Not me. They say they do a background check and drug screening? Not a very good one!

You sound like your perfect. And I highly doubt that. Like the other dude said, be thankful they are taking methadone. They are obviously getting help. Maybe you should check yourself and stop being so judgmental. You must be one of those hipocrits that goes to church just to point out flaws in people. What if one of your children happens to end up with a drug problem, are you gonna critisize there integrity to better themselves. Go %$## yourself..

Sep 17, 2009

What a jerk. So what if someone is at a methadone clinic? How does that impact the ability to use a camera? I wish I could make a complaint about your ignorance. A person who does the right thing by seeking TREATMENT does not deserve your casting of aspersions. God, the more I think about it, the more idiotic you seem to me. Basically, you took the time to actively criticize someone who not only seeks help for their condition, but also hold full-time employment? Go vote republican and hang-out at tea parties so that you can associate with other ignorant and arrogant simpletons.

Hey everyone needs a job. Don't be a discriminative ###. :

Nov 04, 2008

You should be glad that the employee is on the methadone program. They are clean, and struggling
with their recovery at least. I'm sure you have plenty of secrets that would make others see you in a negative light. Don't judge this employee negatively. They don't deserve it. They beat their opiate addiction, and that's quite an achievement. The fact that the employee is on methadone is wonderful because he/she is not on opiates. anymore. How do you even know this employee is in the methadone program? It could even have been years since the employee has used. You don't know. And besides, what could the employee possibly do wrong working as a photographer at Walmart? Nothing.

Nov 01, 2008

PictureME Photography - pictures being made

I have had my 4 year olds picturethere since she was born, god 3 settings of pics that had black lines all down the right side of every... pics I still return there but I am not going to just tand...

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Sep 19, 2008

PictureME Photography - dissatisifed with pictures

I recently had family pictures made. When we were taking the pictures, the photographer kept stopping to wait on customers that came to the cash register. Our daughter was in from out of state so we...

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Sep 19, 2008

PictureME Photography - price, quality

Me and my sister in law have been getting our children's pictures done at our Walmart photo studio. NEVER AGAIN will we get their pictures done there. Our studio has been bought by Picture Me Studios. The prices have almost DOUBLED! You can no longer by the proofs, unless you buy the packages with all the photos, umm.. what is the point in buying the proofs then? I will already have all the pictures, why would I need the proofs too? They no longer work with the pictures. It was an absolutely HORRIBLE experience the last two times we have both been there. So unless they go back to the lower prices that were so much more worth the quality, we will NEVER go back!

Jan 19, 2011

We made an appointment for a 6pm photo session for my wife's pregnancy picutres - got there on time. The photographer saw us enter but never acknowledged. Apparently her previous client was in for a newborn photo session and were running late. She never came out and informed us that it will be a little longer as they were dealing with a baby. Finally after 45 mins she comes out and says that it will be about 15 mins more. We have by now already waited for an hour sitting in the uncomfortable chair (my wife was 8 months pregnant at that time).
The photographer was busy upselling to the clinents when I interupted her to ask how much longer. She again said 15 mins max.

Finally after 1.5 hours of waiting she comes out and did not even apologize for the delay.

That will be our last visit to any picture me studion. They have a zero sense of customer service.

my husband and i went to picture me studio at butler wal-mart to get our granddaughters pictures.well needless to say they were not there and we were told to pick them up at 4-14 between 11and 1.the lady that was there could not tell us when they were gonna be there and did not even tried to call anyone to see when or were they were.this is the second time this had happened to us.i even tried to call the custom sevice number and got know where.it wont surprise me ne bit if you all get shut down by the bbb cause if you do good for you all.this is the worst studio i had ever delt with.when i go back to get my pictures on 4-15 they better be there and i better get some kind of discout or i will be asking for a refund back and it will be done before i leave.


