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I had been looking forward to our picture day. I am ill and so is my daughter. I just had surgery on Tuesday 4/29. We've recently completed our degrees in Masters and Bachelors and my grandaughter from Kindergarden.We thought it would be a great idea to take a family photo. when I set up the appointment I made that person aware the sitting was for a graduation of 3 and a group generations of girls in our family sitting. We had to pose ourselves through out the photo shoot. Maria unfortunately was not instructive at many portions of the sitting. I reminded Maria when we arrived why we were there, she said lets do the graduation first. Then the group shoots. Once we went through confusion in taking the gaduation shoot, Maria then told us we could not take our family photos. We were truly in auh!! Do you know how difficult it was to get 3 little girls and 3 women to dress alike. Maria decided to take one picture of us as a group which I really did not like. I paid $65.18 . Maria acted as if she were doing us a favor, by taking that one photo. I was hoping for different poses with my girls so that it will be a pleasent experience to remember for ever instead it had to be one of the most confusing times to where my daughter was beginning to become upset, which I have to say is rare. We will be doing an article for Newsday soon. Three Generations of Graduates I really hope these photos will be the best Picture me has to offer. Unfortunately I do not believe we will return to Walmart Picture me any time in the near future. I hope there is something you can do to assist us. I am customer 017, shoot week 200814 roll 16.
Rosalinda Martinez


  • Me
    Melissa Ortego May 29, 2008

    I have newborn twins and I have been trying to have their pictures taken every month, but due to either lack of training or just plain incompetence of the employee I was unable to due this. First, I just had to have my pictures reprinted because they were damaged. Then the next time I went for Easter/ Family pictures and somehow they said the film was exposed to light... After trying to have my money refunded they said all they could do was do a reshoot... so I did. Not to mention the time it takes to do a reshoot twins 41/2 months old. But I did it anyways...Well today I go to pick up my new pictures and discover they were also not able to print them.. and still no refund... Please do not waste your time or memoriesn by going to walmart picture me studio...

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  • Ki
    kim burkhart May 30, 2008

    i took my grandson --the time spent taking the pictures aloud for us to -get some really nice pictures
    i was very pleased with the girl taking her time
    my only complaint was the amount of pictures you had to get -for the price.
    i wanted all 7 poses-the package to get that was 80.00
    i got 16 sheets -even though thats allot of pictures-i would have liked to get for 50.00 -say 10 sheets
    bring the price down-& offer less pictures to make it more affordable to get the different poses-i realize you take all the poses -so someone like me who wanted all of them had to buy -the cheapest package -which was 80.00
    please make this more affordable -offer a smaller package with all 7 poses -thank you

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  • Re
    Rebecca Taylor Jun 05, 2008

    I have a two month old and as you can imagine he was hungry and not the happiest of campers. The associate that helped me, Brandy, was more than efficient. She let us take our time and even feed him in the middle of the shoot. I work in the retail field and it is rare to find someone who is willing to go above and beyond for the customer. I found her refreshing and I will go back because of her patience and determination to make us satisfied.I feel that she is an asset to your company and am grateful for your insight in hiring her.

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  • So
    sonya zackery Jun 12, 2008

    I had a very good experience with the lady that did our pictures in the greenville tx walmart.

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  • Ct
    cthurmond Jun 13, 2008

    I do have a complaint about the employees in the studio at Walmart in Desoto Missouri though. They were very pushy, at least the manager was. The guy that was showing me the pictures couldn't even do his job because of her. I was very dis pleased with her. I wish I would have gotten her name. I went on june 12th 2008 at 2 o'clock. She was nice to me but as i watched her looks and whispering into the guys ear telling him to get on with it, I could tell she was a fake. I am not satisfied with the portraits that i am getting for the price I paid. But I was rushed. As far as going back I will not because of the experience I had yesterday.

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  • Ti
    Tiana Harmon Jun 13, 2008

    I had a very good experience at walmart in conover nc..the lady was very good with my 2 yr old daughter..when my daughter waqs ready to stop the lady didn't get mad..she done what my daughter wanted..i just wish i could have afforded to buy all the pictures that i wanted...the cheapest package was 59.99 and u only got to pick 3 different poses...my husband is the only 1 taht works so we are on a tight budget..maybe walmart will come up with some super deals soon...

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  • Be
    becca burke Jun 15, 2008

    I also had a good experience. The only thing is that I agree with the smaller price package as well. I did get the one for 85.00 and I got 8 different poses. I just wish there would of been a smaller package to choose from. The pictures were really good though.

