Pepsico / Golargelivelarge.comthis is scam contest!

M Review updated:

This is scam contest. They use fast food outlets such as Taco Bell to up sell customers to purchase large drinks at a higher price when they ordered mediums, promising they would get a chance to enter the sweepstakes with a chance to win$91,000 cash.

The website requires you to enter your name and email address and mailing address as a condition of entering the "contest" and also asks for your phone number and cell number, then tries to get you to agree to receive spam emails from the company.

Only after you have provided all the required information are you allowed to enter the "code number" printed on your cup, then you receive a message saying you lose.

Yes, the premier soft drink company in the United States that has millions upon millions of loyal customers uses third party sales agents and internet scam and spam operators to delude, deceive, and defraud their customers into providing personal and private and confidential information, then allows others to use this information to harass those very same customers.

This is what happens when a soft drink company is taken over by a multi billion dollar international criminal conspiracy that answers only to stockholders instead of customers. Not only do they sell you a quarters worth of soft drink for nearly two dollars by deceiving their customers, then then turn around and betray those same customers by selling or using their personal information to barrage them with harassing emails and/or phone calls or text messages in the guise of advertising.

What they are actually doing is kicking their customers in the gonads by requiring them to run the gauntlet they have set up to extract this information from loyal customers and unsuspecting victims.

Time to change soft drink brands. There's plenty of competition out there.


  • Pa
    Paul willis May 30, 2007

    I was wondering why every time i tried to enter a code, it keeps on saying that i have wait 24 hours to enter code that is on the cup. Now i know why, another on a long list of contest scam's.

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  • Ca
    Canessa May 15, 2008

    win cash

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  • Ta
    Tammy Hollis Aug 14, 2018

    Opened a can of Pepsi top exploded outward can was 3/4 full and completely flat this has never happened before been drinking it all my life hurt hand when it happened

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  • Sh
    Sherry cramer Aug 15, 2018

    I only drink pepsi.i am always buying 24 packs.the last couple cases had over hafe the box tasted flat..just wanted to let you know I have always been a customer of pepsi..I would appreciate it if it takin care of.i will continue to drink my pepsi.

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  • In
    Inverno Aug 20, 2018

    Second time that cans are near empty and the tabs are fine. Must be a pin hole. The mess in my refrigerator and floor was ridiculous. I had 5 cans this time out of 12 that were almost empty. Poor quality control. Not a product I will purchase again, twice this happened...

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  • Tb
    Tbellamy Aug 20, 2018

    I bought a 15 pack of Mt. Dew and a 15 pack of Pepsi yesterday evening in Clarksville Tennessee. And I've taken out about 4/5 in each pack and they are all extremely flat and no carbonation at all. Taste like I'm drinking pure syrup. I'm very disappointed to have waisted my 13+ dollars

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  • Ha
    Hassan Tanha Aug 20, 2018

    Hello sir I am winning Pepsi win lucky draw can you transfer my amount in my account my name Muhammad Hassan
    I have Pepsi winning certificate original can you contact me in my email address : [email protected] mobile phone number is 00923149074700

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  • La
    Laylamaris Ruby Masa Aug 21, 2018

    i got me a 6 pack at PRICERITE and 5 out of 6 sodas are no good it was tras taste like water no soda i would like a refund please

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  • Kr
    Kris Kamran Sep 01, 2018

    Dear I received a message dated December 11, 2017 (congrats!you have been awarded of $ 850000 in 2017 Pepsi anniversary draw in USA. I just want to know how I can claim it.

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  • Ru
    Rupak Das( priyonto ) Sep 01, 2018

    I just received message on my mobile
    Congrats! You have WON $980, 000.00 in 2017 PEPSI INT'L XMAS MOBILE DRAW in USA, To claim, send your Name, Address, Phone Number & Email to : [email protected]

    so please ensure this information is true or not.
    rupak das
    [email protected]

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  • Mi
    mian momin Sep 01, 2018

    i have recieved a message that i have won 500000£ in pepsi mobile draw 2018 .. I have to confirm that is it true that pepsi held any award regarding to mobile draw ir it is a scam?