I used this studio in Wal-Mart recently to have pictures done of my grandchildren and one of my family members grandchildren. This has been the most horrendous ordeal ! Picture quality is poor - Emloyees do not communicate with their costumers. Therefore what you expect and what you receive is disgaceful. You cannot get the regional manager to return your call, after numerous messages were left. I am filing a complaint with Wal-Mart 's Corporate office about this company. I hope they will replace them with another company that is more competant and customer
oriented. WILL NOT EVER USE THEM AGAIN! [email protected]

She could've kept you informed more but you saw that she was struggling with a baby. I would understand if you saw her sitting down doing nothing but she was with another customer so obviously she attend you as soon as she could. People now a days want the red carpet to every where they go. Have some compassion for people who work at trying to make children happy. It's not easy!

You just sound cheap and whiny. It's called Inflation. The economy would be in worse trouble if cheap folks like you had your way with everything. In fact it's probably people like you that are the reason for the financial crisis in America.

Mar 23, 2009

I understand. The cheap portrait package is designed to lure customers in, but a customer has the right to expect a quality product when the price is on par with industry average. If a customer pays 10 dollars a sheet after discounts at Wal-Mart, then they should expect the same quality from a similarly priced sheet at the other chains. Mind you I am talking about the packages that are not promotional, rather discounted. The CD is intentionally downsampled so that that you can share among email, not print at a photo lab and not enlarge at home. If you want to do that, then you have to downsize the image or increase the resolution appropriately.

Oct 25, 2008

well this is my own complaint i just recently purchased almost 200.00 in pictures and paid an extra 20.00 to get the cd so i could print off when i want.picture me told me i had all copyrights with the cd and could put disk in any photo maker well guess what not at walmart in centralia they denied me that right with my own daughters cd.i think it stinks and will never get them done there again.i will take my business elsewhere!

Oct 01, 2008

First of all this lady is just cheap and they dont need customers like her and her sister. Its people like this lady that put businesses out! She needs to realize that it is a business and if she wants something cheap she needs to take her pictures at home. Plus the prices havent doubled, pfftt thats a lie. And the whole proofs thing im glad they dont do that it because when you really like the pictures you purchase them when offered to you and i dont feel as bad when i have to say no to the extras cause sometimes the kid in the photo just didnt cooperate. So to this cheap lady i say shut your trap and take your 4.99 else where! and believe me when i say they wont miss you or your kid

Aug 29, 2008

PictureME Photography - amount of packages on email not available instore

On the day of the photos being taken I checked online with that exact store location and they offered a portrait called the Bronze Collection and it was listed as $79.99 for 10 portraits sheets. They...

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Aug 25, 2008

PictureME Photography - customer service

i wish to complain about the customer service i received at the norwalk portrait place.i made a appointment to get my granddaughter pictures done on friday theaug22. someone called and said the computer was down and i needed to change it to sat at 3pm. which i said ok but if the computer is still down please call me back early sat or friday night so i could take her to sandusky and thet said they would. no one did so i thought it was fixed so i take her there on sat at 3pm not only was it not fixed the girl sais i didnt have a appointment. needless to say i was angry and very disappointed because i now did not have time to go to sandusky . we did not get any pictures done . she was visiting from out of state and had to leave on sunday.i look foward to getting a picture of her. i dont know when or if i will take her back there again .and i think this was very poor service

Aug 15, 2008

PictureME Photography - sheena is the name on trhe reciept

I recently went to wal-mart picture studio to get my grandchildrens pictures taken there was two young girls there taken the pictures, they were not very good at the job at all they had my 3year old granddaughter sitting on the canvas, legs wide open and with a dress I might add. And I told them this is not happening. They didnt try to pose them or give them any props. This was the worst experience I have ever had with photo taken and I have been there many different times before my husband went over to iraq. We had his photo taken. My grand daughters have had their pictures taken every 6 months they said they have a site where I could go to complain but its not there. And this is the claremont nh. Store

I think perhaps your problem is that your family tree seems deeply rooted in your rectum. Perhaps it would do you some good to remove that and then try again.