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  • Tr
    tracie harris Jun 22, 2008

    I alway's go to pictureme Studios any time my 4 year old son need's photo's and everything is alway's good from the staff to the photo's. Please keep up the good work. Thank You!

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  • Ro
    rosemary washington Jun 23, 2008


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  • Ne
    neyney10 Jul 30, 2008

    I too was looking for the website and could not find it i tried to call customer service but no one answered. my sisters and i had a very bad experience in snellville georgia wal mart we went in to take pictures of us and my son as a special surprise for my father the girl didn't even tell us the specials she just kept complaining about the company wanting to do enhancements we told her we just wanted 1 pic of us and wanted the special finally after 10 min of her still complaining she finally started to take our picturesd they came out very badly she was rude the whole time and was rushing us. She made us feel very uncomfortable and would not even show us all the pics she took of us talk about a very disgruntled employee she should just quit and go somewhere else customers do not need to know how much she hates her job so instead of making our picture taking day into a special one she made it a friggin nightmare i will never go there again.

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  • Be
    beka piper Aug 07, 2008

    The girl that took our pictures was good. We have a 2 month old son and he cant hold his head up very good yet. So the bath tub prop kinda looked odd, and it was 10 times bigger than he was. I think you need some new ideas for smaller children.

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  • Me
    melissa Aug 10, 2008

    i didn't have a appointment so i had to wait 2 1/2 hours and my 2 month old son was sleepy and crying they didn't get to take but 6 poses but everything else was ok next time i will make appointment

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  • Li
    Lila Aug 12, 2008

    My son and I had a wonderful expreience when we went to have our pictures taken. The photographer was very nice and she really knew what she was doing. So thank you Rosie at the Gainesville Georgia walmart store.

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  • Je
    Jessica Owens Aug 13, 2008

    I had a really great experience with my 4 month old little girl. I was very pleased and the photographer was very good with her and very friendly. I will definatly go back for more pictures.

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  • Je
    Jessica Petri Aug 14, 2008

    I got my sons 2 weeks pictures taken in April it is now August and guess what I still don't have them and now have been told that the film has been destoyed and there is nothen they can do about it..

    I brought my son in to Fond du lac WI Studio 1643 for his 2 week pictures my photographer was Crystal. From the get go you could tell she did not know what she was doing. She did not know how to pose him, she was always putting stuff in his face even when I told her to stop it she continued to do it. She put flowers all around him and looked at me like I was nuts when I told her to remove them he is a boy and you don't put flowers on a boy.

    I went in to pick up my pictures and they were not the pose that i had ordered. When I asked what happened to the pose that I ordered. I was told that that was the one that I ordered. I then left the studio after 20 minutes went home and emailed and called pictue me and got no responce. I then called everyday for 2 weeks until I got to TALK to some one. The gentleman that I talked to Reordered the pictures for me (the right ones). I NEVER GOT A I'M SORRY IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO, LET ME GIVE YOU A FREE PACKAGE, YOUR MONEY BACK OR ANYTHING. I then got a call from the studio that they came in but there was something wrong with them and to come in and take a look. so I went up there and they were all green and blue it looked like tarnished cooper. Then manager that was working said she would reorder them for me. I never heard from any one so on 8-6-08 I was at the store and stopped in at the studio. I waited for 15 minutes before anyone even stepped foot into the studio. I don't know if she was out walking the store or what but there was not even a sign saying I'll be back in 10 mintues or anything. Once again it was Crystal She found the pictures and once again they were green and blue again.I asked her why this is happening and was told she didn't know and that she herself has reordered them 5 times know. WHICH WAS A BIG FAT LIE. there is now way from the time they were reordered until the time i went to pick them up this last time they could of been ordered 5 times. She then tried to get us to leave the studio because I was asking for the district managers phone number so that I could get to the bottom of this. she refused to give it to me until I called my husband over to look at the pictures. He then asked her for the managers phone number and she gave it to us. we then asked her how long the pictures were at the studio and why no one called us to tell us they were in. and again we were told I don't know. On tuesday 8-7-08 I then called the number she gave us and left a message for the manager and guess what I still have not heard back from there. Today 8-14-08 then called the same number and talked to someone in customer service and after being on the phone with her for 40 minutes was then told that I CAN NOT GET ANY OF HIS PICTURES BECAUSE THE FILM AS BE DESTROYED. but if you want you can have the blue-green ones that the studio has if I want them Well YES I WANT THEM so she called the studio and told them to give them to me because I was always told I could not have them. well guess what now they can't find them. OF COURSE THEY CAN"T FIND THEM. But Crystal will be back Saturday and they will look for them then and give us a call.