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  • Ca
    caitlin brown Sep 02, 2018

    I went to pour my partner a glass of Pepsi and this fell out of the bottle into his glass I'm not very happy about this at all as he could of chocked on it . I would like to hear something back from yourselves as I want answers.

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  • Ma
    Mamnoon Hussain Sep 03, 2018

    I have received a message that i have received an award from pepsi from pepsi in USA at your anniversiry. Is it you. the prize is on the basis of lucky draw of world mobile numbers. my number is 03137669278

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  • Am
    AMF15 Sep 03, 2018

    We have order a tons of pepsi products in an authorized distributor, located here in Philippines. I noticed that there were something inside the bottle, its all sealed, the packaging was also sealed. Video and photo are available for your request.

    for more question and verification pleas contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ke
    kechi drift life Sep 05, 2018

    In 2 november 2017 smscaster sent me a message in this number +255629628365 say that my cell has awarded me £850000 in the onggoing 2017 pepsi mobile draw in claim call me in +255774408453 or +255623966981 my email is [email protected]

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  • Am
    AmandaA6 Sep 09, 2018

    To whom it may concern,

    I was very disappointed this morning when I opened a brand new box of Aunt Jemima Pancake mix and found that it was full of tiny little bugs. I have not had this problem before and was surprised to see it. Attached is a photo of the small bugs in the mix. There were so many of them.



    [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Malik usman Sep 10, 2018

    Congrats you have been received awarded of total amount in UK. To claim send your name address phone number to [email protected] from03374964606
    Is this true or false please tell me.
    03340501271 received msg on this number.

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  • Ro
    rolling5thunder Sep 10, 2018

    Drop the advertisements that support the NFL. Players and teams that disrespect America, our flag, our national anthem and our military do not deserve our support. I am actively encouraging my friends and family not to buy products that support the NFL.

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  • Ri
    Richard Bustos 1 Sep 11, 2018

    I am a 12 year US Army Service Member and have been a long time fan of Pepsi but because of what the NFL players are doing (Kneeling) I will stop buying all your products as of today.

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  • Ia
    Ianrose Sep 18, 2018

    Hi., I bought a Pepsi can from Dixy chicken Birmingham stirchley. And when I opened and sipped it., it smelt of sewage. Like as if there was shit on the can. Returned the opened can back to Dixy and got another drink.

    What do I do next.? Please help

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  • Wa
    Wanda1954 Sep 19, 2018

    My husband put Pepsi cans in his cooler and then put ice over the cans and the can exploded all over him and the kitchen.i don't understand why it did that. It's dangerous. And why does the complaint have to be long. I sent a picture and explained what happened. Isn't that enough?

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  • Ah
    ahsanullah Sep 19, 2018

    Very good

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  • Gj
    Gjbffhffuh Oct 14, 2018

    your Pepsi vendor that comes in the stocks the Walmart here in Crawfordsville is very rude inconsiderate it would run over anybody that was in his way to get his job done if you were a customer or a worker that works at this facility if you are people that hire people like that he needs to be reprimanded for that

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  • Tm
    tmbecker Oct 14, 2018

    Good morning. This morning at 6:42 am a Pepsi truck cut-thru our street on Moores Mill Rd 30327 between Bolton Rd and Hwy 75. There is a $500 fine for trucks using the street as cut-thru. I kindly request you ask your drivers to obey traffic signs.

    I will be posting this on our neighborhood social media as well.



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  • Mo
    Mohinder singh 80 Oct 15, 2018

    ASM Rakesh and Sm Onkar both failed to provide rack for chips dispite of giving verbal confirmation from last 2 month, I am 70 year old retailer for yours please help me in this regards

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  • Ca
    Carl2020 Oct 15, 2018

    Dear Respected Sir/ Ma'am
    I have some evidence in pictures where you can see how there produce Ur products in Pakistan.