Holy ###. caps lock much?


PictureME Photography - customer service and bad pictures

My Son and Future Daughter in law took their 6 week daughter to get her 1st pictures done. They chose the one where the parents hold the child in their hands. the picture should of been printed landscape (like a rectangle on the long side) instead it was taken the other way. The person taking the picture was very rude and the person working at the time of pick up was very rude. Until now, I have always liked dealing with Wal Mart, but under the circumstance we will not be going back unless some major changes happen.
Now have absolutely useless pictures, I can not send them to family or even use them as announcements. What are you as a company going to do? I believe Crystal House even without her ticket should get her $ back. No questions asked. I have never been so disappointed.

Aug 04, 2008

PictureME Photography - unprofessional, shady practices

I have worked for this company for 5 years as an hourly studio manager. Let me enlighten you as to how this company works. They advertise a $4.99 package for 30 portraits of one pose. Then we're...

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Jul 31, 2008

PictureME Photography - unfairness

I was employed there in October 2007.in November 2007 I had a scheduled vacation which they gave me permission to take. The same day I came back I went to the place in question to get my schedule and...

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Jul 24, 2008

PictureME Photography - too many boo boos

I have ordered something extra on my Daughter's Birthday and Christmas and it never fails for them to ruin it. And it takes forever for them to get the correct ordered product to me. This time since...

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Jul 18, 2008

PictureME Photography - bad photos

my last visit b/4 7-4-08 was at walmart the photographers are fine they are polite. I never gotten bad pictures b/4 I just picked up my children pictures and viewed them briefly in the store while...

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Jun 28, 2008

PictureME Photography - great photo session

I just want to say that, our experience at our session today was great and got great pics taken today, they came out wonderfully and the way we hoped. And we were quickly taken care of in a nice fast pace fashion. I just wanted to say that it was a nice experience this time.

May 27, 2008

My sons had their pictures made for my Mother's day gift. Pictures were to be ready on 5/28. I called on 5/27 to find out that the pictures/film were lost/damaged and could not be developed.

As my sons are all adults and live in different parts of the city and work different schedules it will be impossible to have these retaken. Also, the day the photographs were made they had to wait 2 hours before their pictures were actually taken.

I will not get my Mother's Day gift.

Sep 27, 2008

Sub: Transaction # [protected]

We took picture on 09/09/2008, till today 09/27/08, we have not received any information about our pictures, so we went your store and enquired about it, then the staff has no idea about the same. I wonder do they still have our picture or not, if yes when they are going to give us the copies. They already took such a long time and i believe they are going to take more time, i am sure i can find some other studio has better timing and service in this area. i admit a mistake of coming to your studio and wasting our one month time.

Pls let me know, if they have our pictures pls give us as early as possible or just refund our money...say GOOD BYE TO PICTUREME STUDIO'S.

jisha thomas.

Sep 08, 2009

What a joke this place is! Go to take my son for his birthday picture, place is completely dark. Photgrapher shows up 10 minutes late. On top of that, once she is done taking pictures the computer doesn't work, so we can't see the pics or choose the portraits or anything. So I call the general manager, she offers to give us the $79.99 package for free, nice, right? However, my wife goes back today, the girl who was there yesterday was not there today, the guy at the store had no idea, so my wife and 2 year old son wasted their time going to the store again, still couldn't order the portrait package. Now she has to call back tomorrow and talk to someone again, maybe the third try will actually allow us to order pictures! Would not recommend this place, I know I won't be using them again.

I took pictures on March 24, 2013...and i didnt receive my 16x20 photo...and also i was suppose to have 10 Enchanced photos, I only have two.

