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Pep Boysthey f*ed up my car


On the 12th Thursday of February 2009 I brought my Infiniti G35 coupe to Pep Boys on Kirkwood Hwy Wilmington, DE to get new tires and a battery installed. They sized and fitted my vehicle with new tires, however they could not do the battery since I had run short on time. They advised me to stop back when I had more time. At or about 1600 hrs (same date) I returned to Pep Boys and requested the simple task of changing my battery (SOUNDS SIMPLE??)Well lets just say I should have bought the wrench and did it on my own. They pulled my vehicle into the garage and first checked my original battery life and found it to be in poor condition. I then took a seat in my driver seat and watched as they took my old battery out and put the new one in. The employee hooked up my hot wire first (which is a NO-NO I am told) then tried to hook up the ground, however the ground did not reach the negative terminal. The employee said he was going to have to get an extender. I then advised him to turn the original ground wire around so it was closer. He tried it and it worked (Duh!) Anyway he then asked me to try and start my car, I did so and nothing happened? He then said hold on for a minute as he got the Charger Box (you know, the thing they use to charge your battery) well having a new battery already they ran full power to it at 100% SPARKS WERE FLYING 3 SEPARATE TIMES! (THE DUMB~A**)HOOKED FULL FORCE POWER TO MY BATTERY POSITIVE FIRST THEN NEGATIVE. DOSE AN ASE TECH LEARN THAT IN SCHOOL? I THINK NOT. ALL THE INTERIOR LIGHTS IN MY VEHICLE GOT SUPER BRIGHT! BLINDING WHITE? I asked why and he said it was because he had the juice all the way up since my car did not start. He looked more confused then me. He then jumped the vehicle and it was started finally. I then pulled out of the garage and right away felt a problem! I at that point noticed my VDS light and SLIP were on in my dash. I pulled back up to the garage (still in the parking lot) and said "You did something to my vehicle" They had me pull back inside as another employee plugged in some code reader device. He started to scratch his head and said "I checked all your fuses and there fine" I asked then why is my light on? THEY DO COME ON FOR A REASON! He said he did not know what happened except that my VDC and SLIP control no longer functioned and to just bring it back in the morning so one of their master techs could look into it. Reluctantly I did so and returned the following morning. The so called master tech scratched his head and said he did not know what's wrong. The (MT) Master Tech advised that I bring it to the Infiniti dealership and have them fix the problem and that they would just pay the dealer to fix it. The store manager agreed and gave me a business card to give to Infiniti. Well I went home and parked my car in the driveway and then called Infiniti of Westchester(Pa)and told them my problem. I spoke to the Service Manager named (Brenden) and explained the issue. They said they could not give me a loaner until the following Monday and to bring it right to them ASAP. Well I decided I would try to bring it early and just have my wife follow me to the dealer and drop it off. Well NOW MY CAR DIDN'T START! headlights worked, radio worked, horn sounded. But my "WINDOWS DID NOT WORK, POWER LOCKS DID NOT WORK, TRUNK RELEASE DID NOT WORK" OH, DID I SAY MY CAR WOULD NOT START? I had to ask Infiniti to send me a tow at Pep Boys expense. A day later Infiniti called me and said we found out what happened! Pep Boys fried your computer. I said ok call me when its ready. The next business day that followed I was called again by Infiniti and advised my car was fixed with a price tag $1, 950.12 I said Yea, remember Pep Boys made this problem... The dealer said they talked to Pep Boys and they said since any number of things could cause my vehicle to blow its computer THEY ARE REFUSING PAYMENT ON MY CLAIM! Well I needed my vehicle back so I could go to work. I had no choice but to pay the dealer. I called Pep Boys and gave them an ear full, but I am not even close to done. I asked the Mgr of Pep Boys "How dose a certified ASE mechanic screw up putting a battery in a car. He said they don't. I asked well how did your employee mess up my car then? He said the guy that put the battery in my car */was not ASE certified/*. I said YOU HAVE A HUGE SIGN IN FRONT OF YOUR STORE THAT SAYS "CERTIFIED ASE MECHANICS ON STAFF" TO SERVICE MY CAR NEEDS. What happened to that? He advised not every shop employee was ASE certified, and you don't need to be to put a battery in a car. I said where dose it say that on the sigh, he said it dose not. I said that was misleading to the customer who thinks a certified person Not an average Joe working on my car. I brought my vehicle to them in trust and good faith of the sign ASE (basically means they have schooling on what they do as well as experience)and they let JO~BLOW touch a $30, 000 vehicle. Is that what he said? YES, basically he did! I will take them to court on this one! I will get my money back plus lawyer fees. I also intend on letting the news media cover this story as well so the public can be aware. *DON'T GO TO PEP BOYS!* I can be very loud when I know I am right, further when we see the judge who do you think they are going to trust, PepBoys or a (Police Officer)? Oh, did I forget to mention I am a COP? Well this should be fun I am sure. A few words to the wise... *DON'T BRING YOUR VEHICLE TO PEP BOYS! THEY WILL SCREW UP EVERYTHING THEY DO! EVERYTHING!!!

they f*ed up my car


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    ase tech Jul 19, 2009

    my guess is that they hooked the battery up backwards. that is correct disconect neg. first hook up neg.last probbably charger up backward since you said spark show

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    Brend Feb 01, 2015

    I wish I'd known all of this about Pep Boys before I took my car in for a simple battery change. They had a woman who worked there (I guess they thought they could take advantage because I am a woman) come out and put in my new battery. She was struggling a bit with the job. I asked her "do you change a lot of batteries here?" She said no. She changes batteries on her own cars, but that she was not certified. By this time I'm thinking "Not certified? It said on the website Professional Installation. How can it be Professional Installation if just anyone can do it?
    I had to hear about how the guys (the certified ones) were probably inside laughing at her... watching her. My car wasn't even pulled into the garage. She was changing it outside, standing on snowbanks. I guess I was there so they could have a "pigtail pulling" with the female worker. ha ha. I did not think it was funny. It was taking longer than it should have.
    She couldn't lift the battery out. It was a tight fit in Chevy Impala. A customer who was leaving yanked it out. She put the new one in and guess what? The car was dead. I think she fried some wires or something. So the guys pulled it in. Did a test to show that the battery, alternator, and starter, etc. was good. They were. Now they are saying my vehicle is in anti-theft mode. If they can't fix it today (I had to bum a ride home after a four hour wait last night) they are saying the dealership will have to do it and that will be costly. I think they should pay. My car was working when I took it there... but it couldn't even be jump started after. I am mad.

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