Pella Windows and Doorslack of customer service

Several complaints.
1. Called your customer service # on SAT before 2pm. per your website. The woman stated she could not take down my complaint on installation as PELLA CORPORATION sells there products to a local franchise PELLA STORE and that Pella door is no longer their responsibility. I didn't buy a Pella product from a big box store or have it installed by an independent contractor. I bought a PELLA DOOR from a PELLA STORE and paid to have a PELLA installer do the work.
2. The Pella customer service operator would not even take down my complaint, she stated "on Sat.s there really isn't anyone qualified to answer that, call back on a work day (yeah, how does that happen when on a work day I AM WORKING) She also said, and I quote, "I'm taking time away from my family, from my grandchildren today"?????? And I'm not? She's getting paid today, I'm not.
3. I ordered an entry door 4 weeks ago. Three weeks ago I missed a day of PAID WORK so the PELLA RETAIL PRODUCT MANAGER could do his measurements and give me a product list for installation. He was rushed as needed to be home for a family dinner as his daughter was leaving for Madison. Nice guy. Good family man. I had confidence that he would properly install the door. BUT no list. 15 calls and texts later and no list. I still think he's a nice guy and good family man. BUT my confidence no longer exists. My opinion is that the PELLA CORPORATION spends lots on money on advertising and little on customer service. My opinion is that the Pella STore sells many products but does not provide the needed employees to actually INSTALL the products they are so busy selling. My fear is that the installation of the PELLA product will not be well done and I will have no recourse as the PELLA CORPORATION already has their money and now takes no responsibility for a PELLA product. I only purchased the product because PELLA would install it. Lesson learned: Don't be fooled by the expensive PELLA name, buy from a cheaper big box store and pay someone local to install. Because that is what is happening here, you just aren't told that up front.

Sep 28, 2019

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