I went to the one in Norman. Oh my goodness DID NOT like the Lady her name was Connie. I told her I didn't like one picture she shrugged her shoulders raised her voice a little and said we're going to take like 6 more. It's going to take us all night if we keep stopping. It was only our third shot. Then she said in a upsetting voice that she didn't like my daughters smile Connie said "Don't smile like that, it's ugly". WOW, my daughter is 6 yrs old. Everyone who came and picked up their pictures, she would always say, " If you go on line and give us a good report, then will give you this free picture for helping us out. So you help us, will give you this free picture. Really didn't like her, don't want to go back anytime soon either! Maybe I should have stuck with Sears?

Jul 05, 2008

Thank you for that comment. It is very good to hear the good experiences, too. It is nice to know that what there are photographers who can accomplish their tasks and do it very well.

May all your experiences be as memorable.

Wait until you see to our digital capabilities.

Warm est Regards,

Jul 02, 2008

I was a little upset because there was no film available for passport photos. But i have additional pictures taken. The
photographer was very nice, kind and very professional. He even tried to contact another store or someone else who might have had some passport film. I intend to have some more pictures taken there in the near future.

Jun 26, 2008

PictureME Photography - no one is ever there or returns messages for an appointment

This studio is located in walmart in woodburn, oregon. I've called to set up an appointment and all i ever get is the answering machine. I've left messages but no one has ever called me back. Whenever we go in there the place is never open and no one is there. Once, we happened to catch a girl right before she was about to leave and close up early to go to a dr.'s appointment so she did our daughter's first pictures real quick. Those were supposed to be an important first and it was rushed and the girl didn't even seem to care what the pictures looked like. Of course we bought them anyway b/c that was the first and only time so far she's had her pictures "professionally" done. what a disappointment! If they are going to close they should just close for good or at least have the courtesy to call someone back.

Aug 06, 2008

I had awful experience with PictureMe studio! Beware people! Do not go there!

Nov 07, 2008

To Wal-Mart Canal Winchester Store Manger, Picture Me Studio Corporate Manager & Picture Me Experience Customer Service:

Due to the my recent experience, I am highly upset and agitated in regards to the treatment I received from your representative at the Picture Me Studio located in the Wal-Mart Super center store in Canal Winchester, Ohio. I have worked in customer service for some years now, so I expect the up most service when I am on the receiving end. The behavior of the Picture Me representative, Samantha, was rude, unhelpful, uninformative, and absolutely unacceptable. I am very upset and after some time I am still unable to forget this experience.

I attempted to call the customer service number though I was on hold waiting for a representative for over a half and hour. Due to my work schedule this solution seemed better suited for me. Although, I am still very dissatisfied and I expect a resolution to follow.

My boyfriend and I wanted to get a Christmas picture taken. His aunt also wanted to get a group picture including my boyfriend with her children. So we decided it would be better suited for us to do it all the same time. We called and made the appointment. When we placed the appointment we made not only one, but we scheduled two appointments. Nothing was said to us at the time, when clearly we all knew each other.

On December 2, 2007 we arrived for our scheduled appointments, your representative, Samantha, told my boyfriends aunt, Kathy to pick their background. Then a few moments later she asked me to the same. I couldn't choose so I just walked back to the portrait room with them. Samantha posed my boyfriend and her children. After a few pictures she said 'Is this going to be the promo picture'. We said 'Yes!' we liked it, at the time we knew nothing was to come from this decision. A few more pictures were taken of them and Samantha asks out of nowhere as if she were shocked I hadn't been in the room the whole time and she didn't see us all walk in together. 'Are you and him taking pictures next?' I replied 'Yes!' Not understanding the purpose of her question. She said 'Hold on a minute' and walks out of the room. She quickly returns 'I can't take your pictures next.' I again, confused replied 'Why?' she responds with 'Corporate only allows us one promo picture per group'. From this point on everything that she said she added 'Corporate says so' which I thought was highly unprofessional. It was also highly un-informative that she was not upfront with this information. I still do not understand why she waited until she locked in our promo picture to let us know it was one picture per group. She then convinced us it would be cheaper to take pictures in his aunt package. Unsatisfied, but with no other options we do so. I was very angry by this time and I feel that we were very misled. Your representative should have let us know all the catches to the fine print. We were all unaware of this in the beginning.