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  • El
    Eleanor Aug 16, 2008

    I had a very good picture session at Wal-Mart in Portage, Wisconsin. I have not received my pictures yet. The photographer was very helpful, pleasant and resourceful in meeting my needs for appropriate pictures. Her sales technique was professional and she allowed me to choose what pictures I wanted without pressure. I would return there again and recommend the service to others. I have done the same thing in the past and felt that your costs were fair. We get the services of an experienced person and some nice pictures that are not too costly. Thank you.

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  • Cr
    Craig Hawkins Aug 27, 2008

    It was fast and got good pictures.

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  • Do
    Dorothy Calhoun Sep 17, 2008

    i had a very good experience at the Portrait Studios in Sylva, NC. The gentleman who took our pictures was very patient even when we had to reatake a couple of takes. He paid very good attention to the details of the of each photo when taken. I have a couple of suggestion that would make my visit there better. It would be great if you offered a cd or dvd of the photos that could be ordered with the packages. It would be great if the parent had someway to pick their own backgrounds and poses, maybe display backgrounds and poses on your computer or a printout maybe Our photographer chose our backgrounds and poses. Thanks again for my awesome pictures.

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  • Mu
    MUSICK Oct 17, 2008

    I wanted to let you know that i have always used the picture me studio. For the last 2 years i haven't went anywhere else for pictures, however i was very very aggervated with what happen to me tonight. I live like 45 minutes to an hour away from the walmart there. I always go there for all my pictures and i got there it was 6:10 the girl was still there and refused to let me pick up my pictures, i explained to her that i lived nearly an hour away and didn't know if i could get back there tomorrow. She replyed she was sorry and that i could pay a shipping fee and have them shipped to me, i am very sorry to say that i already paid for my order in full and will not pay an extra shipping fee! If she hadn't of been there i wouldn't be so upset, but the fact was it was 10 minutes and the only reason i went was to pick up pictures because my pick up date was for the 16th. I would not of gone there had i not had to pick up the pictures. So much for customer satisfaction! I think that from now on i will have my grandsons pictures done here at the studio in our home town, they cost more but will probably not be so rude!! If they are when we arrive and it is just a few minutes they would surely give us our paid in full order.

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  • Et
    eternalgrief Oct 25, 2008

    Walmart by far is much clearer as a bad guy and bully if you have ever worked there and know what they do to get over customers. Since I have worked for Walmart, I know how they are. They do tell associates to get the customers in and out, disregard how unsatisfied they are, etc and to sell them what costs the most. They don't want associates to tell customers about deals etc and they do not want to give customers a good deal, they need to add the "enhancements" because they cost more. They don't make anything better in the pictures in my opinion, just make them cost more. They try not to give the customers a choice which is why they add the enhancements and then show you those not show you the pictures before they do all of this special stuff to it. Honestly, Pictureme isn't any cheaper than your typical studio or good photography student anywhere else. Their prices are ridiculous, you can go to more professional studios and get more in a package there than for what Pictureme charges. So Pictureme is simply a ripoff, their clubcard only has real discounts in certain markets and then in those markets they don't offer the cheaper packages so it really is all just jacked up pricing. Save yourself the trouble and money, either go to a Sears where you can get a cd for much cheaper and have reprint rights or try Olan Mills which is like half price of Pictureme any day. You get more poses for your money. Until Pictureme and Walmart realize that they need to offer better pricing across all markets, there's no point in wasting your money for something you can get equal and better quality from by shopping somewhere else.

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  • Tb
    tbug777 Dec 08, 2008

    This is not true. If you were in Galax on a Friday night the studio stayed open until 7pm. Therefore the associate would have still been there. On many occasions our associates give out pictures after closing. I work there and I have actually been in the studio one hour after closing and seen people standing at the counter and have still went up and delivered the pictures out for them. An hour after closing! Also, none of the associates who work there know that there is a shipping fee to send them because we do not come across many people who want their portraits shipped out to them. I make sure that this studio is ran with great customer service and that we do everything possible to make the customer happy. I am sorry that this happened to you, and I am sorry that you won't be back, but I have never seen any of the associates deny customers their portraits.

