I made an appointment several weeks ago to have my two dogs groomed. In haste, I did not write down the time. I called today (Tuesday) at 12:30pm to find out what time my appointment is for tomorrow and was told that the groomers was closed and I need to call back at 10am. The person I spoke to said she does not keep the groomers schedule. I hung up then realized that my appointment could be at 10am so I called back the main number. I asked if the groomer was closed because the website stated open from 10am to 4pm, and explained my dilemma. She said she would check. When she got back on the phone she said they were closed today but she could look up my appointment time in the computer, and told me it was at 12pm. I do not understand why the first person I spoke to could not have looked up this information which took approx. 5 seconds. I also felt like I was disturbing and annoying them by their tones of voices. I will never go back there again. I will go to PetSmart from now on.

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