After some time past, Samantha called us to the back to look at the prints. We started looking at them and I then realized how expensive it was going to be to get my prints I need, the prints I would have received in my promo package. I looked at his aunt waiting for her to decide. She noted I only need one ten by eight. We tried every option we could think of because, I obliviously needed more pictures. Of course we couldn't change the promo picture to my boyfriend and mines picture because 'Corporate say so'. Infact, Samantha kept replying corporate will not allow me to, as if she were the victim. His aunt ended up cutting the promo picture because she did not need those pictures. We ended up getting a combine package spending of 79.99 plus tax. This could have been avoided, and was extremely unnecessary.

What I am still confused about today is, your representative Samantha, took our appointments together, saw us walk in together, saw my boyfriend in there pictures, knew we were next, and asked me to pick out a background for our pictures next. Yet never spoke one word about any regulations until after the promo picture was locked in.

I find this kind of uninformative service very distasteful and I hope you don't encourage this behavior. I understand the regulations, what I don't understand is not having Samantha trained enough to explain to your customers the regulations before taking pictures. If she had it wouldn't have been a problem at all. I would be happy because my boyfriend and I would have taken the promo picture had a package we needed and his aunt could have bought one eight by ten she needed. Though we were uninformed!

This brings me to another point I work in commission, I sure hope Samantha did not receive commission off of selling us this package because how many other customers has she been tricking. This can not go on she needs the proper training; your representatives represent your company. She did a very poor job and I will never use this portrait studio again nor will I indorse other people to do so. I work in customer service and I would have never treated a customer as if she had that day. She never offered any assistance to us and she only replied a hundred times 'Corporate says so'. I don't know if you Condon this level of service but it was totally unprofessional.

As a photographer at PictureME, just want to say to rate every PictureMe the same is Wrong! You will find friendly smiley faces at our studio. It is a long process to get you in and out so be patient! Especially if we have a newborn who has to stop and feed or go and get changed. I always ask when booking appts for people do you have little ones? I try to set you up behind a couple and visa versa so the wait wont be long...maybe thats something CPI(PictureMe) needs to discuss at meetings is how to better manage appts...
Our studio trys very hard to get you in and give you the best experience in pictures then you have ever had before. It takes approx 15 min to get pictures taken and 1/2 hour to sell them and get you all set up, rung up and out. So look at 45 min to get pictures done. I recently had a family that came in for pictures who had 3 little ones and they got several calls on their cell phone, and I over heard them say about 10 minutes into the session Well were STILL here at the picture place getting our pictures done and guess we wont be able to meet you after all...or they try to rush us...then have the gall to complain so they can get something free. Remember its going to take some time to get some beautiful pictures that your going to want to cherish for the rest of your lifetime.
When you come to TX area come check out our studio!

Yeah they had some pretty ### policies when they were Film. She was just covering her ### as not to get fired, but she did it poorly in a way that upset the customer.

Nov 11, 2008

Dear Picture me studios,

Me and my fiance got our pictures done at the Studio in Allegany New York at the Wall Mart.Our appoitment was at 5:00 and we got there at five o'clock, it took about two hours for us to get in there and take pictures.Then finally we got our pictures done it took another half an hour to pay for it because she rang us up wrong.She said our total came to $68.00, for one sheet of eight wallets, and 20 christmas cards.The worker was very slow at her work and i would suggest no one else goes there.

Sara cummings

Oct 13, 2008

I manage the PictureMe in Scottsbluff, NE. And really, if you have a bad experience once, or at a particular studio, you cannot say ALL PictureMe studios have terrible service. It really depends on the photographer. I have pride in my studios great customer service and quality photography that happens in my studio every day! I urge you to try another PictureMe, if not a different photographer- a different store. We can do great things now, such as photo enhancements (colored eyes on a black and white print, faded edges, text...) New camera angles, floor poses... THE LIST GOES ON! Not to mention our prices are the lowest in the industry. When it comes to paying for what you get were an A+++++++! If you are anywhere near NE, come into Scottsbluff and see me!

