Petco Animal Suppliesgreen conure housing/animals for sale

M Dec 05, 2018

Pet stores should not be selling live animals especially when they aren't even giving them proper care. The housing for the green conures in particular is extremely depressing. A single green conure is housed by itself with one toy and no other stimulation... one of the conures had ripped out its tail feathers which is typically from them being stressed. They're also typically very social creatures and pretty intelligent. It's sad a pet store is selling these animals and obviously has no care for their well being other than that they're healthy enough to be sold for $450. Which is another thing, $450 covers the bird... they dont even sell proper bird cages in store which is another few hundred... in their cage is a single toy and [censored] bird food. They aren't teaching people to properly take care of them which would lead to less sales so why not just zero out some [censored]ing toys in the store and use that as a selling point when someone eventually does want to buy one and maybe your birds wouldn't be so stressed they're ripping out their feathers. Or hey! Maybe actually care about pets and don't sell any, hook up with a rescue that is looking for people to adopt. What a [censored] store.

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