You two are flea issue in my town and I have 4 cats so I have been treating repeatedly with no success bombs my house and decided that I was going to get the cats teated whrn i called petco i told me that sure in fact Becky their groomer could handle cats she takes care of me all the time I had to wait 2 weeks to have all of my cats brought in I was told that they would be shaved, flea bathe and treat it and I was okay with the cost of it because I need this done. I called the day before my appointment to make sure that in fact she was going to shave them bathe them and treat them because I was going to bomb my house again to get rid of these little boogers. My appointment was at 8 Friday morning I get there at 8 but she's not there I didn't get checked in until 8:30 but she was still not there I drop the cats off leave for work get a call around 11 from Becky telling you my cats are ready she was able to bathe two of them but my one cat Onyx was being a little irritable .. I was told she can handle cats. I said wow you shaved and bathed all those cats and she said no ma'am I didn't shave your cats that would cost you more I said to her that's why I asked for and that's what I was told or I could bathe him at home but I was trying to get rid of fleas and I needed them shaved she said no we didn't do that I told her I would be there to pick them up not happy. I pick my cat's up and paid $110 for them to be bathed I can do that at home I needed them to do a service for me that I wasn't able to do at home I'm very annoyed. And frankly disappointed. I just really wish that they had been honest with me and not overstated what this lady was able to do for me and then I end up getting nothing but a bath for my cats.
A very expensive bath..

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