Oct 02, 2008


Jul 26, 2008

The studio in cabot arkansas was amazing. They were really energetic and i just really had an amazing time and came out with some of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen.

Jul 26, 2008

Sirs: I needed a few pictures of me without having a friend, or member of the family take them. Noticed your add at Wal-Mart, and stopped in. Studio 05030 Photographer MISTY. I was in, and out in no time. Misty was very good, and did the best she could. Taking into consideration the subject she had to work with. I have no complaints. It was a pleasant experience. If at all possible please let Misty know that she's doing a good job. Bill W

Jul 15, 2008

I have had nothing but GOOD experiences with the portrait studio in Wal-Mart in Mason City. The photographers are very friendly, they try hard to please you and the pictures are top notch quality. This is not a complaint, but a testimony of the good service I have had. Thank you Marcie and the rest of them there!

Jun 19, 2008

PictureME Photography - rude manager

The manager kept coming in asking the photographer how long she had left, so I told her that my daughter is extremely hard to get good photos of She was rude in her mannerisms, rushed us through, and made me, my daughter, and the photographer very uncomfortable. This particular manager has photographed my daughter before and got a little frustrated with her. I also informed her of this fact. At no point was I addressed by the manager during the session. I called to get the company's telephone number and she refused to give it to me, even though I asked several times.

At no point was I unsatisfied with the photographer, but I was extremely insulted by the manager's mannerisms and the way I was put off when I called her.

Jul 11, 2008

The photos that were given to me were so off centered, I could"n give them away.
The store clerk was so angry that I did"n spend more money on an expensive package, that they just sent me a bad pictures.
Carol Meade

Jun 28, 2008

I do not have a complaint. At the bottom of my receipt it says to take a survey. I love having my children's pictures taken here. I have only had one complaint in 6 years of using them and they resolved it before I even really knew about it.

And for clarification, "Did'n" is an improper contractions.


No, I believe they may have just gotten angry at you and given you bad pictures. Hell, I would just to see the look on your face. If it's a short and horribly composed as your complain, then perhaps I'd laugh and take a picture of it, showing my friends later what a sea otter looks like with a corn cob up it's ###.

Oh my ###ing god. Get over yourself. Like she purposely sent bad pictures JUST to piss you off? Your not that special.

I went in to get family pictures done and the lady taking the pictures was nice and helpful at first then after we got the pictures done and I was going through on what I wanted she kept helping other people and ignoring me. I was about to spend ALOT of money on pictures cause not only was it family pictures it was my sons 9 month pictures as well. She would stop and just do other things for other people and kept leaving me at the counter. I understand having other customers there but she should of told them i will be with you in a few minutes instead of getting up and talking to them. I was so frustrated and just wanted to get out of there I did not order all that I wanted, all I wanted to do was pay for what I had already gotten and get out of there. And aslo about 3 months ago I paid for a 16x20 that was on sale for 19.99. I was told that I was going to be able to use it when my husband got home from Iraq, well guess what I could not. I was told that it had expired after 30 days. Before I even paid for it 3 months ago I asked over and over again to make sure I was still going to be able to use it later and the lady who sold it to me knew I was not going to be able to use it for 3 or 4 months. So now as well as being frustrated, I was out $20.00 as well.

Jul 17, 2008

Thank you and Congradulations. It is remarkable that in 6 years youcontinue to get great service from your studio.

We aim to provide customer service in a possitive manner and with resolve to the issue ASAP.

