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C Dec 30, 2019 Review updated:

Dear Peugeot person in charge,

I require urgently help that my car auto gear has intermittent problem to shift the gear from N to D. Once happens, my car is stalled and can't move since gear position still at N. Already diagnosed at Penang Peugeot Service centre, according to the technical advisor, it is related to Gear Shift Lever faulty. The service centre already assist me for the claimed but unfortunately no spare part available. Hence I urgently urge for your help to secure the spare part ASAP.

My particular as below :
Car # plate: PKY8986
Model: Peugeot 508


  •   Dec 30, 2019

    neutral means you can start the car. it will not allow you to start the car in D or R. Park or Neutral.

    in any event, why didn't the service centre TAKE CARE OF ORDERING THE PART FOR YOU? the car is now unsafe to use.

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