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Pepboys / E-Z Towingtowing scam

There is a towing company that is contracted by pepboys to tow away cars that park in the pepboys parking space but go else where to buy. On november 7, 2009 at around 9:00 a.M. My son park his car in the pepboys only parking space to have some maintenance done on the car. One of the jobs to be done was an oil change. Around 11:30 are. We left pepboys. I left in my car and my son left in his car that just got serviced. We each drove to our seperate destinations. Suddenly my son called me and said, dad the car is leaking oil. So I told him to drop off the car back in the parking space where he first park. I also park my car in the pepboys parking space and went inside the pepboys store to tell them the car was leaking. I did see a sign that reads pepboys customer parking only others will be towed by e-z towing co. The work order was under my name along with the bill thats why I did the talking at pepboys. My son decided to walk over to the mall with his mother and wife, I told him it's okay to go to the mall, I will take care of the complaint. Plus the car wasn"t going to be ready right away. Then while I was inside pepboys in line my son calls me and tells me the car was towed. The car was towed so fast that when I went out I saw the tow truck towing the car. Then the lookout person who said he was seating in a car recording the episode gave my son a buissnes card and told him where to pick up the car. He told my son that he saw him parking the car in the pepboys parking and that he walk towards the mall. I said yes he did walk to the mall. Because all I told him to was to park the car that I will take care of everything and I would call him when the car was ready. The tow truck superviser (victor / gary) said he went inside pepboys after my son told him the car started to leak to ask if there was a work order. He spoke to a worker by the name of sarah who had just fininshed checking out my sons car and gave us our receipt. The tow truck driver told us that he went inside pepboys and spoke to sarah and that sarah answered there is no work order so that why the car was towed. I have inculded my reciept to prove that my sons car was being serviced in pepboys and there was no reason for the car to be towed. I plan on sueing pepboys and the towing company. Because I believe they work in a team and that the worker gets a percentage of the $155.00 they charged me. This complaint will also be send to my lawer and better buissnes bureau in trenton. There number is 877-ftc - help. Call this number if you want to make a complaint against scam artist.


  • Wr
    wrich Nov 15, 2009

    I was towed today also, but by the other towing company Danny's Towing at the Shoprite parking lot. I parked at shoprite and then went to the mall. However I did go inside shopright first - I was simply amazed they still tracked me. Anyways, although they were "correct" in towing me i find there is something wrong with hovering over unsuspecting mall goers and towing them within minutes of leaving the parking lot. Are there any laws against this, I read that in some states this is illegal. The other thing is that - you have to pay whatever price they charge, are there legal limits to what they can charge? Afterall, you weren't exactly able to shop around for the cheapest towing company.

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  • My
    MystikaI427 Jun 29, 2010

    The company getting towed from doesn't get anything from the towing company, but good luck. I think Pep Boys should pocket the bill for that one. Sometimes these people are too quick to tow cars off.

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  • Mz
    Mz G Jul 24, 2010

    I was at the bj's, bed bath and beyond, shop rite, shopping plaza today. I walked my son's across the street to go into the mall and I came back to do my shopping. once I returned from walking my 14, 8, and 7 year old across the busy intersection, I went into bed bath and beyond then came out loaded my purchases and went into bj's. I came out of bj's only to find my truck towed! I call ez towing they tell me that because I walked out of the parking lot my truck was towed. it cost me $224.00 to get my suv less than 10 miles. I think this is a scam and I too am disputing this charge in addition to calling the better business bureau of trenton! 1-877-ftc-help. total scam and something has to be done about these so called "parking lot watchers". who has that kind of money to just blow.

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  • Ja
    jay ryan Jan 03, 2016
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    I got towed and willing to pay the fine and get my car at ez towing in jersey city they told us on phone they accept credit card or cash. But when we get there I talk to the tow guy and give my credit card he is asking for two forms of I'd with picture and address on it, I wish I video recorded it coz I know the tow guy is a crooked and liar, we argue and tell him there's no such two forms of I'd with picture and address only the drivers license, even my us passport I don't have an address, but we can't convinced the tow guy but he want cash. We go to police station and complain about it, they send us two police officer with us since we are not paying cash, and when we come back to ez towing, the tow guy lied to police officer as what I expected, we got our car whooooohhhh... 260dollars hope they can track this tow company... It's a crooked private towing company

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