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm est regards,

Jun 19, 2008

Your photographer (Kaitlin)at studio:01931 Rhinelander Wi. was very rude from the time I made my phone call to the time pictures were taken. She would'nt change the back grounds for my grandson and said they would be here for fathers day .(It was my son 1st fathers day and he was here from florida. They were not in they came in the day after her left nice 1st father days present ha?
I had my granddaughters taken the same day and she took 3 pictures and the 3rd picture my granddaughter was falling off the table and she was half way off and she snaped the picture. did she or did she not get hurt? She say I cant take no more of her "WOULD YOU WANT SOME ONE LIKE THAT TO TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ONE YEAR OLD GRANDDAUGHTER AFTER THAT?" please send me a email and letter in the mail withe aresponse to this letter.
[email protected]
Joni J Shelton
Elcho, Wi. 54428

Jun 11, 2008

PictureME Photography - terrible experience

I actually didn't have a complaint but when I read my receipt it told me to go to the www.tellpictureme.com website to do a survey to receive a free offer and the website doesn't even exist.

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May 24, 2008

PictureME Photography - being rushed

The photographer was rushing us to get the pictures taken. We only wanted pictures of the kids and he tried to get us to take pictures with them. Then he was almost out of film and I justed felt like we were being pushed to take the pictures and they were not all that great when we reviewed them.

Oct 13, 2008

I manage the PictureMe in Scottsbluff, NE. And really, if you have a bad experience once, or at a particular studio, you cannot say ALL PictureMe studios have terrible service. It really depends on the photographer. I have pride in my studios great customer service and quality photography that happens in my studio every day! I urge you to try another PictureMe, if not a different photographer- a different store. We can do great things now, such as photo enhancements (colored eyes on a black and white print, faded edges, text...) New camera angles, floor poses... THE LIST GOES ON! Not to mention our prices are the lowest in the industry. When it comes to paying for what you get were an A+++++++! If you are anywhere near NE, come into Scottsbluff and see me!

Jul 10, 2008

The average session is 30 minutes. Sometimes longer depending on the baby, children or number in your group. It is never our intention to rush you through your portrait session.

There are exceptions that make us hurry a little more. When we recognize a tired, hungry or wet baby, children with ear infections, chicken pox, measles, colds and flu and head lice, we tend to hurry. When we are in a studio alone and there are people, waiting to pick up portraits, trying to make an appointment, need a passport or waiting to have portraits made we try to please everyone. It doesn't always work, but we do try to make everyone happy, all the time, everyday.

As your neighborhood studio turns digital, your film issues will be gone. With this comes additional training for your photographer. He will know have to be certified after training in a 40 hour/5 day course.

I do hope that you will consider PictureMe Portrait Studios in the near future.

Warm est Regards

May 14, 2008

PictureME Photography - poor service!

I recently had portraits taken of my 3 month old daughter at the portrait studio with the intention of purchasing only there "promo"package of my favorite pose. When I called to schedule the appointment it took several calls with not even an answering machine picking up. On the day of the appointment the manager was in the studio training the photographer. The manager was on the phone most of the time calling another studio and leaving messages because she could not get through to that studio. After more than 45 minutes of the two photographers trying to take the pictures I then waited more than 20 minutes for the photographer to prepare the digital proofs for me to pick from. All along I was stating in the nicest way that I was only interested in one pose for the package and not all of the extras that she was preparing to show. Only after I had waited over an hour did the photographer inform me that the first pose was the only one I could purchase for the promo. This was extremely disappointing and upsetting.

I in no way had any input on the pose that was taken and in no way was informed that this is how it worked. I then asked how much additional prints were and was astonished by the $10 a sheet price. (I can get $3.99 sheets at another department store studio) I was also not impressed with the 2 1/2 week turn around. I went back to pick up my portraits the DAY AFTER I was told that they would be ready and could not get my pictures. The response I was given was" That date is an estimate, they could be back that afternoon or the next day.

All of this from a studio in the Wal-Mart, where we trust that we are getting the best deal for the best price. While I realize that the studio only rents space from the store, I can't believe that Wal-Mart is ok with this poor customer service even being associated with their store.