    Email. [email protected]

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  • Gu
    Gul24 Oct 15, 2018

    Sir afternoon.I m a retailer of main Chowk Saha district ambala state Haryana.I HV a visicooler of your company .ur CE Manish Verma come to me and take the visicooler and give it to the other retailer and he is not ready to give my security cheque back to me.plz help me out..Amit celebration and my e mail I'd is [email protected]#9068191111

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  • Ke
    Ken415 Oct 22, 2018

    I bought a case of Pepsi 500ml plastc bottles and most of the case the bottles were deformed but 1 bottle was real bad i cannot open bottle was wondering whybthis happened and why it was not caught before itcwas shipped .im a truck driver by trade

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  • Mi
    Michael Vander Heiden Oct 27, 2018

    Cans are blowing upPepsi cans The tops are blowing up I've been having a lot of these I buy a lot of Pepsi products and have you and wondering why this is happening I get 5 to 6 cans out of the 12 pack looking like this you can drink out of them

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  • Me
    Meana Ali Oct 31, 2018

    Dear Risko Golo you are the winner of pepsi bottling company the money that you get is $850000 USD.

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  • Ra
    Rachael Newman Oct 31, 2018

    Truck driver with license plate for KJ 9351 with California plates cut my car off while trying to make a right-hand turn into a Lane. He then gave me a very mean look and hand gestures

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  • Ej
    ejb99 Oct 31, 2018

    This is a disgrace. I expect the bag to have air but not as much as this!!! I took these as my snack for the day and was left hungry until home because your product let me down. There was hardly any chips in the packet! I can't believe this, and will think carefully when purchasing anything from the company again! Disgrace.

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  • St
    Steven Sellers 4008641 Nov 04, 2018

    Hi, my name is Steven Sellers and I just wanted to let you know that one if my Pepsi cans were deformed and had some dried up soda around the can. I thought this was very odd, because I've never seen this before. It may just be poor shipping and handling, but I thought you guys should know!

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  • Va
    Varun kalra Nov 05, 2018

    Marble in pepsi
    Don't take pepsi
    I have video as well as pics
    Pepsi is not good
    They don't belive in hygiene product
    They want only sale
    Please don't take pepsi

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  • Ni
    Nickycash555 Nov 06, 2018

    Bought 12 packs from my local Giant in Exton pa in Eagleview road. Every 12 pack had at least one can that was either empty or partially empty, can dented and deflated carbonation. This is unnaceptable and concerning with your product quality.

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  • De
    Debra Hansen Nov 11, 2018

    Purchased from Family Fare in Hudsonville Michigan. This is the third time we have ended up with flat pop noticing the date this time was 10/2016. The date today is 3/27/2017. Since the shelves are usually out especially during sales how can this possibly happen? Please respond with your solution to our situation. Pop is expensive!!!
    Thank you.

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  • Ke
    Kevin VanTassel Nov 11, 2018

    Job interview was a waste of my time, drive 600 miles to be told the position was filled, need upper management to contact me, I'm tired of wasting my time with others

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  • Bj
    BJosephs Nov 11, 2018

    There was a can leak and sugar and sticky mess one the other cans and all over the floor. As the price of everything keeps going higher and higher it really upsets someone that these things happen and you should compensate people for this inconvenience.

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  • Ch
    Charles kambarn Nov 13, 2018

    I've been drinking Pepsi for the last sixty years after hearing your. CEO's statement about the election . I will never buy another Pepsi product . Charles Kambarn

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  • El
    Elizabeth Tina Nunley Nov 19, 2018

    On /July 2 /, 2016 I bought 3 packs of Pepsi and when I open one within a half an hour its completely Flat, I have my slip where I bought the Pepsi, it was the Dollar General Store In Crooksville Ohio 43731, , Thank you,

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