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Peugeot 207 I have had my car for less than 2 years and have under 13000 miles on the clock.
At 5000 miles the car was recalled for an adjustment to the clutch. Nothing was said about excessive wear at this time and I assume the car was returned in perfect working order although the car seemed to have a lack of power and was heavy on fuel.
I took the car in for it's first service and asked if they could look at the clutch, which they did. The service was completed in 3 hours .It took a further week for a new clutch to be fitted. This is unacceptable.

At the time I was asked for permission to remove the gear box to check the clutch and I gave my permission. I dont understand why the gear box should affect a clutch plate assembly. They then advised that the clutch was only guaranteed for 6 month. Apparently the clutch was worn out. I was never shown the clutch. When asked to have the clutch I was told that I had to pay 100 pounds. It seemed that the manager Wayne Marden did not want us to see the old clutch. They advised that the clutch wouldf probably be sent back to Peugeot. After we had paid the 660 pound bil it seems that that was the end of everything on Robins and Days efforts to resolve our complaint. The Workshop Controller, Wayne Marsdan said that Peugeot may refund half for goodwill. We never heard anymore about this. They just wanted our money and to go.

For 98% of the time I am the sole person in the car and travel about 30 miles a day.In my opinion the clutch was fauty. The recall indicates a clutch problem with this model. It should not have worn out at on 1300 miles. Customer Care at Peugeot did not want to help. They said it had worn out andf that was that.


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    Ex Pug Manager Oct 28, 2013

    If you paid for the clutch in full then the old part was your part there may be a surcharge but that is only £10 on a clutch kit.
    Peugeot have had numerous problems with engine ecu programmes and there is a download to rectify clutches being damaged by this.
    Contact peugeot and ask them to put in writing how long on average a clutch would be expected to last in this model car and why your car failed at such low mileage.
    Contact the dealer and ask them send you a report on what was wrong with the clutch and the clutch plate lining measurement as they should know this to repair the car correctly.
    Peugeot have changed their policy numerous times on warranty and never really let the customer know the true level of the warranty when they sell you the car. The best option is to speak to the service manager and get him to write to you with an explanation to to warranty as the handbook does not comply with the true level of warranty.
    I am an ex Peugeot Service Manager of 20 years and am not happy with the way Peugeot are treating the customers in the UK.

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