Jul 18, 2008

Hi there. $3.99 a sheet huh? I would almost bet that that "other store studio" charges a $20 sitting fee for the first subject and $10 for additional subjects. I would also bet that they aren't offering you one 10x13, one 8x10, two 5x7's, four 3x5's, and 16 wallets for $7.99. You mentioned that you were only there to purchase the "promotional package of your favorite pose" If you would have actually read the advertisement, you would have seen clearly that not only is it a one pose package...but it's also the very first pose that is taken...if it is a film studio that is. If it IS a film studio..then you saw the pictures as they were taken...you are given the choice to either accept the portrait...or try it again. If you are upset because you didn't get to pick a good pose, then I can't help but to think that it's partly your fault for accepting a portrait that you didn't like. If you would have done this, then you would have liked the first pose and would have been happy with it. Now...if this was a digital studio...which I know it wasn't because you were quoted $10.oo a sheet extra...you would have picked any pose you liked. So...to those of you who complain because you feel you were mislead, I don't feel sorry for you. Your ignorance is not a reason to protest a service. Next time read the advertisement.

Jul 10, 2008

My wife and I just had a rotten experience with these people this afternoon.

We went with the idea that we would take the introductory package, as we were going to try out several studios. Our sons first birthday is in December and we figured whoever took the best pictures, had the best pricing for the quality, and was the easiest to deal with would get our business in December. Aside from celebrating his birthday with a big package, we must also have a few hundred 5x7's to pass out as gifts at his party (cultural thing). So we are looking to perhaps spend several hundred dollars, but only at the right studio!

At first everything went well and we took several different poses. The time to see the digital proofs was very quick. However, once we saw the photos we were very underwhelmed with them. Some of them showed my fingers, as the photographer had me prop up my son. When the photographer began to pan and zoom the digital proofs, things started to look better. We even decided that a package might be a good idea as some of the pictures were very cute.

The problem was that she wouldn't tell us how much packages cost. She became very rude when we insisted on knowing prices before we made decisions. It became so negative that my wife and I decided to stick to the original plan and get only the introductory offer. When we chose that picture, we were told it would cost an additional $30.00, because the picture had been zoomed. I was appalled.

We then looked over the entire collection and realized that every single pose had something wrong. Either it was off center, to small, or was poorly set-up (one picture had my sons collar covering his mouth!).

It was at that moment we realized the scam that was being pulled. The photographer made sure that each picture needed "enhancements" before it would be suitable. My wife and I looked at each other in disgust. Needless to say, Picture Me is now off our list!

I will not bother calling customer care, as I don't really care to do business with theives. You couldn't give me pictures. They are con artists out to swindle people of money. I intend to tell EVERYONE what happened. I will blog this everywhere. Stay away from Picture Me!

A professional photographer does not take the shot, unless it is the RIGHT picture. There should be little to no panning and zooming to make the picture look right! If the photographer doesn't take the RIGHT picture, they had better now charge to MAKE IT RIGHT. Doing so is a scam!

Jul 01, 2008

Being that the studio is Digital, there are three options when purchasing prints.

a) Purchase the ad special for $7.99. You choose the pose. additional sheets are then $19.99 a sheet.

b) (No ad special) Build your own collection at $9.99 a sheet. Mix and match the poses you'd like.

c) (no ad special) Purchase one of our pre-set collections starting at $79.99, which gives you 5 poses, 10 sheets, and 3 free enhancements. (they go up from there, depending on your needs)

I'm sorry you were dealing with a misinformed employee. We're not all like that. As far as the pricing goes, we don't make that decision, but have to follow what corporate decides. Nor do we have control over the turn around time.

The date is not an estimate, and that girl should've been researching why your portraits weren't there yet. I get my picture shipment 3-4 days BEFORE the due date EVERY SINGLE WEEK. She must have looked at the wrong arrival date.

I recommend contacting corporate customer service. Explain what happened, and see what they can do to help. It sounds as if the District Manager was training a new photographer. They're the only ones who will spend 45 min attempting to reach a studio to make sure it is covered.

I'm very sorry this happened.

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