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  • At
    AtreiyuSwift Apr 21, 2009

    The reason they don't do anything after closing hours is because of all the paperwork and extra computer closing programs they'd have to go through in order to give you your pictures. They have to keep things in order and on file to make sure they know who picked up what and when. If they already had they're computer shut down for the night, it would take another 20 minutes to half hour for them to boot it back up and go through the entire closing process all over again. Especially if they offered the Spec sheets, and you decided to buy them. Thats another money order they have to go get, etc etc. Closing hours are closing hours. Even if they're there finishing up, that was your decision to come in right after they closed.

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  • Re
    really/? May 21, 2009

    First and foremost, please do NOT associate Wal-mart with CPI corp (who now owns picture me, PCA no longer does) I apologize for this photographer. I really enjoy my job and if i am not satisfied with photographs, i will not show them. I will reshoot before i try to sell embarresingly horrid photos. Each customer recieves a "CIC" (customer information card) before each session detailing your information who is in the photo and the associate SHOULD be asking ''what poses are you interested in, what backgrounds, or groups". It is up to them to pose you, you should have been posed instead of jumbling around. We are taught basic (not to mention SIMPLE) posing techniques, it her own laziness that caused you to have awful experiences and i apologize. We are REQUIRED to take at LEAST seven sellable poses. if we dont we can get fired. She was really awful to you .

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  • Pi
    pinkclover519 Jun 11, 2009

    the store in del city has a pregnant employee that is the rudest person you will ever meet. she has a horrible smell of smoke on her, she is constantly stuffing her face, she dresses poorly, does not attempt to even brush her hair, let alone her teeth and she's just plain rude. i cannot wait for her to go on maternity leave, i hope she never comes back. she's the manager too for crying out loud...geeeez!

    also the one in midwest city, that's a whole other story, they take long lunches, have to be paged when a customer arrives because they're out shopping in walmart, they arrive late to work, sit on their cell phones, don't answer work phones, give their friends upgrades and discounts, take crappy pictures, cut off the kids' heads when they send them to the lab, and are very unprofessional. i have made several complaints, and yet the store managers insists that she has cameras to watch over them, yet she does nothing. i go monthly to get my newborns pictures and every month is a new fiasco. it's ridiculous, if it wasn't so cheap, i would definitely go elsewhere.

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  • Re
    realist Jun 11, 2009

    Your baby is only a baby for just a little while. You obviously are going to charish these pictures for the rest of your life. Go the extra expense and take your angel to a better place like Sears or JcPenny portrat studios (if you have one near) they also sometimes have packages for your baby for month pictures

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  • Sj
    sjjanderson Jul 03, 2009

    I agree closing time is closing time. If you were a cook you wouldn't want a customer to come in after hours even if it is just 10 min after closing and ask for a hamburger. Also you have to remember that most of the employees are there all day 10-6 with lunch 2-3, and the hours are posted clearly. I am sorry but when it is time to go home it is time to go home. I am sure you wouldn't want to stay after work when you have already spent 8 hours there. Now I would say that if the system wasn't shut down then I could understand your frustration, but that is not clear and I would assume that she was just finishing up. Give people a break not everyone is out to get you.

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  • Sj
    sjjanderson Jul 03, 2009

    That sucks just because you only want the special and only want one picture doesn't mean that there isn't protocol to follow. The company has standards that have to be met and sometimes you just have to sit through 6 to get one. I don't agree with her rudness though.

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  • Ch
    christopher wright Sep 13, 2009

    Have logged in my credit card details twice but access denied

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  • Sh
    shawnna lemasters Oct 13, 2010

    I had made an appointment on this Monday for 130 pm. The manager was not there at the time i waited for 20 minutes and she never came. She came at 15 till 2 o'clock and said she couldn't do my pictures then because she goes on break at 2 o'clock... she did not apologize and she was really rude she made me very angry if she was there at the apt time then i was ready... i really was disappointed and i really don't think she should manager for it if she cant do her job... please talk to her or fire her she dose not do good with service and she was really mean about it... when i came in today to make another appointment and complained to the other lady she apologized and felt bad the lady i talk to today should be manager she was really respectful and apologized .

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  • Cp
    CPIcorp Oct 18, 2010

    Hi Shawnna,

    I work for CPI Corp, the company that owns and operates PictureMe Porstrait Studios. I saw your post and I'd like to apologize for the level of customer service you received. What you described is not at all what we expect from our associates. In order to resolve this issue and address your concerns, I'd really appreciate it if you could email us your contact info at [email protected] Thank you so much for posting and making us aware of the situation. Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Ev
    Eveanna Oct 22, 2010

    Do not send them any info through there facebook page. It is not safe.

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