Peugeotnew car, lots of problems


I bought a new peugeot 1.6 hdi at peugeot south and the dealer was dylan. The car is 4 months old with 7000km. 3wks ago the car stopped in the middle of the road and I was told a starter was burnt. They replaced it. But when I collected the car I noticed I cannot accelarate to more than 70kmhr. Then the told me the turbo in the engine is messed up. I was so unhappy to have my 1st new car giving so many problems. I called dyalan to ask him to speak to peugeout sa about the situation and how I could be compensated. He basically told me that it was none of his business as the car now belonged to me. I then called peugeout sa and asked for some form of compensation for the inconvinence or even get a new car. I was told that is out of the question and beside the car belongs to the bank. I am so dissappointed and from a brand like peugeot I expected more than what I got.


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    Ken McCarthy May 13, 2013

    You are correct. This company is making, what in my opinion, is a shite car. I hope you don't have too many more problems but I fear you will. I won't buy Peugeot again (after twenty years of purchasing them). The only consolation is my telling people to stay far away from Peugeot. Thankfully that at least is working and people have thanked me and taken my advise.

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